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5 Freeway Big Rig CrashAn accident including a big rig that caught fire on the 5 Freeway left one dead and several injured.
25 Years Ago - The L.A. Riots
2017 Celebrity DeathsA photo gallery of famous personalities the world bid farewell to in 2017.
10th Annual Concorso Ferrari
Los Angeles March For Science
B-29 Superfortress FIFI

One Comment

  1. Merve says:

    KSP It’s a hit and miss siaottiun but much of that is predicated upon the coaching staff , general manager and that of the owners as to their desires as it concerns their needs for a player. The e-mails help up to a point but I also use , facebook and a slew of social sites. Whomever finds me I just hope that the content is of satisfaction to them ! That being said I’ve started contributing to the site and the patrons there are anally retentive and have all of the intellect of a ham sandwich ! Which in effect tells you all that you need to know ! tophatal …….

  2. Daniela says:

    KSP We all know that waevhter the Yankees want they do tend to get and much of the time it’s always been agent Scott Boras there to assist or act as the middle man when it involves a client of his . Sabathia , Teixeira, A-Rod and a slew of others over the years. So what’s about to change once their (Harper & Strasburg ) arbitration clock stops ticking ? tophatal …..

  3. Charnie says:

    REV—I did, too… I was shckoed it was only around 10 mil… and imagine if that kid pans out? The cornerstones they could have with Harper and Strasburg? Ridiculous potential right there…

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