• Barbara Bush, 1925-2018
  1. PT says:

    Not sorry to see union power diminished regardless of the job losses…private or public. Union have been the horse collar to the growth of our economy for much, much to long. Say good bye and get in line with the other union thugs and lazy schmoes. For those who want to whine about my position, well too freaking bad. Many of you had the opportunity and year to change unions to your advantage and make unions viable and productive. Instead you TOOK advantage and now you have finally run out of other peoples money…

    Reminds me of the diddy about the college boy who needs for money

    Dear Dad, no mon, no fun, your son…
    Dear Son, too bad, so sad, your dad!

    At some point the lesson needs to be learned. Consider this the education you never had.

  2. robin says:

    Again the teamsters do not have your back. Again, the teamsters has taken your money all theses years and who is left out in the cold???? YOU!!!!!

    1. MM says:

      Hey Robin, get a life!!!!

  3. Alex says:

    This is what you get for selling yourself out. War on American workers? Go work for an American corporation!!

  4. D says:

    You are a moron.

  5. MM says:

    To all you anti-union idiots!!! This is not about the union, if you were so smart you would know that not only are the union employees losing their jobs but so are the non-union employees. This has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the union. And for you selfish, ignorant people to talk down about these employees is wrong. None of these people have ever done anything to you and nor do they deserve to lose their jobs, regardless if it is an American based company or not. Maybe before you all go running your mouths talking down about these people you should put yourselves in their shoes and the shoes of their family members that this is affecting. They have families to support, no one deserves this.

    You all talk this trash about our own AMERICAN people but yet you are all probably for OUR country going to bat for all these other countries and their people. Truth be known you probably aren’t even AMERICANS yourselves. Personally I am sick and tired of this country supporting all the low lives like yourselves.

    It’s okay talk all the trash you want now but just rememeber, KARMA PEOPLE, KARMA!!
    Don’t think you won’t get yours; wishing something horrible like this on people and actually believing that they deserve this!!! YOU ARE IGNORANT!

  6. CB says:

    Hey MM, get a life.

  7. G Money says:

    What a strange world of greed we live in. Reading comments condemning the middle class laborers written by other middle class laborers – who seem to think that by joining a union people are somehow “robbing” everyone else. Really? I would love to see your line of reason. It sadly typical of the 21st narrative that says “I can’t condemn the rich because I want to be rich one day, too.” Its rather like saying “I can’t condemn that car theif because I want to drive a Mercededs one day, too.” Those who worship at the foundations of Wall Street should know: the IMF doesn’t like you. The own you.

  8. CBSDebbie says:

    Austrian economics that do not work. It requires a mixed economy. Jobs are not coming back. But wait…2010 GOP promised jobs! Oh…I guess they were for India, China, and H1-B business immigrant Visas.

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