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  1. JO ANN says:


    1. Rick Frio says:

      Jackie is the best thing to happen to CBS since Jerry Dunphy. Lucky for me I can watch her during the commericals on “The Daily Show”. Give her more time
      and I will cut out the guest interview on Stewart’s show.

      1. Marci says:

        Jackie is a great find for CBS, delightful, articulate, and reports well. But “whoa”, bite your tongue, it’s going to take a while for her to catch up to the “revered” Dunphy.They don’t make them like that anymore!!! LA has always had the finest newscasters and reporters.

    2. Alonzo D'Juan Catia says:

      I love you Jackie. Every time I see you all I can do is smile and enjoy the weather. You are definitely on top of your game as a weather reporter. That is really not an easy job. I hear there is great stress that comes with the territory. I live in Canada now but, so of course I miss you a lot more! Don’t change! Go big or go home huh…lol

    3. james says:

      the best dressed on tv james k

    4. jon says:

      i only watch the weather because of Jackie. shes beautifuuuuuuul

    5. Julie says:

      My whole family loves Jackie. When Jackie is on TV, I called my husband ” your girl is on TV” . Jackie is always elegant, sweat and beautiful , very likable personality .

    6. greg says:

      Miss Johnson-Stumbled onto this site of yours. doesn’t look active. if this is active email me back. I am a male, 60. retired. would like to find out where your moral high ground is. yes I am Christian.

  2. Randy Flockton says:

    Jackie is very easy on the eyes, I’d love to meet her 🙂

  3. Fran says:

    Jackie makes it hard to pay attention to the forecast she’s so darn cute! Beauty and brains……what a combo.

  4. greg says:

    Between Jackie and Evelyn you have 2 of the most knowledgeable and articulate forecasters on TV. Always cheerful, and always within 7-10 degrees of being correct 🙂 congratulations and be well

  5. Big Kahuna says:

    Despite her good looks and amazing figure you are looking past the most important fact, her forecasts are pretty darn accurate. Her weather forcasting is far more dependable than any other weather caster ( and there are other attractive weather women)

    1. larryjoe says:

      Shane is! lame

  6. torres says:

    Jackie is very cute

  7. greg says:

    not everyone swims at the shallow end of the gene pool, some aren’t so shallow

  8. mo money says:

    Jackie I normally don’t do this but I have to make an exception on this one: I would love to get to know you better, would you go out to dinner with me? The only reason I watch the news is to see you on TV and watch your amazing beauti. Hit me up anytime

    1. Robin Anthony Cavicante says:

      I’D SAY NO! because you sound like a stalker plus you got to have money to be with jackie, me i do’nt want the news all that often because this is los angeles so many sick ass people in it.

      1. larryjoe says:

        Well no one want’s you here,so leave ca. then,go to Arkansas like you belong!Mr. negative you!

    2. jackie oh says:

      I have something you can eat

  9. Robin Anthony Cavicante says:

    Jackie you are 1 hot & sexy woman if i was rich & get to meet you in person & get to kno you woman there would’nt be a thing that i would do for you fur coat’s lavish you with luxury but i do’nt see that going to happen because you have a following of men in line just waiting to melt your young heart..

    1. AliceAyers says:

      “if you are less than 12 THEN I apologize.”


      Come on now…

  10. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

    My wife loves her wardrobe! Where do you shop yo?

  11. iheartjackiejohnson says:

    How can you concentrate on the weather when Jackie is reporting? She’s awesome and too beautiful to be a reporter.

  12. Carol says:

    Jackie, you’re great! I miss you terribly on channel 9!!!


  13. Andy M Gomez says:

    Jackie isnt cute,shes a total babe!Seems so sweet also,boy I love the weather!

    1. Peiter says:

      you’re probably gay!

  14. chakka says:

    wow what a total babe can anybody say jillian barberie who ?

  15. JD says:

    You’re hot…marry me Jackie Johnson!

  16. Leanne says:

    The title to this article should be “Meet Weathercaster Barbie!” 🙂

  17. walter corr says:

    I love u jackie your my favorite weather girl you are the only reason i watch channel 2. I would love to meet u one day.

  18. royrogers says:

    It is nice to see not all beautiful and natural looking women come from California. This woman is Michigan made, just like some of the best muscle cars in Amerika. Jackie you make the snow melt in the Rockie, the winds blow out from the Candian northwest, and get California the nicess weather day and nite.

  19. greg says:

    jealousy is an ugly emotion

  20. Harve says:

    I read somewhere that she is engaged, so all you guys posting the drooling-but-hopeful comments can just walk away humming the old Temptations song, “Just my Imagination.”

  21. Windmill says:

    Give Me Perfect Weather And Give Me That Girl

  22. jeff says:

    seen her close range with melting cover up, not so cute. great weather woman

  23. Florence Ferrara says:

    Not a hater – Jackie is a lovely lady and shouldn’t be demeaned but should be accepted as a professional -not a pole dancer. and any decent news program would recognize that.
    She did not go to school and get a degree for nothing, looks fade – not for a long time – but eventually and then what is left – no one bothers to leer then.

  24. DaCh says:

    Cj you tell him , greg just admit it you got the hots for the both of them.

  25. Johnson says:

    BIG front moving in…

  26. Bengalltigger says:

    Jackie sure is hot

  27. micheal ceallaigh says:

    I met Dr. George Fishbeck recently — great guy, like 90 now… I think they should have him on once-a-week with Jackie to do the weather — that would be priceless.

  28. h. says:

    Jackie Johnson is my fav weather woman because she has class. As well, her brain, beauty and fashion really make a difference from others to a higher standard, but I would like a little more hair style change if she asked me out on a date. That’s right, when Jackie reads about how I will lead the Energy Revolution and save the Planet’s Environment to recover the Global Economy she will seek me out…she’ll be up against Native American and Latina Women for my attention……there is only one way to live…and that is to be in love.

    Good luck and skill to us Jackie!!

    integrity towards progress,


  29. aj says:

    Soooooo who is jj…….never watched tv…dont have tv…have my laptop & watch what i want. like the nba live games, skype..etc. what does she do? She looks kol…i wish gl!! alv.

  30. Erinky Jammees says:

    is the station selling sex here?

  31. jon says:

    yes she is hot. But just remember ya’ll: when she wipes her ass she looks at the damage to the paper like everybody else does.

  32. frank says:

    One word Schwiiiing !!!!

  33. Chris says:

    she also likes PEARL JAM which is makes her SUPER AWESOME!!!!

  34. Andrew says:

    Yes, she is pretty, but good at her job, and a great asset to LA.

  35. Spanky Mc Farland says:

    I love reading all the comments posted by men kissing up to Jackie. Hilarious.

  36. Jim says:

    Jackie, you’re the best! CBS got it right when they hired you. Keep up the great work.

  37. Colin says:

    I kinda dig the way the station decided to introduce a new meteorologist with a bunch of pseudo-glam shots like she’s testing for a Maxim spread. Nice. Way to appeal to the shallowest in our culture with your broadcast news team. Welcome to Socal.

    Funny thing is, when the government first gave TV stations airwave space for broadcast, there was an explicit agreement that they would sacrifice a certain amount of the broadcast day for public service programming. These hours were accepted as time that was not about revenue or ratings but quality, public service content. The news was originally part of these hours. Now, the public service stuff happens at like 4 am on Sunday mornings and the news is essentially a local version of TMZ with helicopter footage of car chases, Lilo’s latest binge as the lead story and would-be Penthouse Pets
    pointing around at the green-screen weather map.

    Murrow would be so proud.

  38. John says:

    Jackie is the most beautiful woman to grace a newsroom…ever!

    Shoot…its time for the weather!…out

  39. amos says:

    Jackie is into big black men

    1. WeatherFan says:

      Says “Amos”. Hahahahhaa

  40. Br. Phil Bara says:

    What is the weather, going to be !! Hahahahaha!!! This talented meteorlogist is as
    Beautiful as she is Professional !!!

    1. Caro says:

      This makes everything so copmltleey painless.

  41. Marisa Damele says:

    Hello, Jackie! This is about somebody you met at the Faces of Sunset Boulevard’s release party. This is a story that needs to be told and I am trying to find the right reporter in CBS who could be interested in telling it. This is about late artist Mauricio Saravia, who was already interviewed by KCAL 9 (Dilva Henry) in 2005. I would like you to click on the link to remember him and read about his legacy and I hope you are moved by the story as to pass it to another reporter who would be interested in telling this inspirational story. Please, contact me. ph.: 310.492.5414

  42. Mary says:

    Does anyone remember Mia Lee and De Carlo? Those 2 were at it on the air all the time. Someone had enough and both are gone from CBS. I am happy they are gone.

  43. alg says:

    thanks to Mary, I now know what happened to Henry DeCarlo. Is it any wonder.
    Henry is hot, and well , very well endowed. Bigger than Mr. Weiner. Isn’t it evident that Mia Lee just couldn’t handle it. She was so frustrated.

    I’m glad DeCarlo has survived. He’s a great weather man, and a great help now that he’s on Channel 5, KTLA., a great news/weather/comments on LA, etc station.

    I reserve my care and consideration for JJ, and pray for her safety and health. Hope that they promote her to the National CBS lineup in the future.

  44. Tron says:

    I wonder when KCBS is going to finally spill the beans and admit that Jackie is in fact a robot. I hope she doesn’t malfunction one night and freeze in mid-sentence on the air.

  45. David says:

    She’s O.K.,for a girl.

  46. Tyson says:

    Hi Jackie,
    Nice socks. (Nom x3)


    PS: Stop calling me. It was just one night. We both knew what it was. I wanted it and you wanted to give it to me. It’s over now and we can’t take it back. Let’s just move on. If I want another forecast, I’ll ask for it.

  47. Estes-Huevos says:

    You guys need a life. This is simply a desperate attempt to plug a somewhat attractive carbon copy blonde. Nice try, FAIL!

    1. Tyson says:

      “Desperate” attempt? I felt like it was rather nonchalant. I wish there were more copies of her. I’d like one for every day of the week because she’s absolutely delicious. She saved two orphans from a burning building last week. ..and next week, she’s going to cure cancer. Stop hating on Jackie and start thinking about why you are so angry inside. Oh and have another piece of cake, fatty.

  48. alg says:

    I guess some people just don’t see the humor in some of these comments. (not mine).
    robot. If there is one out there ,,,could I please buy it?

  49. Su Yu says:

    I’m sure she got her job for her brains.

  50. joseph fuchs says:

    Joseph Fuchs
    Jackie you are the best thing TV has to offer. Thanks for hangin in there.

  51. Twit says:

    She’s very knowledgeable and pretty. But I feel she looses her credablity by the way she dresses. She doesn’t need to dress like that to get attention..it makes her look like a bimbo. And she obviously isn’t.

  52. Jorge says:

    Grow up you bunch of horn dogs!

  53. Kirk Johnson says:

    I enjoy watching Jackie a lot because she is so good at her profession. She is very attractive and smart. Keep up the good work

  54. Joe S. says:

    Jackie, can you help me answer this questions for my 10 yr. old son?
    Why is it that in the Antelope Valley, it’s ALWAYS windy in the afternoons & never windy overnight e.g. 9pm thru 8am???


  55. Kent Cory says:

    U goons are so CRASS!!Got no CLASS!!

    Would LOVE 2 meet THEE!!
    R U ‘tagged’????????????

  56. KC says:

    Jackie,WHICHEVER way th’ wind blows,may th’ good Lord bless ya!

    Wanna say more…mmuch more… !!!


  57. BC says:

    Jackie is the sexiest weather gal ever!!

  58. karo pones says:

    Her legs are too skinny and her upper lip is overdone.

  59. oceanstars says:

    Not my favorite person to watch for weather forecast.

  60. Marco says:

    Hey, Really Nice

  61. James says:

    Makes watching the weather report very interesting.

  62. Spikeidaho says:

    Jackie’s probably going to go for the gold and marry either a professional athlete, musician or actor. I mean, seriously, look at her. Wouldn’t you with those curves?

    I think that I’ve memorized every square inch of her commentary.

  63. Tom Rand says:

    Her wardrobe is usually great, but every now and then she looks like she just came from Hollywood Blvd. Whoever buys her clothes should buy size larger. Her skirts are so tight they wrinkle and slip up. She is a pretty girl, but Evelyn Taft is much more knowledgeable than Jackie when it comes to weather. What it boils down too, are you lokking at the weather or looking at the big boobs and backside,

    1. GirlWatcher says:

      “Her skirts are so tight…” That’s the point, duh!

  64. EVP says:

    What is adorable about this person??? If you like fake, then I understand why so many good comments about this reporter.

    I really miss Kai Goldberg – his personality comes through as refreshing, nice and calming. Besides, he is accurate with his reports. Something about him makes me and my family feel good..like we live a sweet and kind world… which is rare nowadays.
    Enough with the “p..n”!!

    The “bimbo” makes me feel like I’ve just watched a disgusting report. Please be nice to those of us who want to feel better about life.

    Please bring Kai back – we need to feel good again.


    A VIP from H.H.’s

  65. jamie says:

    I think Jackie is Awesome. I grew up in Plymouth, Mich also and wonder what year she graduated HS. I don’t remember seeing her in my yearbook.

  66. p says:

    Love Jackie but, she needs to wear better, more tasteful clothing on TV…I, don’t watch her.

  67. Nom-dePlume says:

    It has become interesting to decide which is better; watching Jackie or reading all these comments about her.
    Perhaps it’s both!!

  68. Various Authors says:

    I remember her from WSVN Ch. 7 News in S. Florida back in the mid 90’s. Doesn’t she age? She must be a robot. She was a joke down there. Hot weather girls, heck hot any type of tv reporter chicks are a dime a dozen in the Miami market. Have fun ogling her. You’ll get bored soon enough.

  69. J Eman says:

    You are beautiful Jackie. Very beautiful.

  70. Joshua says:

    If I have Jackie, I would love her to death.

  71. Roy Stewart says:

    Hi Jackie, wishing you the best! Sincerely, Roy

  72. hawaii bob says:

    aloha JJ & mahalo. U teaming with Miss TAY wood b KILLER! :] aloha hb

  73. Alan P. says:


  74. Noah says:

    I picked Jackie over Dallas Rains along tome ago.” The media knows how to get the publics attention by putting a hot babe like Jackie Johnson on the weather. She is very accurate and I miss her on KCAL. I hardly watch the CBS channel because of the bad reception that it has had for the last 40 years.You guys need a better satelite. I wanted to watch Katie Currie, unfortunately, the reception was to bad. CBS could be number one if they could fix that lousy reception. Then I could watch beautiful Jackie again.”XXOO!”

  75. dave says:

    Does anyone really care what the weathers when she speaks…
    CBS had to do something to raise their plummeting ratings….

  76. Bob Miller says:

    Hi Jackie

    Do you ever get out to the Inland empire area, such as Riverside area and do any events?
    I real want to meet you some time. You as did a great job on channel 9 news.

    Bob Miller
    Riverside, CA.

  77. PAUL ROMERO says:


  78. louie says:

    jackie you are beautiful ,very beautiful

  79. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

    (Fantasy switch on)

    I’m so glad that women today don’t want to be treated like sex objects and as if their looks have to be perfect and sexy in order to be given a job. It’s obvious that Jackie doesn’t give a flip about following the cheesecake role model foisted upon the world by male sexist pigs. It’s really wonderful how the networks aren’t afraid to give jobs to overweight people with bad skin and bald spots. Looks don’t mean a thing in the big corporate world.

    (Fantasy switch off)

    Now back to reality.

  80. Jim Thompson says:

    Who can take exception with talent and beauty. Jackie handles herself so well in front of the cameras. I am glad to see a ring on her finger – hopefully, she found love and got married recently. Good for her if that’s the case.

    She a talent KCBS cannot afford to lose.

  81. Jeeves says:

    Look at her face. Its 80% Plastic.

  82. "chemtrail monster" says:

    jackie is my porn momage!!!

  83. Michael C. Teniente says:

    I love Jackie! lol

  84. Michael C. Teniente says:

    Oh Jackie,
    I am but a fool.
    And if you meet me
    What would we do?


    mike t.

  85. GirlWatcher says:

    Like the cleavage. Do they have a standard at CBS for how much cleavage can be shown? How low will she go? CBS trying to compete with Fox? They don’t call it “Fox” for nothing, you know.

  86. GirlWatcher says:

    Getting ready for striptease news? It was (still is?) popular in Europe and Russia.

  87. Danny says:

    hey jackie lets go to the moon ok you can bring your dog with you but thats it

  88. Dino, says:

    I noticed a new ring (huge) on Jackie’s left hand when she came back from holiday. Also, the past several days she’s not been wearing her normal incredibly sexy pencil skirts. Instead she’s wearing pants (blah!) with what looks like paternity tops. Is she? If she’s not I hope she goes back to the skirts, she fills them out so perfectly she always makes my day.

  89. Danny says:

    jackie i just got one to say say to you merry me I can’t give you the world nor the moon but i can give you lost a love

  90. ALG says:

    Danny, how old are you..9?

    You don’t know how to form a sentence, and more than two misspelled words.

    This is what you should have said: Dear Jackie, I’m a young man with a very big package, and millions of bucks in the bank.
    Spend some time with me and I’ll reward you handsomely. Say just a year together will be fine with me., or probably less.

    That might work, but I think you have maybe a thousand men who have already said that to her.
    I think she’s engaged, but who knows.
    I’d like to see her on the BACHLORETTE. That would be great…!!!!!

  91. puro pedo says:

    I would pay to see Jackie Johnson and Lauren Sanchez lick each others PU$$Y!!!!! After that, I would put my huge package in each of them and give them “BABY GRAVY”.

  92. Paul says:

    Tell me honestly, how many times have you benn mistaken for a supermodel?
    You are way too lovely for that not to happen!

  93. Scotty says:

    Dear Jackie,
    I predict a warm front with an upper level high.
    Thank you for being there for us!

  94. Scotty says:

    Don’t pay any attention to this nut. It’s OK to have brains AND beauty! Rock on Jackie!

  95. kenney says:

    JACKIE you are look lovely the BEST one in the whole wide WORLD nothings can be match love you………..

  96. "chemtrail monster" says:

    jackies MY g-sting porn momage!!!!

  97. Glen says:

    Jackie Your doing a excellent job keep up the good work. Not sure why these people dis you like they do. Most of these people cannot even speak to a person face to face much less address the world on TV and look as good doing it as you do. It’s unbelievable how many people enjoy the news because of you. Hang in there kiddo !

  98. bob o says:

    The problem with Jackie is that I can watch an entire weather report and at the end not know anything about the tempeature, forecast, etc. Keep up the good work.

  99. Lcantu says:

    Go Blue Raiders!

  100. sam says:

    I like her because , she is fresh face up-bit and enthosiastic about this job ,,
    looks like she take her jobe very seiously ,, usually weather people are not so serious , maybe because lots of their prediction are not working ,, keep on doing the great job u doing, wish u the best.

  101. Barnett says:

    All my roofing buddies just love jackie!!!!!!! She’s so naturally hot!!!!!!! She has a perfect figure, doe eyes and a sweet soft smile!!!!!! She’s the kind’ve woman that if you saw her naked you would cry, knowing that you would never see such beauty again!!!!

  102. David Agundez says:

    my brother dies in Santa Ana police protection nte: Sean Emery O.C.Register writer,about Mario Marin 53 yr.old,and will the truth be known ,was his human rights?or will there be a cover up?

  103. David Agundez says:

    Thank you.

  104. mike medrano says:


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