Pets 2 Love Cutest Pet Contest: Day 4

(credit: Carla Anguiano/UGC/CBS)
'Osito' Submitted By Carla Anguiano Of Los Angeles (credit: Carla Anguiano/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Cyndi Dennis/UGC/CBS)
'Guinevere' Submitted By Cyndi Dennis Of Glendora (credit: Cyndi Dennis/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Mary Hartman/UGC/CBS)
'Wish Bone' Submitted By Mary Hartman Of Riverside (credit: Mary Hartman/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Valerie McMahon/UGC/CBS)
'Henry Blu' Submitted By Valerie McMahon Of Castaic (credit: Valerie McMahon/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Yukari Kubota/UGC/CBS)
'Yeller' Submitted By Yukari Kubota Of Hawaiian Gardens (credit: Yukari Kubota/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Lance Burkholder/UGC/CBS)
'Kahlia' Submitted By Lance Burkholder Of Redondo Beach (credit: Lance Burkholder/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Hana Ryu/UGC/CBS)
'Gong-ju' Submitted By Hana Ryu Of Riverside (credit: Hana Ryu/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Don Richards/UGC/CBS)
'Snickers' Submitted By Don Richards Of Bellflower (credit: Don Richards/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Jessica Neuner/UGC/CBS)
'Koni' Submitted By Jessica Neuner Of Thousand Oaks (credit: Jessica Neuner/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Linda Pomeroy/UGC/CBS)
'Emmett' Submitted By Linda Pomeroy Of Chino Hills (credit: Linda Pomeroy/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Miriam Park/UGC/CBS)
'Reyrey/El Pacino' Submitted By Miriam Park Of Sierra Madre (credit: Miriam Park/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Michelle Jackson/UGC/CBS)
'Butterscotch' Submitted By Michelle Jackson Of Moreno Valley (credit: Michelle Jackson/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Tracey Ziegler/UGC/CBS)
'Zack' Submitted By Tracey Ziegler Of La Crescenta (credit: Tracey Ziegler/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Gayle Woodruff/UGC/CBS)
'Ebbetts' Submitted By Gayle Woodruff Of Independence (credit: Gayle Woodruff/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Tracy Marinaro/UGC/CBS)
'Yoda' Submitted By Tracy Marinaro Of Crestline (credit: Tracy Marinaro/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Jennifer Kiever/UGC/CBS)
'Daisy' Submitted By Jennifer Kiever Of Adelanto (credit: Jennifer Kiever/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Jennifer Kiever/UGC/CBS)
'Chuck' Submitted By Jennifer Kiever Of Adelanto (credit: Jennifer Kiever/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Jennifer Kiever/UGC/CBS)
'Auggie and Zues' Submitted By Jennifer Kiever Of Crestline (credit: Jennifer Kiever/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Steven Shafit/UGC/CBS)
'Sparky' Submitted By Steven Shafit Of Northridge (credit: Steven Shafit/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Ashley Callas/UGC/CBS)
'Daisy May' Submitted By Ashley Callas Of Corona (credit: Ashley Callas/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Margaret Stephens/UGC/CBS)
'Sophia Rose' Submitted By Margaret Stephens Of Burbank (credit: Margaret Stephens/UGC/CBS)
(credit: William Porter/UGC/CBS)
'Sparkle' Submitted By William Porter Of Granada Hills (credit: William Porter/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Serena Merlino/UGC/CBS)
'Roxy' Submitted By Serena Merlino Of Coto De Caza (credit: Serena Merlino/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Myleen Cavestany/UGC/CBS)
'Ginger' Of Myleen Cavestany Of Palmdale (credit: Myleen Cavestany/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Ernie Heredia/UGC/CBS)
'Oreo' Submitted By Ernie Heredia Of Moreno Valley (credit: Ernie Heredia/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Nadine Dice/UGC/CBS)
'Ginger' Submitted By Nadine Dice Of La Verne (credit: Nadine Dice/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Nadine Dice/UGC/CBS)
'Jake' Submitted By Nadine Dice Of La Verne (credit: Nadine Dice/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Rachel Stevens/UGC/CBS)
'Efrum' Submitted By Rachel Stevens Of Fountain Valley (credit: Rachel Stevens/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Crystal Petsen/UGC/CBS)
'Socks' Submitted By Crystal Petsen Of Bloomington (credit: Crystal Petsen/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Robert Hinson/UGC/CBS)
'Jake' Submitted By Robert Hinson Of Woodland Hills (credit: Robert Hinson/UGC/CBS)
Alize And Teddy
Alize And Teddy
(credit: Sandra Zaragoza/UGC/CBS)
'Desi Lou Zaragoza' Submitted By Sandra Zaragoza Of Anaheim Hills (credit: Sandra Zaragoza/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Hillary Hawthorne/UGC/CBS)
'Alize' Submitted By Hillary Hawthorne Of Woodland Hills (credit: Hillary Hawthorne/UGC/CBS)
(credit: David Valdez/UGC/CBS)
'Kodie' Submitted By David Valdez Of Irvine (credit: David Valdez/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Armando Bustamante/UGC/CBS)
'Dallas' Submitted By Armando Bustamante Of Santa Ana (credit: Armando Bustamante/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Jason Badgley/UGC/CBS)
'Max' Submitted By Jason Badgley Of Costa Mesa (credit: Jason Badgley/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Sherri Surita/UGC/CBS)
'Tinkerbell' Submitted By Sherri Surita Of San Bernardino (credit: Sherri Surita/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Georjan Valencia/UGC/CBS)
'Fluffette' Submitted By Georjan Valencia Of Placentia (credit: Georjan Valencia/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Tracy Contreras/UGC/CBS)
'Lieutenant Dan' Submitted By Tracy Contreras Of Pacoima (credit: Tracy Contreras/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Enrique Tevas/UGC/CBS)
'Boogie' Submitted By Enrique Tevas Of Canoga Park (credit: Enrique Tevas/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Victoria Adrian/UGC/CBS)
'Newt' Submitted By Victoria Adrian Of West Covina (credit: Victoria Adrian/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Nycolle Harding/UGC/CBS)
'Rascal' Submitted By Nycolle Harding Of Torrance (credit: Nycolle Harding/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Daniellea Calvert/UGC/CBS)
'Teddy London' Submitted By Daniellea Calvert (credit: Daniellea Calvert/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Amanda Von Rosen/UGC/CBS)
'Dixie' Submitted By Amanda Von Rosen Of Temecula (credit: Amanda Von Rosen/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Chris McCaffrey/UGC/CBS)
'Seymore' Submitted By Chris McCaffrey Of Cypress (credit: Chris McCaffrey/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Michelle Prichard/UGC/CBS)
Lennon' Submitted by Michelle Prichard (credit: Michelle Prichard/UGC/CBS)
(credit: R. Parker/UGC/CBS)
'Kyle' Submitted By R. Parker Of Hawthorne (credit: R. Parker/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Megan Aguilar/UGC/CBS)
'Chompers' Submitted By Megan Aguilar Of Temple City (credit: Megan Aguilar/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Tarangela Whitted/UGC/CBS)
'Angel Bell' Submitted By Tarangela Whitted (credit: Tarangela Whitted/UGC/CBS)
(credit:Tony Green/UGC/CBS)
'Halo Green' Submitted by Tony Green Of Studio City (credit:Tony Green/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Bryanna Montejano/UGC/CBS)
'Pannini' Submitted By Bryanna Montejano Of Corona (credit: Bryanna Montejano/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Brenda Castro/UGC/CBS)
'Capo' Submitted By Brenda Castro Of Los Angeles (credit: Brenda Castro/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Yasmin Ramirez/UGC/CBS)
'Mickey' Submitted By Yasmin Ramirez (credit: Yasmin Ramirez/UGC/CBS)
(credit: David Filipoff/UGC/CBS)
'Fedor' Submitted By David Filipoff (credit: David Filipoff/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Jessica Brooks/UGC/CBS)
'Alfalfa' Submitted By Jessica Brooks Of Cypress (credit: Jessica Brooks/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Eszter Lavitch/UGC/CBS)
'Bear' Submitted By Eszter Lavitch Of Chatsworth (credit: Eszter Lavitch/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Nydia Fores/UGC/CBS)
'Bambam' Submitted By Nydia Fores Of Azusa (credit: Nydia Fores/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Julia Mercado/UGC/CBS)
'Shelly' Submitted By Julia Mercado Of Venice (credit: Julia Mercado/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Donna Johnson/UGC/CBS)
'Betsy' Submitted By Donna Johnson Of Alta loma (credit: Donna Johnson/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Steven Banks/UGC/CBS)
'Pickle' Submitted By Steven Banks Of Santa Clarita (credit: Steven Banks/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Stephanie Gonzalez/UGC/CBS)
'Mr. Wiggles' Submitted By Stephanie Gonzalez (credit: Stephanie Gonzalez/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Rick Ahrens/UGC/CBS)
'Jinx' Submitted By Rick Ahrens Of Los Angeles (credit: Rick Ahrens/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Deborah Perry/UGC/CBS)
'Gracie, Abby And Jake' Submitted By Deborah Perry Of Forest Falls (credit: Deborah Perry/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Bernard Lavitch/UGC/CBS)
'Happy' Submitted By Bernard Lavitch Of Chatsworth (credit: Bernard Lavitch/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Chris Neil/UGC/CBS)
'Buster' Submitted By Chris Neil Of Monrovia (credit: Chris Neil/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Anna Martinez/UGC/CBS)
'Slinky B. Dawg' Submitted By Anna Martinez Of La Mirada (credit: Anna Martinez/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Jailyn Light/UGC/CBS)
'Mojo' Submitted By Jailyn Light Of San Pedro (credit: Jailyn Light/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Amanda Pham/UGC/CBS)
'Scarlett' Submitted By Amanda Pham Of Westminster (credit: Amanda Pham/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Laurie Cowles/UGC/CBS)
'Mark And Mindy' Submitted By Laurie Cowles Of Lakewood (credit: Laurie Cowles/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Jessica Kimball/UGC/CBS)
'Missy' Submitted By Jessica Kimball Of South Gate (credit: Jessica Kimball/UGC/CBS)
(credit: April Rodriguez/UGC/CBS)
'Lil Poncho' Submitted By April Rodriguez Of Riverside (credit: April Rodriguez/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Suzi Maloof/UGC/CBS)
'Chumlee' Submitted by Suzi Maloof Of Glendale (credit: Suzi Maloof/UGC/CBS)
(credit: Adrian Campos/UGC/CBS)
'Clifford' Submitted By Adrian Campos Of Montebello (credit: Adrian Campos/UGC/CBS)
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