CBS2/KCAL9 Staff Pet Photos

Jenn McBride, online news producer
Buttons, cancer survivor Jenn McBride, online news producer
Mike Maas, Promotions Producer
Winnie Mike Maas, Promotions Producer
Mike Maas, Promotions Producer
Fisher Mike Maas, Promotions Producer
Brian Lee, Voice-Over Artist
Elwood Brian Lee, Voice-Over Artist
Otto Petersen, Design Director
Jetta Otto Petersen, Design Director
Darleene Powells, Online News Producer
Kip Darleene Powells, Online News Producer
Shane Babin, Producer
Dolce Shane Babin, Producer
Shane Babin, Producer
Milan Shane Babin, Producer
Debbie Meron, Web Producer
Lily Debbie Meron, Web Producer
Michele Gile
Oscar Michele Gile
Brad Gold, Online Sports Producer
Charlie Brad Gold, Online Sports Producer
Sibila Vargas
Coconuts Sibila Vargas
Erik Oginski, Managing Editor
Chula Erik Oginski, Managing Editor
Josh Rubenstein
Wrigley Josh Rubenstein
Sandra Mitchell
Twila Sandra Mitchell
Jackie Johnson
Dolly Jackie Johnson
Kristine Lazar
Rocky and Chester Kristine Lazar
Suzanne Marques
Puddin' Suzanne Marques
Pete Wilgoren (Managing Editor)
Cupcake Pete Wilgoren (Managing Editor)
Bj Dahl (
Sophie Bj Dahl (
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  • Alice Ramirez

    Adorable. You need MORE staff offering their pet photos on this site. Three weren’t enough.

  • Rickey Petty

    How do you submit the a photo for the pet cotest can’t figure it out

  • Janet Oginski

    I LOVED looking at all those pets, but I am, of course partial to my “Grand Dog” CHULA; With those gorgeous eyes, could she do Maybelline commercials, or what?!

    Janet Oginski

  • millie springer

    how do i submit my pets foto??

    • MIllie springer


      • Pete H

        You probably got robbed like I did. No pic was put in it was recieved but not even posted :(

  • millie springer

    don’t know how to get y photo on here?

  • Honey Davis

    Radar Love has been entered in this contest wishing him the best.

  • Theresa Lucero

    I uploaded a picture of my cutest pet yesterday 05-19-11 in the morning. Where can I find it?

  • Toni Byrnes

    I uploaded a picture of my cutie yesterday 5/19/11 early afternoon. WHERE IS IT???
    I checked day 4 photos???????????????????????????

  • Linda Gonzales

    I’ve filled out the form and uploaded my pic, I’ve done this everyday since Wednesday, no cofirmation not sure if you got it or not. What can I do?

  • M

    how do you submit a photo? why isnt anyone answering?

  • Sheryl

    Whats the problem with KCAL??? Like lots of other pet owners around the southland, no one can load pictures of their pets for the contest. Is this contest rigged for only a certain few?? Funny none of the links work . . . hmmm. I’d really like to enter my doggie into the contest as well as it does say “Till 12 MIDNIGHT PACIFIC STANDARD TIME” :-[

    Sheryl /

    • P H

      I agree with you.
      My pet photo was loaded but not posted :(
      But some have two posts of the same dog ??? Hmmm I wonder?

  • Andy Gadd

    Why is there not an active pic upload link on your home page? Are 2 & 9’s servers jammed? How am I suupposed to enter my doggie when it looks like the contest is now prematurely closed. Can anyone at 2 or 9 running this contest care to explain what is happening?


    Leave your comments @ yelp! All posts here were left unanswered!

  • linda hackett

    Just want to thank you for sending me a confirmation that you did recieve my pets photo and letting me know that it would be posted.You are really a wonderful station…. thats the reason you never did put it up to be seen,why would you send a confirmation when you don’t follow through to make sure everything has been taken care of ?
    I know that i am not the only person you did this too!!!! i am not saying that my beautiful aussie would have won,however it would have been nice if you did things the proper way. I guess if you ever have another contest, i will make sure i won’t enter into it.

  • Billie Spivak

    would like to send you a picture of my puppy. please help me. thank you Billie Spivak.

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