• Barbara Bush, 1925-2018
  1. Claudette Diek says:

    Palin will never become a President of the USA. She does not have what it takes and needs more educatiion. She was a terrible Governor of Alaska, and if she could not handle only one state, how is she going to handle 50 states and issues arround the world?

  2. Gordon Calhoon says:

    Your version of news in LA stinks above high heaven, it is distorted telepromted feeds from New York with no content and distorted views. I originally bought into your lies about you being the best but now I see you are the worst and your news is not news but entertainment and of the worst kind since most of it is pre-scripted lies. You are definitely a one sided paid for bunch of fools and i refuse to indulge your lies any longer. Hopefully you will lose enough viewers to put you out of business You are lost in your self absorbant democrat way of cheating and that includes the stupid Mayor who should be locked up. If you want to report honest news and include all sides of the coin you might survive but I doubt it.

  3. jon jon says:

    How can Sarah Palin run for president. the constitutution clearly states you have to be a natrual born American citizen and she was born in Alaska!

    1. Joe Jones says:

      Palin wasn’t born in Alaska , and as a Alaskan Birth-er, most all Alaskans want her to stay any were but here in the state that she QUIT and as some( most) say all she is there for is the ride to get the most money that she can. She isn’t what she says she is and before you get this loser in to a public office again please look at her record.

  4. jon jon says:

    So you’re telling me she is qualified legally but not smart enough. What if you paired her with someone really smart like Newt or Stephen Hawking or Bill Clinton

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