• GALLERY: Toxic Chemical Reaction As Lava From Kilauea Volcano Reaches PacificAuthorities warned the public to stay away from the toxic steam cloud, which is formed by a chemical reaction when lava touches seawater.
  1. Doc says:

    I wouldn’t mind them bouncing on my meat-stick… If you know what I’m saying…

    1. RoamTech says:

      I agree lol…

    2. D in Dallas says:

      Does fish count as meat? ;D

    3. alex says:

      bs i dated a vegetarian and she would even cook meat for me. Is that the same Peta People for Eating tasty Animals

  2. centurian2222 says:

    The best pictures of all? the dog with the shades!!

    1. TT says:

      @centurian – I think u are absolutely right 🙂 Dog in the Shades wins best picture:)

  3. Brother says:

    With women that hot, you’d want to taunt them by eating more meat so they’ll protest more in the nude. Now, if the nude protestors were fat, out of shape, celluloid women, then it would induce me to eat meat less. But seeing this? Nope.

    1. bubbloy says:

      but they won’t have sex with you if you eat meat

      think about it

      1. jewish-guy says:

        You should see the #300 wearing Thongs in Sarasota.
        You know the name for humans is ” long pig”

  4. OrangeCountyTransplant says:

    So the message here is – Stop eating meat or we’ll send sexy young women to shower naked in public to make you stop…oh yeah, that’s gonna be really effective…in making me eat more meat! Brisket dinner tonight!

  5. Joe public workingman jones says:

    Just an excuse for goofy exhibitionists to get naked in public. By the way aint it a waste of water to shower over and over in public for no reason? Also what is the obsession with “saving water”? Is there only a finite supply on the planet? If so why hasn’t it run out over the past oh . . . 2 million years? I am sure these kooks also deplore the exploitation of women and their bodies. So is the message “only exploit women for a good cause?”. If so what constitutes a “good cause?”

    So much stupidity it’s hard to even list it all.

    1. Bayside says:

      Yes dear, there is a finite supply of fresh water on this planet.
      I seriously hope you were joking about that

    2. Ken says:

      Thank you Joe! Water is all over the place. We just need to get it to the people. We have the technology/science to convert sea water to drinking water but just don’t use it because no one has made it “cost effective”. BS.

      To all you PETA freaks out there – humans put water back into the system, whatever they take out. (If you ate a little meat – you might have the brain nutrition to learn basic science.) The problem isn’t lack of water – its that Water & Power unions across the nation leveraging for more tax money while not doing their job efficiently enough. They should be at the forefront of using our tax money to make technology more efficient.

      1. D in Dallas says:

        There’s also an older technology which converts sea water into fresh water, it’s called “rain.” There is an infinite supply of water, but a finite amount. The places where we rear livestock and grow crops have large supplies of fresh water usually. People crowding into one spot though, actually taking all those showers, requires large diversions of water into cities. This causes environmental problems, not raising cattle in an already fertile and well watered valley. PETA is full of well meaning fools.

  6. Awful newspaper says:

    Just an excuse for goofy exhibitionists to get naked in public. By the way aint it a waste of water to shower over and over in public for no reason? Also what is the obsession with “saving water”? Is there only a finite supply on the planet? If so why hasn’t it run out over the past oh . . . 2 million years? I am sure these kooks also deplore the exploitation of women and their bodies. So is the message “only exploit women for a good cause?”. If so what constitutes a “good cause?”

    So much stupidity it’s hard to even list it all.

    1. Jonas V says:

      Waste water to stop water waste…similar to how some bands proliferate their marxist/communist idealogies by capitalist means.

      I’m not on board with the “old” earth philosophy but I can appreciate the other astute observations.

      Looks like the majority of interested “on-lookers” are guys. They must be really interested in carrying on a serious dialogue about not eating meat and conservation with a pair of wet, soapy, nude women…what guy wouldn’t want to talk to a naked lady?

  7. zef says:

    LOL, young silly chicks with nothing else to believe in, how many millions of kids need help, but our furry friends take priority, well at least the washed their furry friends 😛

    1. Jimbo says:

      How do you know their friends were furry? 😉

  8. Robin says:

    A scrawny, buck-toothed ginger and a graffitied goth expose themselves to LA. Big deal. Tilting against a windmill, girls. I’ll eat all the meat I want.

    1. Angela Newton says:

      If I didn’t know better, I’d say this was a “Robin” I know….wholeheartedly agree…lol.

    2. B_C says:

      Skank, the other white meat.

  9. ter says:

    If we aren’t meant to eat animals, why are they made of meat and taste so good?

  10. Emery says:

    I could wile away the hours
    Conferrin’ with the flowers
    Consultin’ with the rain
    And my head I’d be scratchin’
    While my thoughts were busy hatchin’
    If I only had a brain

  11. Matt says:

    Why so many close-up pictures of their feet? That’s kind of weird. I can’t wait to go home tonight and grill the lamb chops I have waiting for dinner.

  12. bryan says:

    those girls are way too pale and lean. they need some meat on their bones!

    1. Pat McGroin says:

      or bones in their meat…

  13. SeattleInvestor says:

    I would eat a veggie burger (with bacon…) for a night if it means I am going home with the red head….

    But then again, she looks kind of scanky in the robe, like maybe a professional dancer or something…

    Or is it that college girls today just don’t mind showing off their bits to the world?

  14. SeattleInvestor says:

    Hey, I am a P.E.T.A member myself. The Rush Limbaugh chapter, People for Eating Tasty Animals…

  15. dillution through diversity says:

    Hmmm..fur burgers! I wonder what these chicks taste like….

    1. FingerTight says:

      Bet they are finger licking good!

    2. Don says:

      Bet they are finger licking good!

  16. Mark says:

    Since PETA can’t argue their side of the story intellectualy, they go for the usual Hollywood standard…break out the nudes.

  17. ElSkank-o says:

    Wht weren’t they arrested for causing a public distraction resulting in bodily harm and property damage? Oh, I get it….

  18. Oliver C says:

    People Eating Tasty Animals PETA

  19. Daniel Montgomery says:

    How about a giant burger stand next to it, and then I go jump in the shower saying I corrupt PETA girls with my meat!!

  20. Daniel Montgomery says:

    Vegans are always unhealthy… Animal meat is part of the human food cycle.

    1. Johnathan says:

      Which is why humans are omnivores not herbivores. Now if these silly vegans would just crawl back into the cabbage patch they came from we’d be good.

      Only makes me want to have a steak, and I’m not a big red meat fan.

  21. heavyduty says:

    They are discharging contaminated water (detergents) intothe storm water system without a permit. This is a clear violation of environmental protection laws

  22. Egg says:

    So…if we all go vegan how much more water will be used to grow all the food? How many more pesticides will be used (and pollute water)? If ya wana be vegan, be vegan, but no way will everybody switch…nor would it necessarily be an answer to any troubles if everybody did….it’d just create some new ones.

  23. FULL says:

    Plant murderers.

    Life bigots.

    OK to kill plants slowly and eat them!!!
    But bad to kill animals quickly and eat them??

  24. Phred says:

    Peta convinces women to get naked.
    God bless you Peta.

  25. jethro says:

    Most amazing thing to me is that they actually shave their pits.

  26. Steve -Schdy says:

    The Brunette’s hotter than the RedHead.
    Still this is not going to stop me from enjoying Roast beef, etc.
    No leather thongs I bet they have plenty of leather shoes at home etc.

  27. Puck FETA says:

    Both have on makeup and nail polish…..aren’t the producers of that stuff horrible to animals?

    Makes one wonder…….

    1. Mark says:

      Make up? They look like c rate porn stars. I’d waste water for a great steak rather than a HO any day of the week.

  28. John says:

    I need a two pound Rib eye steak. followed with a double cheeseburger. I like a pound of Bacon for breakfast.

  29. Jean says:

    Hahahaha! You guys are great, had me laughing all day. PETA sucks!

  30. Rob says:

    I didn’t know PETA members took showers as bad as they usually smell.

  31. Jeff says:

    Ignorance on full display, PETA for some reason is under the flawed impression that the water utilized to produce 1lb of meat somehow disappears never to be utilized again. Totally false. The total amount of water on the planet earth is fairly constant.

    1. ken says:

      These don’t look like the type who know the scientific concept the “Water Cycle”. Probably why PETA can only get naieve little girls w/out a father to join their ranks.

    2. ken says:

      These don’t look like the type who know the scientific concept the “Water Cycle”. Probably why PETA can only get naive little girls w/out a father to join their ranks.

  32. Meat Eater says:

    If she’s going to shower when people eat meat…I’m eating more meat

  33. John says:

    Makes me want to have sex with a hot chick. And they’re not even that hot…

  34. JS says:

    They both need a tan.

  35. Big Joe from NC says:

    you guys do realize that the redhead is really a man right !!!!!????


  36. big Joe from NC says:

    you guys do realize that the redhead is really a man right !!!!!????


    shes a man baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yucky bucks

  37. glenp says:


  38. TxWrstmkr says:

    Yea, they want to stop slaughter because it’s cruel and so on. What about the horses that used to go to slaughter houses? One was in Fort Worth. They some how were able to get enough votes for Congress to stop horse slaughter in America. Well we were able to export that meat to France where they eat it and the remainder went to pet food etc. Now there’s a bunch of malnourished old horses all over the place. Some are going to slaughter in Mexico. Isn’t it amazing how all these feel good, progressive ideas cost jobs and create bigger problems. I wish the research a more humane way to harvest vegetables. It must hurt the poor plants to pull them up and cut off their arms and legs. It think I heard a potato cry once. Theses nimrods are destroying our once great country.

  39. Eldon Paul Slick says:

    Don’t let your meat loaf!

  40. Alan C Rhine says:


  41. Lou says:

    any black or hispanic women belong to PETA?

  42. Duh! says:

    I hear that this stunt caused an accident that was caught on camera by the news.

    Since there are now laws to try to prohibit distracted drivers, can the driver that was distracted by this stunt sue PETA for the damages to both vehicles, mental anguish for being caught on film staring at naked girls, and the torment that he is going to get by all the teasing that he was looking at the girls instead of watching where he was driving?

    Those lawyers in Alabama that filed the lawsuit against Taco Bell claiming their beef wasn’t beef, sound like the right law firm to hire.

  43. JoAnne says:

    All of you meatheaded meat eaters who will die of cancer and heart attacks can’t seem to make an intelligenT observation. Humans do in fact, have the teeth and intestines of a herbivore and do not have the chute like intestines and strong stomach acid of carnivores. The suffering and slaughter of intelligent, sentient beings ought to be enough to prompt civilized people to turn away from the flesh of innocent animals in horror. Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you should.

    1. bob says:

      All you pumpkinheaded vegans, vegetarians, diarrhea fans or whatever the hell you call yourselves are self righteous, daddy didn;’t love me types. Grow up and shut up.

    2. Duh! says:

      LOL, really?
      Humans have the teeth of Omnivores.
      This means that humans have teeth for ripping meat from bone (these are called incisors) and they have teeth for grinding vegetation (these are called molars). Animals that are purely vegetarian in their diet have three or four stomachs in order to digest the plant cellulose that they eat. Carnivores and omnivores have only one stomach as there is not as great a need to break down the plant cellulose because they get their nutrition from other sources.

      1. jim says:

        …..Also, the teeth right next to the incisors ar called CANINE teeth, especially put there by GOD when he created man, for tearing meat; Furthermore, the Holy Bible instructs mankind as to which meats are to be eaten and which are not to be eaten, Silly Girls!

    3. Newsflash says:

      Please do more research. Over 20 years ago, broccoli was found to have a pain stem; proving that those veggies, and just about ANYTHING you eat, feels pain, when cut. Educate yourself: Read “The Secret Life of Plants”. The tree that you rip a fruit from, feels it. Civilized, huh? Chew on that apple. And no, nothing about this article, or the protest makes sense. It just shows the glaring hypocrisy of some of these groups, and the ignorance of those that spout of beliefs of not harming anything, while they have to eat. I’m not excusing myself, or ashamed to eat. Even though the air is polluted, I’m still going to breathe. My veggies are covered with pesticides; number one cause of cancer, next to smoking. Pesticides on vegetables cause more cancer than eating meat.

    4. ken says:

      @ “just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should” like showering in public? Tell me chicklet, what genius thought that this was related to eating meat? The only people to want this kind of attention are making up for the lack of a father figure the same as everyone else… by taking off their clothes. Take your own advice: “Just because you CAN…doesn’t mean you should.”

    5. Mark says:

      I have some wheat grass you can eat, er oh wait, we can’t digest that either…

  44. Hosker says:

    The photographer has a foot fetish. There were lots of pics of their feet

    1. joe blow says:

      Yep, nice feet too! I wonder what sizes…

  45. Costa Mesa resident says:

    If I was involved in an accident passing them by, I would have sued them.

  46. ohio mike says:

    so i guess one of these girls equals 241374 pounds. 98 pounds each x 2643 pounds of water per pound of meat. how many pounds of meat per steroid injection by MLB players?

  47. SarahC says:

    PETA is the biggest joke. They kill animals THEY deem “unadoptable”, they fund terrorist groups, they treat animals just awful (referring to the case where they threw 6 puppies into a dumpster..) Thet are the most corrupt and disgusting organization ever. Dont believe me? :www.petakillsanimals.com/

    On another note…how does not eating meat conserve water…why cant you be like normal people and take shorter showers, not turn your sprinkler on when its raining, or fixing leaking faucets…OH..thats right you just wanted an excuse to be naked

    1. Ken says:

      Good Point Sarah. What baffles me to this day is how these same needy girls will go out and pay someone to hack up an unwanted baby without a second thought by having an abortion. Doesn’t that innocent animal deserve the same ethical treatment??

      1. Jim says:

        AMEN TO THAT!.

        PS: I accidently reported Ken’s Comment – Clicked on the wrong item.

  48. bruce says:

    yes we will come and listen to your anti meat rant
    as long as you’re both naked

    the knowledge wisdom of teenage girls–
    is there any problem they can’t fix?

  49. Bad jim says:

    Jiggaboo is trying to sneak a peek

  50. Richard Leach says:

    I doubt seriously that they don’t like meat ….

  51. robert says:

    skank. They’re only getting attention cause they’re naked.

  52. booy says:

    PETA must be getting desperate. The redhead is a skank.

  53. TK says:


  54. Robert O says:

    I’ve given up beef and swine but could never go all the way. Women showering naked on the street? If this doesn’t do it, nothing will!

  55. Akfreedomrider47 says:

    Think about this PETA……The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits!!!

  56. veganbetty says:

    GREAT Job PETA! You beautiful vegan women look amazing. And you sure are getting a lot of feedback for this lil article, even though it’s mostly from ignoramuses. Must have hit a nerve.

    1. NEWSFLASH says:

      Yeah! With any luck, the strawberried redhead with severe sunburn can get cancer, as fast as a person eating meat. Way to go! LOL That will show us!!
      I think it’s just wonderful to see women try to stand up for animals, by setting the woman’s movement back 200 years! Kudos!

  57. ken says:

    No veganbettey – it didn’t “hit a nerv”e – we’re just bored and at work – these chicks are ridiculous so easy to laugh at…because its friggen hilarious. PETA is a pathetic hypocrisy while they support abortion. Killing babies for $400+ tax money each is ok for good business? Take the plank out of your own eye. Plus, you think all men are ignoramuses because you have daddy issues.

  58. Ohio John says:

    The numbers don’t really add up
    2463 gal* (500 lbs meat/cow) = 1,231,500 gal/ cow
    Age at slaughter = 2 years
    1231500/ (2*365) = 1687 gal/ day
    or 14,000lbs of water per day
    Not realistic!

  59. cgtstx says:

    PETA kills thousands of house pets each year. They hypocrites through and through.

  60. Barnum and Bailey circus says:

    The day PETA can convince a Shark, Lion, or Crocodile to stop eating meat is the day I will stop grilling Hamburgers,T-Bones and Carne Asada.
    PETA you have your work cut out for you, I hear great whites have a great temperment for plump representatives like Chloe Kardashin……

  61. William Jarvis says:

    When all you can do to get attention is to get young women to go naked it is clear that your message is a loser.

  62. JJ in LA says:

    Check back in 20 years and see what a complete veegan lifestyle has done to them? if in fact they are veegan. (veegan means ZERO meat including fish and poultry). Guaranteed they will be skinny, almost anorexic , lacking nice hair and skin , withdrawn and sickly looking, as if they really need a meal. Can’t get all the proper proteins you need from strickly eating TO-FU and soy products. Animal meat proteins help in many ways to a healthy total person. If you don’t want to eat meat… then don’t, but don’t shove that BS down my throat, because there is a reason why our teeth include K-9’s and incisors. Mother nature put them there for a reason.

  63. Mike says:

    Every time PETA makes the national news I go out and eat veal. Thanks PETA!

  64. Pat McGroin says:

    iI is a fact that most animals if given the chance would eat a PETA member.

  65. My_opinion says:

    I’m happy to eat the Redhead…. You know… just saying…

  66. Tax Payer says:

    How about all these yo yo’s protest Over Population!
    Big populations eat more meat
    Big populations use more energy
    Big populations use more water
    Big populations use more of my tax dollars

    Start protesting these big families like John and Forna-Kate, OCTOMOM, the Dugards, and the hispanic family of 23 down the street!

  67. lala63 says:

    The look like they are cold out there … and stupid. One of them needed to get a pedicure before doing this little stint – her polish is all gross and coming off. Yuck. They probably are not even nude – I’m sure they have on swimsuits of some sort.

  68. robert g says:


  69. Ron Mexico says:

    I got a tube steak for them….dig?

  70. John says:

    Amazing what people will do for 15 minutes of fame.

  71. alex says:

    i wana eat both of them so I’m deffinately a carnivore! look at those toes! yummy!

  72. HooDatIS? says:

    everybodys high on pot in california
    put some clothes on u animals
    visit my blog

  73. Gary says:

    Misleading headline. Nude, but behind a screen.
    No tits, no news!!

  74. Redz says:

    I wonder how come these PETAphiles don’t protest PETA itself, since their group slaughters puppies and kittens in the back of vans, dumping the cute little corpses in mall parking lot dumpsters.

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