1. Nancy says:

    Excellent job on attempting to get a response from the former Gov on the reduced sentence of Nunez’s son. It’s so hard to get up there confront elected officials like that, but it’s so important to hold them publicly accountable and to assure such incredibly important decisions regarding fairness and justice are not made from the perspective of personal friendships and politics. Great Job, Dave.

    1. Cathy says:

      I echo all of those who have written – please get checked out thoroughly. My daughter had a stroke at 18. It is unexpected in young women and often not looked for in this age group by the medical professionals. Good luck.

  2. PAUL VALOV says:

    Christina Mclarty, YOU ARE A LIVING DOLL,CAN i get you to send a SIGNED PICTURE ?

  3. Paul Foor says:

    Suzie Suh, You ae EXTREMELY GORGEOUS and easily my favorite reporter, Will you pkease send me a signed picture of you?

  4. Anna Lopez says:

    Serene Branson. Praying for your health.

  5. Erik Stein says:

    Please provide an update on Serene Branson and her neurologic condition. I am a medical professional in Denver, Colorado and I work on a team that reverses stroke and CVA’s here. We are all hoping Serene is OK and is receiving the proper medical attention. Thanks for the information.

  6. Mike Crawford says:

    Serene Branson. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Get Well soon.

  7. Ann says:

    Serene the same thing happened to me !
    I discovered it was the artificial sweetener & power drinks I had been consuming for years. You had a mini seizure. I had sudden “dizzy spells” & subtle speech issues for years.
    Started RIGHT when I started using Splenda, but at the time didn’t realize what it really was. Artificial sweetener is in everything, start looking at labels. I had been poisoning myself all day long, every day with different products. In coffee, gum, mints, yogurt, power drink, vitamin drinks. Steady stream of neurological poison all day long.
    Do your own research, Dr’s will just want to put you on drugs.
    Trust me on this one.

  8. Stacy says:

    Serene Branson hope you get well soon, but also check blood work before dismissing. There is simple test for Prothrombin Gene Mutation.

  9. Nancy H. Coon Rapids, MN says:

    I had the same thing happen to me a couple years ago with my speech where it got garbled just like yours. It also happend the same day when I was trying to speak but then nothing came out. My neurologist had me get an EEG which showed a frontal epilepsy sezuire. Medication taken twice a day solves the problem. Get an EEG ASAP and work with a neurologist to diagnose it. I have alway felt great, they just needed to rule out the TIA, and all the other things everyone else has been suggesting is wrong with you. Good luck! Feel free to contact me. Nancy H.

  10. Matt Trowbridge says:


    Just like about 1,000 other people who have told you this, I had a similar thing happen to me a little over a month ago. I occasionally get floaters that obstruct my field of vision, not a big deal (it is called an ocular migrane) and it only happens a few times a year. Last month it happened again, but this time for a brief period (5-10min) I jumbled my words and despite all of my focus could not make the words coming out of my mouth makeany sense. It has not happened since. I wonder if this may have happened to you. Hope you are doing well. Matt Trowbridge

  11. Kathy Gibbons Wayne, N.J. says:

    I have had the same thing happen to me three times without warning. It presents as sudden aphasia and clears after I sleep for half an hour. During the event, you think you are saying “car” , for example, when you are really saying “cell phone.” I know how frustrated you must have been during the “event” as you try to search for words that just won’t come. I had a complete neurological work up which showed nothing. My neurologist has prescribed Kepra twice a day and I have not had another episode for over two years.
    I wish you success if finding an answer for your condition. Please feel free to contact me.

  12. Kim S. says:

    Just wanted to say I’m glad to hear that it was NOT a stroke that you experienced on air, but it is what I suspected it could be, a complicated migraine. I experienced the exact same thing when I was 23 years old (much too young to be having a stroke, I thought). The written & spoken English sounded like a foreign language, even though I knew it was English. And when the words coming out of your OWN mouth sound like a foreign language, it’s even MORE scary! I have a history of “classic migraines” & then ended up having 2 more “complicated” episodes but haven’t had another one since I was 25, & that was 10 years ago. Hopefully you will never have another experience like that again. But just know that there are others who have gone through the exact same thing! Hope you are feeling 100% soon! Take care! 🙂

  13. Erandall Nelson says:

    I’m no going to say I’m glad that it wasn’t serious, because it actually was. But, I am relieved that you are feeling better.
    And, one former Sacramentan to another, I am impressed that you have taken this opportunity to expand the public’s knowledge and understanding of migraines. My wife’s family has experienced these for as long as I have known them (30 plus years).
    Again, I am certainly happy that you are better. Keep kicking butts and taking names.

  14. Linda Gibson says:

    Thank God this happened to you on live TV !! Now millions of others can see how people misunderstand what is happening to someone with a severe migraine! Can you imagine having this happen to you more than once? People with migraines need a celebrity spokesperson to educate people and draw attention to the severity of this condition. I have suffered with complicated migraines for years now. Family, employers, as well as many in the medical field do not understand what you are going through.
    Will you please consider this? I would help in anyway you thought I could be helpful.

  15. dave says:

    lisa sigell you are extremly beautiful, can you send me a pic.

  16. Crystal Lake says:

    This is for Serene. I felt that I had to email you and say thank you! I know how terrified you must have been, but you have helped me finally have some peace of mind. I experienced similar symptoms last April and I was rushed to the hospital. The doctors did examinations and tests and blood work and couldn’t find anything. They finally came to the conclusion that it was stress and generalized anxiety disorder. I was so unsatisfied with this answer, but yet no one seemed to listen. Now looking at what happened to you and reading about your experience, I finally feel better and think I have finally found an answer. Thank you again for sharing your experiences with us.

  17. Concerned Person says:

    Serene Branson, I am glad that you are ok. I know this must be very strange for you. Something like this happened to me at work one day, but the doctors are not really sure what really happened to me. Please keep me updated on how you are doing.

  18. Gerry says:

    First- This did NOT happen to me. #2- I am Not a doctor.
    You are a beautiful, talented women and I am greatly relieved to hear your episode was not as bad as the media folks were guessing. {you know how ‘them media folks are … 🙂 } It was (is?) a serious situation, but I’m sure that with proper medical supervision/follow-up you’ll manage fine!
    You handled the Oscars flawlessly. Good Job!!!
    I wish you nothing but the BEST and look forward to watching you enjoy a long and healthy career!

  19. Darrell Richard says:

    I am trying to download a cbs 2 app on my iPad2 and I am unable to create your app on my iPad.Can you help guide my through this?

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  21. Sheryl Kneebone says:

    Stacey Butler…Hello its Sheryl from Mt. Shasta ! Was watching Dr.Phil today and seen a clip of you on his show. Made me think of all the fun times working at My Favorite Things! Do you ever get up this way anymore ? Since the shop closed Debbie and I try to get together when we can and go to lunch. Anyways just wanted to say “Hello” and tell you that I think of you often !

  22. Vince Kwan says:

    Susie Suh,
    Thank you for being such a great MC at the OCA event at the Marriott. I would also like to thank you for taking the time to take a memorable photo with me twice. It was great to have a short conversation with you and you keeping on my toes. Disneyland is still always a possibility. See you on the tube.

  23. kathy orrico says:

    Cannot understand why I am not able to reach the Gary Kobal or Kobat interview on kcal9 this afternoon approx. 2:00 p.m.?????

  24. Sam says:

    I dnt know when you will stop Sharon Tay from airing on tv news. She is not a nice person. She has alike fake expressions, in my openion. When I see her I feel she has no honest expressions and all fake. Now when she is airing the 10 pm news I stop watching it. that is my openion.

  25. braveheart65 says:

    Suzie, I just finishing reading your report about the couple ,who just got maaried and the groom has kidney disease. First,I’m very sorry and second there is something he can to put his cancer in remission by himself or with a funny little therapy often taken for granted. I’m soon to be a new first time published author sometime this year with a book titled: Stress and Depression,The Real Culprits. The book is filled with theories about many health issues that are new to the public at-large, including scientist. I theorise that all diseases are cancer and is really no big deal, unless the doctor and client makes it,just means the person is experiencing these culprits and must get a grip on their spirituality for the most part. The culprits mentioned,which is the cause of all diseases,unless a person is run over by a “Mac Truck” or shot with a “Saturday Night Special” When a person is stressed or depressed,so is their immune system; therefore it can’t fight nor defend, which is the purpose. This system gets it messages from complex centers located in the mid-brains with two centers that compete for control of the immune system 24/7 even during sleep. You have the “Emotional Brain ( bad brain because it sends wrong messages to the immune sytem and other conduits interfaced with the system, like hormones). If you think ” The Limbic System,which is the other system, must be the good brain because messages from this brain is good; then you are right. These two systems are furthered operable by 4 powerful neurotransmitters, nerve cells( chemical neurons) that transmitt/ communicate messages too one of these brains mentioned above. Serotonin( the major of them and is well known, because it is in every anti-depressant, Norepinephrine,another neurotransmitter in every anti-depressant, Nitric Oxide, fairly new one and doesn’t quite fit the discription of a neurotransmitter,but is vital to ………… and is found in only one anti-depressant, last of the 4 major, is “Endorphins” our fighting “Irish” of the immune sytem. The neurotransmitters( how all communication is conducted in the body for systems too work properly or improperly), depending on which brain is in control. Most people don’t recognize when they are stressed/depressed, because these culprits are only used when someone has gone of the deep end and killed multiple people. Another reason is “Western Cultures aren’t suppose to be S/D because we have everything. We also don’t notice we are S/ D before the disease presented it self. These are just some of the theories noted in the book. Again,we can heal ourselves. Hope I can get the book out before Summer. Peace out and good luck.Susie Suh please pass this information on too this young man, so he can be on the receiving end of my work.

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