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  • Carl Alexander

    I just saw your memorial to departed celebrities, etc.
    The background graphic should have stated “In Memoriam”.
    “In Memorandum” is incorrect.

    Carl Alexander (310) 978-4875

  • otilo viramontes

    nice ti see Lisa Sigell getting some air time again

  • Sascha

    Pat Harvey and Paul Magers are hilarious. I’ve never been much for watching the news, but between them and Jim Hill, tonight I laughed out loud and learned. Thanks. I tried to figure out how to email them or the producer directly… But it’s not easy to find on here. Closest thing I could do. Keep up the good work. News and personality. I really like it. Thanks!

    • nf

      @Sascha: I couldn’t agree more. Both of them are professional, yet they don’t seem to take themselves far too seriously as many high-profile anchors tend to to.

    • rc

      Pat & Paul are great during the week. If you want the same on weekends watch Susie Suh & Rob Schmitt on weekends CBS2 5,6 & 11PM & KCAL 9 Aat 8,9 & 10PM on Saturday & Sunday nights. Though they are young they give true professionalism,meaningful comments on the stories they report on and plenty of sense of humor-enough for some good laughs at the same time. Check them out on weekends when you can.

  • leonette

    on the news piece about coyotes attacking pets, I found a device that plays a mountain lion scream and hiss and since the coyotes have an inbreed fear of them they stay away! i have had it for 3 years now. before that my backyard chickens were easy prey to the coyotes.

  • Candace Gallerani

    The new gentleman who is co-anchoring along side Suzie Suh this Sunday 8-9 p.m. is a breath of fresh air!



  • Wilma Tim Timmons Geoffroy

    If Goldberg keeps saying YES, INDEED, one more time, I am goiing to mhave to watch other news channels. Isn’t there antone that can correct this situation, or is it just me. Enough, already!!!



  • John

    Jackie Johnson never has our area on the weather map, so everytime she comes on I change the channel to different network. I do enjoy the news but would like to know my weather. The Antelope valley shows up only during wind conditions, maybe Jackie can borrow the map from Josh Rubenstein or Kaj they both have the info.

  • LYNN b


  • Marilyn Hoffman

    From the 11:00 PM news I’m sorry I missed the head story. It was about the changes
    that was made about DUI’s. I am a Drug & Alcohol Counselor and I do handle DUI’s
    I would like to have more information on this please?

    Thank You;
    Marilyn Hoffman
    Positive Steps, Inc.

  • Manny Sullivan

    Hey Dave – What’s with the red tie on St. Pat’s day – a racist statement?. O.K. – we get it. You could have been a little less obvious.

  • J Bauer

    To Jim Hill:

    Please pronounce David Lighty’s name correctly.

    It has only one L.

    Thanks from a Buckeye fan!

  • Michelle Wheeler

    What is going on with KCAL News at 8:00? Rick and Sharon are horrible. They are too juvenile and disorganized. Please CBS, help them. I can hardly watch the show anymore. They need to learn some professionalism from Pat Harvey.

    • rc

      Totally agreed. Rob Schmitt & Susie Suh would be perfect replacments

  • Laura

    My husband watches the news for the ” EYE CANDY” and I’m not bothered by it. But what about us girls we could use some ” EYE CANDY ” too. I must agree with Candace he is a breath of fresh air!! THANKS

  • Bob

    Laura, I don’t know who wrote the piece on the Pro-Celebrity Toyota Grand Prix Race, but they reach anything like 200 mph. 120 mph, perhaps. The much more powerful CART cars from 10 years ago topped out at about 175 mph.

  • J. Kaczorowski

    Paul Moyer,
    Please find a different wardrobe provider. The suit, shirt, tie combo you wore tonight is hideous and disturbs the senses of sight and good taste.

  • J Kaczorowski

    Sorry Paul. You are not Moyer you are really Magers. I was dazzled by the purple.

  • Robin Barnes

    I just love Pat & Paul. I keep hearing the question about when we get the Shuttle, where is it going to land and how will they get it to it’s destination. Well let me tell ya, you’ll do it like they did when it was built and had to get to Edwards AFB for the mission. They’ll load it on a truck, find the best streets to get it to it’s resting place, close said streets and tow it, about 3 miles per hour. It was great to see then, and what a parade it’ll make for the kids now.

  • Karen

    Hi team. Your report on those that lose their sense of smell, I had a comment. I lost my sense of smell years ago from allergy related polyps. Only advantage is food no longer matters. If you can’t smell, your taste also diminishes significantly. You can only taste sour, sweet, salty etc, but you cannot decipher detailed flavors. To some that would be considered horrible, but what a great weight reducing tool. You just don’t care about food after time and can actually consume those disgusting healthy foods with no problem. There are dangers however, with no smell. You can’t smell if food is bad, if smoke or gas leaks exist etc. That is very difficult to adjust to.

    Hope more info can enlighten the discussion

  • rick

    sharon tay? attractive…but she can’t read the telepromter for 30 to 50 seconds without studdering, or correcticting herself. i have watched her for several years from this station as well as others. bless her heart she just can’t talk in a fluid conversation. i think she should be in the field reporting rather than being an anchor…good looks doesn’t makeup for poor reporting.

    • Ltlrhody

      Either can Dave Gonzales. He stammers all the time.

    • Jeannine altmeyer

      I agree completely. Shes unbearable to watch. Her voice is awful,and the smile on her face when she reads a terrible story is the worst. She is really not competent or professional. Absolutely the worst news reader in los angeles.

  • Otis Thompson

    Mr. Gonzales today 5/16/11 there was a fire behind JLP in Pasadean CA. and I Otis Thompson capture great footage of helicopter water drops. If you or your affilats are interested please call me at (626)791-5359.

  • Rene Pelaez

    I believe that channel 9 and 2 have the best anchors in the business. Sharon Tay is very beautiful.

  • ruth

    To Pat Harvey…
    Tonight you read copy that said Anthony Weiner’s wife is “humiliated”….NOT SO!! She did nothing to be humiliated & should NOT be looked up in that manner!! It is Weiner who is humiliated…rightfully so!
    It is time that society recognizes that the wife of an offending husband has nothing to be humiliated about or to be ashamed of. Humiliation comes from one’s OWN behavior, not
    by the inappropriate behavior of another, even if he is your husband.
    She can walk with her head high, she did nothing offensive in this situation!!


    KCAL Producers/News team


    Could you please tell your viewers that wearing Sketchers Shape-Ups (the newly designed walking shoe) and carrying a Yoplait blueberry yoghurt (for a snack) will get you the following treatment at LAX.

    -ALL contents of bags are taken out searched and scanned.
    -You will receive a Full body xray, with your sketchers being taken away for additional x-rays in a special machine, as the curved sole of the shoe is a sure sign that you are a terrorist.
    -Due to a accident my mother’s wrist was broken and the tendons damaged so she cannot stretch out her fingers in order to place her palm flat on a surface. THEY took exception to her explanation and called for a medical person to confirm her story! She was then searched again, as her disability was considered ‘hinky’.
    -She was told to do up her clothing and to repack her bags. Just when she thought it was all over another guard came up and asked why she was carrying food into the airport. My mother explained she was diabetic and the usual burgers and pizza sold in LAX was not suitable for her (too much carbohydrates and fat), so she brought some fruit and Yoplait Blueberry yoghurt to snack on during the 4 hour wait for her flight. They replied that she was carrying “EXPLOSIVE YOGHURT” (their exact words) – SHE WAS THEN LEAD AWAY TO BE STRIPPED SEARCHED.

    Altogether my mother was kept for 1 1/2 hours and was searched three times including the strip seach and made to feel like a criminal. All this because she took a snack and wore her new Sketchers Shape-Up shoes.

    Please warn your viewers that travelling with these two items will cause you severe humiliation and trauma. This is as close a description as to what happened as i can get as my mother was deeply upset (in tears) and so was I after we talked and she said she needed to go wash her face in the bathroom.

    The worst part is that she was alone during all this as these “counter-terrorism measures” took place after I said my goodbyes at the passport control.

    By the way my mother is 74 years old.


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