Tom Haule

tom haule Tom Haule Tom Haule came to KNX in the fall of 1982, the year he says “We just took our furniture out for a drive.” He had been working as News Director at KCBS-FM in San Francisco and decided to move back to his hometown of Chicago. That was in February, 1982. “Thomas Wolfe was right,” Tom says, “You can’t go home again.”

When his time at WBBM and WBBM-FM came to an abrupt end seven months later, Tom returned to California as a reporter and anchor at KNX. He has been honored with Golden Mic Awards for investigative reporting and personal commentary and, along with broadcast partner, Linda Nunez, won nine awards from Associated Press as the Best Anchor Team in California and Nevada.

Among some of Tom’s memorable assignments were coverage of the Discovery Space Shuttle’s return to space flight following the Challenger disaster. “We set up a small city in the high desert and watched the Discovery return to earth. ”The Loma Prieta Earthquake. “I was on vacation at the epicenter at the time, but had all my gear stowed in the car. The Santa Cruz County Sheriff was surprised to see a KNX mic an hour after the first shock.” Former President Ronald Reagan’s meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev in San Francisco. “I had the chance to speak with both world leaders. There was a moment when a group of young children did a traditional Russian dance for Gorbachev and when I read the look in his eyes, I had the strong feeling that the Cold War was over.”

In 2005, Tom took a break from his duties on the air to work as Operations Manager for KNX. The task was to help move the station from its long-time location on Sunset Boulevard to its new facility on Wilshire and in the process, help train the KNX staff on an all-digital computerized newsroom. Two and a half years off the air was enough and Tom reunited with Linda Nunez returned to the air in 2007.

Tom enjoys photography and digital video and audio production.