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12 Melinda LeeMelinda Lee is the host of FOOD NEWS with MELINDA LEE airing each Saturday from 10 am – noon on KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO. FOOD NEWS ON DEMAND airs weekdays at 12:57 pm.

FOOD NEWS with MELINDA LEE covers virtually every subject related to food, cooking, kitchen equipment, health and safety issues, entertaining and the like. Some topics frequently discussed include techniques and solutions, healthy eating, quick meals and shortcuts, kitchen equipment, tools and gadgets, trends and tasty ideas and how to select, store and prepare all kinds of food items. Listeners play an active role with their questions and add a significant, wide-ranging, energetic and fun element to the show.

Melinda returned to KNX 1070 at the beginning of 2004. She was first heard on KNX from November 1986 – June 1995, when she hosted THE FOOD NEWS HOUR, a similarly formatted call-in program.

Melinda has hosted her popular food program on several Los Angeles radio stations since 1995. Most recently her show aired on KFI from 1999 through 2003. Prior to that, it was heard on KRLA, KLSX and 710 The Zone / KABC.

From 1993-1996, Melinda hosted FOOD FOR THOUGHT, a daily one-hour and weekend two-hour, nationally syndicated radio broadcast. It was carried in 83 markets from coast to coast.

In addition to her full-length radio programs, Melinda has written, produced and broadcast for approximately fifteen years, 60-second and two-minute daily features on subjects related to food and cooking. They have aired both locally (in Los Angeles) and nationally, under the names “The Food News Notebook,” “Food For Thought – Kitchen Notes,” “The Foodtalk Minute,” and “The One-Minute Gourmet.”

In 1995 Melinda produced and hosted a weekly segment on the CBS2 in Los Angeles. She has made several guest appearances on television programs, including “Hour Magazine” and “The Mike and Maty Show.” She also served for two years as the resident food expert on PAX-TV’s “Great Day America” when the show began in 1998, creating, writing, hosting and producing frequent segments.

Melinda’s “Kitchen Notes” is a 60-minute books-on-tape-style cassette with answers, anecdotes and information on food-related topics, available nationally, and her book, FOOD TALK was published in December 1995.

Melinda Lee has written and recorded both radio and television commercials for a variety of clients in food and lifestyle-related industries since 1986. Her website,, was launched in March 2002. It offers additional, comprehensive perspective of the scope and content of FOOD NEWS with MELINDA LEE.

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