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Megan Goldsby

megan goldsby 8637 Megan GoldsbyMegan Goldsby came to KNX from Northern California where she worked at KFBK in Sacramento, KCBS in San Francisco, and KVON in Napa.

She enjoys the intricacies of court trials, and the excitement of covering breaking news, from floods to fires.

Goldsby’s first job was at CNN, focusing on the Scott Peterson trial, after graduating from the broadcasting department of San Francisco State University.

Goldsby has lived up and down the entire state of California, hailing originally from the small town of Ferndale in Humboldt County.


KNX Ready Or Not: Renting On Fault Lines

— Preparing for an earthquake after you move into a new home or apartment should start before move-in day.


(credit: Aliso Viejo Aquatic Center)

KNX On Your Corner: UCLA Aquatic Center

UCLA keeps a hidden gem at the end of a private road in Marina Del Rey.


Runway in Playa Vista

KNX On Your Corner: Playa Vista Runway

Starting next month Playa Vista residents will have stores within walking distance to their homes.



KNX On Your Corner: Placentia Water Tower

Placentia’s most famous landmark is hard to miss.


(credit: istockphoto.com)

‘Bel Air Has Worse Streets Than Pacoima': Officials Reject Pothole Repair ‘Fallacy’

Have you ever wondered how the city of Los Angeles decides which streets to repave and which ones to allow to deteriorate?



KNX On Your Corner: Beverly Center

The Beverly Center has been a go-to shopping center for decades.


obamacare affordable care aca

KNX 1070 Healthcare Uncovered: Undocumented Immigrants

The Affordable Care Act is not for everybody.



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