Canter's Fairfax Bakery

419 N Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 651-2030
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February 14, 2013

Good food. Turkey Dinner was d...

Good food. Turkey Dinner was delicious.
May 15, 2012


Great food and lots of it. Great smoked samon
March 03, 2012

Awesome Deli!

Who doesn't like chicken noodle soup and corned beef??? This place is an LA icon and can't be missed when that late night snack is needed! I love Canter's!
August 03, 2011

Big disappointment

I was hoping to capture a bit of New York style dining. I particularly have had a craving for a knish. The one I had at Canter's was dry and salty...downright bad. My friend asked for a rueben mix of corned beef and pastrami. The waitress made a hand gesture similar to what an umpire makes to indicate an out, and said...NO, we can't do that. They can't make half corned beef and half pastrami. My friend settled for pastrami. \r \r I thought about what had gone down and decided that I nicely needed to speak to the waitress when she returned to our table with our food. I explained that he wanted the meats mixed, not one half one meat and the other half another meat. She said, ""Oh, that's three dollars more."" So, they could have honored my friends request. For some reason she didn't want to try to accomodate. She was happy being surly I guess. \r \r My sandwich was really bad, as dry as the knish, as was my friend's. The subpar food is way overpriced, too. Needless to say, we won't return.
February 21, 2011

miserable waitress and her psychopath nice side kick

i ordered a salami sandwich, then waitress suggested i order tuna instead so i did. 10 minutes later i got salami sandwich made of 2 pieces of dry bread and 2 inches of impossible to eat dried out salami. might as well bite into the nearest cactus. then she charged me 20 $ for tuna sandwich and told me that salami i ordered wouldnt even be good for a homeless person. I left hungry, upset and very much confused. thank God there's Damianos pizza across the street
February 15, 2011

Old School Jewish Deli

A must go if you enjoy the Jewish deli. Sandwiches on their tasty rye bread, potato salad is a must try and you have to be silly not to stop at the bakery and take some goods home.
November 15, 2010


Ya gotta stop by for a Corn Beef on Rye or a classic Reuben Sandwich. Also, a snort in the little bar couldn't hurt! Tell 'em, Bill sent me!
October 14, 2010

dam good

oddly expensive but very good.
July 01, 2010

Canter's SUCKS!

I have been to many delis in my lifetime. Born and raised in Cleveland, we had some of the best! NYC has incredible places as well. I have been living in LA for over 22 years and been to Brent's, Junior's, Weiler's and a list of others. SInce I live in the Valley, it's not often I have an opportunity to go over the hill and since Canter's has a great name, I exposed my sons to it several years ago. We were not impressed then but nothing compares to our visit yesterday.\r \r With the waitress smoking outside telling us to enter another door, to not greeting us walking in to Canter's. Settling us into an old uncomfortable booth where we waited for the ""expected basket of bread, pickles, etc."" to arrive. We instead received nothing. We ordered a Chef's Salad and Matzo Ball soup with 1/2 Pastrami sandwich. The Matzo Ball soup arrived in a tiny bowl with liquid and a Ball, nothing else, no veggies, noodles or anything. Bland tasting. 1/2 Pastrami resembled more of 1/4 sandwich with a lot less meat than is customary in delis. Our Chef Salads were less than awe inspiring., with a few pieces of ham and turkey lined on a big bed of wilted lettuce. When we asked for bread, our waitress was taken aback and brought out some bagel chips and than 3 pickles. As you start to eat the urge of more bread, etc. consumes you and you ask for more. Her response was I can bring 1 or 2 slices. I believe for over $30.00 for lunch should entitle you to the same quality as you can get from Brent's or the others. Instead, their 50 years of business has been all about pocketing the money and not reinvesting anything into the business or the customers. I will take BRENT's over Canter's any day of the week. Canter's cannot even remotely compare and urge anyone not to spend their hard earned dollars on such a sub-standard place!
January 09, 2010
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