Chosun Galbee

3330 W Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90019 (323) 734-3330
Hours Mon - Sun 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
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lots of food not a lot of direction

I enjoyed the food and it was fun. you order a main dish and all the sides come included but that wasn't clear on the menu. the food was excellent and just remember lots of sides come with the order
December 23, 2011

Unacceptably racist staff

I visited with a friend of mine and his wife, who is Chinese. Service was okay until the waitstaff found out, at which point we went up to half an hour with no service. I don't care how fancy your restaurant is, that kind of conduct is unacceptable. Do not support this racist establishment.
September 20, 2011

Kae Jang: Simply the best!

The restaurant's Kae Jang is the best I've ever tasted. As an avid fan of all things spicy, the raw crab is to die for an amazing.
February 21, 2011

Clean, elegant and delicious

This is a favourite of me Korean American family. It's a bit on the pricey side but you're getting really excellent cuts of kal-bi (korean bbq). The service is top-notch and they are super friendly. Sides dishes are excellent and the overall experience is great. However, I'm more at home at the down-to-earth hole in the wall places -- which this is not. I'm always recommending ChoSun to folks who want a nice 101 intro to Korean BBQ but are a bit pedestrian with their eating adventures. This place won't scare them.
November 01, 2010


The place is clean on the inside, but that's it. The food is mediocre and service is OK. But the price for all of this? Not worth it, there are many other places in Los Angeles that are better.
September 03, 2010

The worst Koren BBQ and service

If anyone wants to experience RACISM, this is the place that you have to visit!!!! The waitress put all the meat in and started to grill in 10 minutes everything was done. You will have to finish by then because there are many more customers waiting outside and they want more money come in. The waitress will keep checking if you are ready to leave and made us very very uncomfortable. No respect for customer. You will regret if you visit this restaurant and very expensive especially a lousy service like this! They will start to clean the table and you know they want you to leave! Very very impolite! Never experienced anything like this!
August 14, 2010

Great Korean food and attentive service -- definitely try it out!

You'll first see a well-lit, pristine, modern building with attractive landscaping and a valet parking service. No grafitti, trash or shopping carts here! Once you enter, you're greeted by several well-groomed staff members in suits and hanbok (Korean kimonos) -- you might even think you're in a hotel lobby. You're guided to your table and handed your menus -- try not to get overwhelmed with choices. I had the Yookgaejang (""spicy beef and scallion soup"") ; my friend had the Galbee Dolsot Bibimbab (""sizzling rice hotpot with prime ribs and vegetables"".) We were also given a variety of complimentary appetizers, ranging from pickled sprouts and kimchi to potato salad. Here's a quirk: they didn't have any authentic Korean beer on their menu, but they served me Kirin (Japanese) in a Hite (Korean) beer glass! A staff member stopped by our table every few minutes -- their service was incredibly attentive and polite. We were also given a complimentary cup of sujunggwa (a sweet drink made with persimmon, pine nuts, cinnamon, and ginger) for dessert. Given this great experience, I'll definitely come back again!
January 16, 2009

used to be better

honestly, i don't know what happened to this place. it used to be so much better! the meat quality got worse (or tougher) and i think they're starting to rely too much on their non-korean customers' unfamiliarity of korean cuisine nowadays to even realize to brush up on their act. the last couple of times i really wasn't impressed whereas i used to be consistently pleased every time i dined here, even though they're a bit pricey. i didn't mind paying so much before (for korean food) b/c the food (meaning the meat) was so good&soft. but now i'm not so thrilled about this place. i've started ordering non-bbq dishes from the menu and they're actually turning out to be a lot better than their bbq meats now. i'm hoping they improve...
April 17, 2008

HIgh quality Korean BBQ

This place serves the best quality dining experience within the Koreantown area.\r The food, needless to say, is marvelous, especially because the beef are very good quality meat.\r \r Must trys: Beef tongue (sliced very thinly, dellicious!), Raw beef appetizer (mixed with chopped pears, giving a sweet taste to the dish, and the dish is iced so it's perfect for summer!), and of course, the Chosun Galbee.\r \r The seafood is decent but if you are at Chosun, it's gotta be about the red meat more than anything
January 31, 2008

Awful food, pathetic service, excessively overpriced

Honestly, I thought after reading the reviews of the restaurant ""I'll give it a try"". Well, it surprised me by being the single worst dining experience in my life. We got BACON that was about as fresh as the attitude from the staff. Really, this place is awful. The only redeming part of the evening was the soft mints in the lobby. And when I took 2 from the bowl the hostess gave me the stink eye. Its a good thing they have mouth wash in the bathroom cus I had an awful taste in my mouth when I finished.
December 15, 2007
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