KNX SPECIAL SERIES: Graduating To Broke



Getting an education – from preschool through college – is costing more than ever, leaving students and parents drowning in debt.

Students don’t have to wait for college to get an expensive education – it actually starts with preschool.

One route to financing a college education is through the military.

When it comes to student loans, you have the option of a federal or private loan.

Sending the kids to college is expensive. But contrary to what you may have heard, out-of-state students aren’t hogging all the spots.

If you thought public education was free, think again.

Getting a college degree takes just a few years, but paying for it can take a lifetime.

So many college grads can’t pay their student loans that some are calling it a “crisis”.

In the U.S., a college education often equals large debt. Not so in many other countries. But why?

Will a college education help get you a job? And considering the cost, will it be worth it?

For parents of high school students, it can cost thousands for their children to participate in extracurricular activities, even at a public school.

Expect to pay a price, in either time or money if you want to get your child into the right elementary school, whether it’s private or public.

Getting a college degree used to be the ticket to a really good job, but that’s not always the case anymore. Charles Feldman talked with Matt Sigelman, CEO of the labor market analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies.

It costs $46 per unit to attend community college in California, which allows students to save thousands of dollars by spending their first two years at a community college and then switching to a four-year school. Chris Sedens talked with California Community Colleges Chancellor Brice Harris.

When you buy a lottery ticket here in California, you are helping education – but how much money really goes to the schools? Margaret Carrero talked with California Lottery spokesman Alex Traverso.

There are several ways to go to a public college in California: the University of California, community colleges or Cal State University. Chris Sedens spoke with Cal State Assistant Vice-Chancellor of Public Affairs Laurie Weidner.

Money is a big issue for the University of California, but some people wonder if students from out-of-state or out of the country – who pay higher tuition – are taking spots away from local kids. Laraine Herman talked with UC spokeswoman Dianne Klein.

For many students, part of the ‘college experience’ is finding a way to pay for your education, but it’s not easy to navigate the maze financial aid. Charles Feldman talked to Mark Kantrowitz, Senior Vice-President and Publisher of

The average college grad leaves school with more than $30,000 in student loans which they’ll be paying off for many years. Chris Sedens got some tips from Natalie Lohrenz, director of counseling at Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Orange County.

The cost of college textbooks has gone up 82 percent over the past ten years, and many students say they just cannot afford to buy them. Ed Mertz talked with the author of a study on the subject, U.S. Public Interest Research Group’s Ethan Senack.

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