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(credit: Desiree Eaglin)

The Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa welcomes you to a day of relaxation, revitalization, renewal and just plain fun. Positioned beneath the Santa Ana Mountain Range in Corona, California the Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa is couples, special occasions and girl’s day out friendly.
admission and tips Guide To Glen Ivy Hot Springs

(credit: Desiree Eaglin)

Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa
25000 Glen Ivy Road
Corona, CA 92883
1-888-Glen Ivy

Admission prices: Admission only Monday -Thursday $46 Friday, Saturday and Holidays $56.There is a $7 discount on Admission fees when you schedule a Spa treatment of 50 minutes or longer. City of Corona residents, teachers, military, police, firefighters, nurses and seniors 55+ are eligible for a 15% discount on admission with identification. Year long memberships are available for unlimited access to the Glen Ivy Hot Springs grounds. With the year membership there is a 10% discount on spa services.

Insider Tips: Drink plenty of water before, during and after your spa day. Glen Ivy well water stations are located throughout the grounds to help encourage this. It is suggested to wear an old bathing suit and sandals. Bring your own cover up, one will not be provided by Glen Ivy. After you are checked in, head over to the bath house to change and put your belongings in a locker. There you can sit in a Roman bath and let your body relax before a day full of relaxed pampering.

lush grounds Guide To Glen Ivy Hot Springs

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Lush Grounds

Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa covers a vast area of 12 lavish acres of tropical land with breathtaking views of the Santa Ana Mountains. Take a stroll around the grounds and soak in the beauty of your surroundings; it really is gorgeous in the city of Corona. Along the way, don’t forget to stop and see the 100 year old Grapefruit tree located near Club Mud.

spa services Guide To Glen Ivy Hot Springs

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Spa Services

Several services are offered to help promote well being. Allow the well trained staff at the Glen Ivy Hot Springs spa to use their magic hands to relax your mind, reduce your stress and rejuvenate your body. There are 5 different types of massages to choose from, including the mom-to-be massage. Massage enhancements, body treatments, manicures, pedicures and facials are also available.

under the oaks Guide To Glen Ivy Hot Springs

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Massages & Spa

Offering spa treatments, the “Under the Oaks” massage enhancement is one that you won’t soon forget. Relax under the gorgeous ancient live oak trees with the soothing sounds of water as you get a massage. Make sure to schedule your under the oaks massage mid day when the sun is out and the weather is warm.

pools Guide To Glen Ivy Hot Springs

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The Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa features seventeen pools and baths located throughout the property. There is a lounge pool (pictured) perfect for floating in that is very popular. Arrive early to reserve a raft. Be sure to try out the hot and cold plunge too, it’s an invigorating form of hydrotherapy.

mineral bath Guide To Glen Ivy Hot Springs

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Mineral Bath

The famous geothermal hot springs flow year round and remain constant at 104’F. A soak in the mineral bath will relax your muscles and open your pores. Be sure to remove all silver jewelry before entering or they will tarnish in the water. Lines quickly form at the Mineral Baths and once they do, a 20 minute soak time is suggested to let all spa guests have a chance to soak.

club mud Guide To Glen Ivy Hot Springs

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Club Mud

Club Mud is a fun spot to be a kid again and roll around in the mud. Getting dirty here is encouraged! Slather your body in the only red clay mineral bath in Southern California and wait as the mud softens and exfoliates your skin. A drying room, lots of mirrors and showers with Glen Ivy’s signature soaps are available.

layout spots Guide To Glen Ivy Hot Springs

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Layout Spots

Sprinkled throughout the grounds are a plethora of layout areas with large chaise lounge chairs. Some are strategically placed in the shade to shield you from the hot Corona sun and some are placed in full sun. Bring your own beach towel and reserving a chair as the full sun chairs go quickly.

cafe sole Guide To Glen Ivy Hot Springs

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Cafe Sole

Serving a delicious Mediterranean cuisine, Café Sole is a gourmet restaurant located inside Glen Ivy Hot Springs. With healthy offerings using ingredients from local farmers, ranchers and markets to ensure freshness, favorite offerings include the turkey sandwich (pictured), pizza, pasta, fresh salads, fruits and more. Breakfast and lunch are served daily.

exercise classes Guide To Glen Ivy Hot Springs

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Exercise Classes

The Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa offers a variety of classes, events and workshops free of charge to guests. From exercise, guided tours, art classes, educational speakers and more the Glen Ivy staff help to promote general well-being for all Hot Springs Spa guests.

Desiree Eaglin lives in Corona, California and is saving up her pennies to purchase a year long membership to the Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa.


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