Dodger Stadium Guide

August 28, 2010 9:50 AM

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(credit: Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)

(credit: Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)

Dodger Stadium

(credit: Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

With its picturesque setting nestled at Chavez Ravine, Dodger Stadium has withstood the test of time to remain one of the most breathtaking venues to watch an event. Its massive 56,000 seating capacity is tops in baseball and in 2009, the Dodgers led all of baseball in attendance.

Dodger Stadium


Getting There


It’s so anti-L.A. to ditch your car, but despite the stigma of public transportation, options are plenty for taking the Metro to the stadium. Just go to Union Station and connect with Metro’s Dodger Stadium Express. You’ll avoid traffic and help reduce air pollution, and your same-day Dodger ticket is good for the fare. To plan the route that’s best for you, call 323.GO.METRO.


Most cars come up Stadium Way via the 1-5, so expect long waits getting off the freeway and climbing up the hill towards the stadium.

I-5 tip: To avoid the traffic jam at the Stadium Way exit, you may also get off the freeway at Fletcher Dr or Glendale Blvd. Glendale Blvd may be the easiest because there is an easy left turn onto Riverside, which leads to Stadium Way.

Fletcher has a tough right turn off the freeway, which immediately forces you to try and make a hard left turn onto Riverside.

101-Freeway: Exit Alvarado, go north, then turn right on Sunset. Go approximately one mile and turn left on Elysian Park Avenue.

From I-110: Take the Dodger Stadium exit and go straight off the off-ramp. You will run into Dodger Stadium.


The seemingly yearly uptick in price to park your vehicle at Dodger Stadium is still affordable when compared to parking at other MLB venues, however the $15 price tag for a regular size car is almost double the cost to park for an Angels game in Anaheim.

The Stadium is a maze; expect confused motorists and pedestrians all around the lot.

If you don’t have assigned parking, you must park in General Admission parking. If you’re going to a sold out game, the lot could be full and you may have to park far away, near the Police Academy and hike down a hill.

Once you found your lot, your trek into the stadium isn’t complete. Dodger Stadium will only let you enter the level of your seats. So if you’re parked near the top-deck, you will have to walk around the stadium outside the gates until you get your level. This could be up to a 20-minute walk, so give yourself some time.

philippe french dipped sandwiches Dodger Stadium Guide



City rules prohibit tailgating in the parking lots at Dodger Stadium. However, there are plenty of pregame opportunities to partake in.

No trip would be complete without a meal at Philippe’s, the self-proclaimed inventor of the French Dip sandwich. Philippe’s has been serving sandwiches at its present location since 1951. Leave your credit cards at home (or at least in your wallets) because Philippe’s only accepts cash. So stop by and enjoy a French Dip with a side of slaw before the first pitch, but don’t forget to save room for a Dodger Dog!

Philippe The Original

1001 N. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 628-3781
More Info

Philippe’s is located across the street from Union Station, so grab a French Dip and ride the Metro to the park.

Short Stop

1455 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 482-4942
More Info

This watering hole at 1455 Sunset Boulevard is the perfect pregame/postgame hangout. Park here for free, enjoy $2 beers and walk to the stadium! It doesn’t look like a sports bar, but this is where some serious die-hard Dodger fans pre- and postgame.

dodgers fan 75926462 Dodger Stadium Guide

(credit: Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)


We’re not talking about the 10 no-hitters thrown over the years, most recently by Ramon Martinez in 1995, but rather items that are banned from the stadium. Beach balls, alcohol and banners are among the items not allowed to be brought into the stadium. A complete list of banned items can be found at:

dodger tickets Dodger Stadium Guide

(credit: Jamie Squire, Getty Images)


Attendance is always high at Dodger Stadium, but tickets are pretty easy to acquire. But forget about Opening Day or Beach Towel Night, those games sell out very quickly. For the rest of the regular-season games you can easily purchase tickets outside the LF pavilion, on the Dodgers website or any of the ticketing websites.


It was not long ago you could get a ticket for $6, now the cheapest day of game option is $15 at the top of the park. On game day, tickets range from $12 to $650.

If you want to eat a TON of food, opt for the all-you-can-eat RF pavilion seats for $30-$32. As the name suggests, with those tickets you can gorge yourself with as many Dodger Dogs, sodas, nachos, peanuts and popcorn as you can, because it’s all included (except alcoholic beverages).

dodger stadium seats Dodger Stadium Guide

(credit: Brad Gold/CBS)


Dodger Stadium is known for its color configuration of seats per level.

Dugout Club Seats

Yellow/Field level

Orange/Lodge- Foul Ball Territory!

Club Level

Blue/Reserve- incredible sight lines to the game and the surrounding neighborhood, but it can be a lot of stairs.

Red/Top Deck- The “nose-bleed” seats: Walking the concourse in the Top-Deck you get a spectacular view of the skyline of Downtown Los Angeles. The Top of the Park souvenir store is located here.

Dodger Stadium does not allow you to move down a level. So if you have tickets in the Reserve, you can only go upstairs. It can be a problem if you are meeting people or want some food from a restaurant on a lower level.

Centerfield Experience

Bring your glove for an up-close glimpse of your favorite major leaguers and the opportunity to catch the occasional home run ball. The pre-game Center Field Experience is back in 2010 and will feature a former Dodger on selected days/games in “Autograph Alley.”

hot dogs Dodger Stadium Guide

(credit: Jonathan Ferrey)


The food selection begins and ends with a Dodger Dog. No other item on the menu can ever compare to the iconic Dodger Dog. These foot-long wieners will run you $5 each, so pile on all the onions, mustard, relish and ketchup you can. Or just eat it plain, they’re that good!

Including the bun, a Dodger Dog packs 410 calories and 22g of fat, so if you’re health conscience, check out some of the healthier menu items, like Sushi or gluten-free gummy bears.

Along the first base entrance on the Suite Level is the Stadium Club restaurant. Make sure to make a reservation ahead of time and enjoy a fine meal before the start of the game.

dodgers dugout club 53291839 Dodger Stadium Guide

(credit: Matthew Simmons/Getty Images)

Dugout Club

The Dugout Club is the most exclusive club at Dodger Stadium and offers the best seats in the house. The Dugout Club is an all-inclusive experience and features access to an adjacent club with a martini lounge, a full bar and restaurant-style seating. There you can enjoy a high-end buffet of Wolfgang Puck and Levy restaurants cuisine. Everything except alcoholic beverages is included. But you must be a Dugout Club Season Seat Holder to access this area of the stadium.

Other food options:

Field Level: Campy’s Corner (Sec. 4), California Pizza Kitchen (Sec. 8), Carl’s Jr. (Sec. 10), Dodger Dogs (Sec. 22 and 40), Healthy Plate (Sec. 30), Dippin Dots (sec. 32), Panda Express (Sec. 46), Philly Cheesesteak (Sec. 48), and Baseline Box Club (Sec. 52).

Dodger signature items: Dodger Dogs are also available at (Sec. 8, 10 and 46). Garlic Fries are available at (Sec. 22, 40 and 48). Fish Tacos are available at (sec 46). Soft Serve is available at (Sec. 22, 40 and 48)

Field Level (3rd Base Side): Think Blue Bar (Sec. 5), Frozen Yogurt (sec. 9), Dodger Dogs (Sec. 9, 23 and 41), Dippin Dots (sec. 31), Camacho’s (Sec. 45), Canter’s Deli (Sec. 47) and Baseline Box Club (Sec. 51).

Dodger signature items: Dodger Dogs are also available at (Sec. 45 and 47). Garlic Fries are available at (Sec. 23 and 41). Fish Tacos are available at (sec 45). Soft Serve is available at (Sec. 23, 41 and 47). Frozen Yogurt is available at (Sec. 9) Hebrew National Hot Dogs (Sec. 47)

Loge Level (1st Base Side): South Street Philly Cheesesteak (Sec. 104), Healthy Plate (Sec. 104), Soft-Serve Ice Cream (Sec. 132), California Pizza Kitchen (sec. 132), Carl’s Jr. (Sec. 140), Dippin Dots (Sec. 142), Farmer John Gourmet Sausage (Sec. 156) and Dodger Dogs (Sec. 108, 132, 136, 156 and 164). Dodger Dogs are also available at (Sec 140).

Loge Level (3rd Base Side): Camacho’s (Sec. 109), Frozen Yogurt (Sec. 131), Wetzel’s Pretzels (Sec. 141), Farmer John Gourmet Sausage (Sec. 145), Sandwiches (Sec. 147), Loge Terrace Bar & Grill (Sec. 163) and Dodger Dogs (Sec. 137, 155 and 165). Dodger Dogs are also available at (Sec 109 and 145). Garlic Fries are available at (Sec. 145).

Reserve Level (1st Base Side): Soft-Serve Ice Cream (Sec. 4), Wetzel’s Pretzels (Sec. 6), Carl’s Jr. (Sec. 8), Farmer John Gourmet Sausage (Sec. 12), Subzone (Sec. 12), Healthy Plate (Sec. 12), Think Blue Bar (Sec. 38) and Dodger Dogs (Sec. 4, 24, 34 and 44). Dodger Dogs are also available at (Sec 6, 8 and 12). Veggie Dogs are available at (Sec. 6). South Street Philly Cheesesteaks are available at (Sec. 34). Garlic Fries are available at (Sec. 12 and 34).

Reserve Level (3rd Base Side): California Pizza Kitchen (Sec. 1), Cantina Azul (Sec. 3), Garlic Fries (Sec. 5), Dippin Dots (Sec. 9), Comacho’s (Sec. 11), Garlic Fries (Sec. 11), Farmer John Gourmet Sausage (Sec. 11), Sandwiches (Sec. 11) and Dodger Dogs (Sec. 23, 35, 37, 43 and 55). Dodger Dogs are also available at (Sec 3, 5 and 11). Veggie Dogs are available at (Sec. 3). Garlic Fries are available at (Sec. 11 and 35).

Top Deck (1st Base Side): Dodger Dogs (Sec. 6).

Top Deck (3rd Base Side): Frozen Yogurt (Sec. 1), Dodger Dogs (Sec. 5), and Sandwiches (Sec. 5).

Top Deck guests are encouraged to enjoy the Reserve Level for additional Concession options.

Left Field Pavilion: Dodger Dogs (Sec. 303, 309), Sandwiches (Sec. 303).

*Dodger Stadium concession stands are notorious for being slow, don’t be surprised to wait for as long as 20 minutes for food on busy nights. For quicker service, find the express stands through out the concourse.

Family of Four Costs

4 Tickets- Day of game, Infield Reserve + $120

1 Parking Pass +$15

4 Dodger Dogs, 4 Cokes +$40

Total Cost: $175


Dodgers out of town and want to see the stadium? For $15 you can take a behind-the-scenes tour on the field, into the dugout, through the exclusive Dugout Club and press facilities. Tours last 80-90 minutes. The Dodger Stadium Tour will be given at 10:00am and 11:30am. All tours begin at the Top Deck near the Top of the Park Store. More info call 323-224-1507.

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