childcamer Casting In LA: Could Your Kid be a Star?


Your kid is gorgeous. Your kid is talented. And you would know. Living in LA you see stars all the time and frankly, they’ve got NOTHIN’ on your kid. YOUR child was BORN to be a star! If only your cousin’s ex-husband was still Chairman at Sony…

We spoke to casting executive, Zena Van Ackeran, who’s been in “the business” for 12 years and she shared some basic information about what you’ll need to break your child into “the biz” (when you’re not married to a producer) and start them on their path to stardom:

Be ready to commit the time
Time is the biggest hurdle parents face. And it takes a lot of it to get kids to auditions and have them perform on cue. But the more auditions and exposure to casting directors your child has, the better their chances. Show Business can be a full-time job for you and your child!

Avoid Scams
Don’t ever pay to enter your child in a talent search or to sign with a manager/agent. Agents get paid when your child books a job.

You do NOT need to keep taking professional photos
Children, especially babies, change so much, that good pictures taken at home can be kept on file at agencies to be used for casting purposes. Your child’s professional portfolio will be built from jobs they book.

Get Educated About The Business
Check out “Children in Film”. There is a ton of useful information there. Get familiar with child labor laws and regulations as well.

Research Agents
Two reputable talent agencies for kids are:
Lang Talent
Jet Set Models

Look For Casting Sessions
Check out these two on-line casting sites where parents can submit their kids directly (there is a fee to be a member, but it’s legit). Casting directors will post auditions here and parents can submit their children by themselves for consideration.
LA Casting
Actor’s Access

Sarah Maizes, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Mommy Lite.

Comments (4)
  1. Lorraine says:

    Check it out….

  2. Michaela says:

    Beware of JetSet Models- they have numerous complaints against them from models/ parents for non payment!! I’d go with LA Models, Colleen Cler, or Osbrink. Just check the BBB reports first!!

  3. Bethany says:

    You have to be a member of Children in Film in order to view a lot of their info. I prefer to use BizParentz and Professional Actors Resource Forum. Also, you will need to get headshots at least once a year. That is normal even for adult actors. Anyone that tells you headshots are not needed isn’t being realistic. Any agent will tell you they are required. You are also required to bring headshots to almost all auditions. More and more are going with electronic headshots but there are still tons out there that ask for the actual printed headshot and resume.

  4. Jeri Harden says:

    Do not sign up with Jet Set Models. My baby did some work for Disney in September 2010 and we still haven’t been paid and it is now almost July 2011. That is 10 months. I contact them over and over and they don’t respond to my emails. This is for about 2 hours work which is almost $200 and they won’t pay even that amount. When we were doing work, they called all the time but now that I pulled my baby, they can’t return calls.

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