Voters Defeat Prop. 37 Aimed At Labeling GM Foods The measure was defeated by a margin of 53 percent to 47 percent, according to the California Secretary of State's official tally.
3 Strikes Law Reformed, Fewer Harsh Sentences California voters reined in the nation's harshest three strikes law Tuesday with the passage of a ballot measure that allows for shorter sentences for some third-time offenders.
Measure B Passes, Forcing Porn Actors To Wear CondomsMeasure B, also known as the “Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act,” passed with 56 percent of the vote, according to the California Secretary of State.
Death Penalty Remains In Calif. After Voters Reject Prop. 34California voters defeated Proposition 34, which would have abolished the death penalty in the state.
Brad Sherman Defeats Howard Berman For 30th Congressional SeatDemocratic Representative Brad Sherman of Valley Village has defeated Rep. Howard Berman to represent the San Fernando Valley in Congress.
Prop. 30, Gov. Brown's Sales And Income Tax Increase For Education, PassesProposition 30, Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax hike initiative to fund education, was passed Tuesday night.
Hancock Park Voters Upset After Abrupt Change To Polling Place Location A last-minute change to one polling place location in Hancock Park left voters confused - and angry - on Election Day.
Yellow Cab Co. Providing Free Rides To Voting LocationsYellow Cab Co. and its sister fleets will be offering free rides to polling locations Tuesday, the company said.
KNX Campaign 2012: Prop. 37 If voters pass Proposition 37, any genetically engineered or modified food would require special labeling.
KNX Campaign 2012: LA DA RaceThe race for the next District Attorney of Los Angeles County could end up making history.
KNX Campaign 2012: Prop. 32Should unions and corporations be barred from using payroll deductions for political purposes?
KNX Campaign 2012: Prop. 30 Vs. Prop. 38Governor Brown is pushing hard for the passage of Proposition 30 to help shrink the giant state budget hole, but as Charles Feldman reports, another measure - Prop. 38 - could end up confusing voters.

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