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Kristine Lazar: Reporting From The Playground

Jekyll and Hyde

See that sweet boy over there? The one with the mop of shaggy, blonde hair, beaming smile and squeezable cheeks? He is simply the light of my life and brings joy to everyone who knows […]


Griffin and Mom (credit: Kristine Lazar)

Mama’s Boy

My son is just a year old, but already I have been accused of making him into a “mama’s boy”. First of all, I am not sure why that is a bad thing.  I know […]


She did what??!!

First Beyonce breastfeeds her newborn in public… now Alicia Silverstone spits food in her child’s mouth. Time for me to weigh-in…


Winter, 2011 (Credit: Kristine Lazar)

Mom clothes

My husband recently told me I dress like my mother. My mother.


Mommy and Griffin (credit: Kristine Lazar)

I’m working on it…

Balancing my home life with my work life is not easy.  I don’t have it mastered, I do feel overwhelmed, and I wonder every day if I am giving enough to my family, and if […]



You Take The Good AND The Bad…

I have been writing my blog for a few weeks now, so I thought it was time to introduce you to my son, Griffin.


Kristine newborn

Baby #2

As soon as my son turned one, the questions started. “When are you going to have another?”


Griffin at 8 months (credit: Kristine Lazar)

Under Pressure

My son was 3 months. Was he supposed to have been rolling over already? He hadn’t! My mind started to race…


Kristine, 9 months pregnant and her husband Mike (credit: Erik Oginski)

From Skinny Jeans To Stretch Pants

Doctors recommend pregnant women, of average weight, gain 25 to 35 pounds during their pregnancy. I gained 60.


Kristine with her son, Griffin (credit: Kristine Lazar)

Blog: “Honey, We Have A Biter!”

My son has his first crush. Her name is Stella, and he has shown his love by biting her… twice.