Experts At Malibu Rehab Center Say Food Is Key To Staying SoberThe Malibu Beach Recovery Diet focuses on the elimination of sugar and other high-glycemic index foods, along with caffeine. Sandra Mitchell talks to a recovered addict who says the diet helps keep his cravings in remission.
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Gary At The Santa Monica Pier "I actually inherited it from my grandfather. It was his car." - Gary and his Mercedes-Benz
‘KNX On Your Corner’ - IrvineKNX 1070 took an in-depth look at the city of Irvine on Aug. 24 as part of its ongoing series "KNX on Your Corner."
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ed At Vasquez Rocks“I like everything under the hood, power.” - Ed and his Dodge Ram
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Irv Gordon & His (Nearly) Three-Million-Mile Volvo“My first love is Volvo.” - Irv Gordon and his 1966 Volvo 1800S
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Fayanne At H.D. Buttercup“You get the old little hand up. I know you got that car and you know I got one.” - Fayanne and her Mini Cooper S
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Gary At Bob's Big Boy In Burbank“My personal license plate on it says, ‘I love lemon pie’ because it's bright yellow.” - Gary and his Ford Sedan Delivery
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Peter At The Beverly Hills Hotel“My grandson loves riding in the car.” - Peter and his Lexus RX
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Katie At The Hollywood Sign“I don’t like it when people call a car a ‘she.’ I just think cars should be more masculine.” - Katie and her Audi A4
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Maria At Shutters On The Beach“I love red. Love, love, love!” - Maria and her Honda Accord
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Lauren At Casa Vega“We've tried Silver Bullet, but it's not really taking.” - Lauren and her Honda Accord
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Arienne At The Red Line“It's just a really low stress option for me.” - Arienne on traveling in mass transit

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