VALENCIA ( — Nearly a dozen people in Valencia’s Bridgeport community had their tires slashed by vandals.

Teresa Milat said her husband woke up Sunday morning to find his front tire flat.

“It’s going to be a hassle right now because my husband is renting a car right now,” she said.

A Range Rover’s tire down the street was slashed as well.

One victim’s security camera caught what appeared to be two men with flash lights. One disappeared from the camera’s view. When he reappeared, it looked like he was putting a knife away.

A few minutes later, another camera also caught the duo walking down a street.

“Felt violated. Why would someone come in here just to do that?” asked Ann Marie Au, who has had her tire repaired.

Another victim said it cost her $400 to have her tire replaced. “It’s really disrespectful. They probably think it’s funny,” she said.

Deputies at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said they suspect this may be a random crime spree, possibly young people pulling pranks.


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