VAN NUYS ( — A nursing assistant accused of sexual assault and on the run for more than a decade in Guatemala was recently captured and extradited to L.A. and jailed.

On Monday, Ramon Gaspar, accused by patients at the former Tarzana Hospital 11 years ago, was offered bail. Now, the detective who pursued the case is furious, and victims are outraged and fearing for their safety.

In 2012, Courtney Rosenberg sat down with KCAL9 News and described what she says Gaspar did to her in 2006 while she was a patient at the hospital.

“He had exposed me and left me undressed on the bed while he was getting my things and then he came back over and said he was going to check for bleeding and I felt this pain down there and I looked down and his hand was down there and his finger inside me and no gloves on,” Rosenberg said.

Now Rosenberg questions why a judge set bail for the former nursing assistant.

“When he was on the run for a long time, I had nightmares and he haunted me everywhere I went. Whether it was someone who looked like him or the smell of his cologne on someone else,” Rosenberg said.

Detective Ninette Toosby worked the case for all these years, and now Toosby is worried Gaspar could run again. With bail set at $1 million, Gaspar would have to come up with 10 percent or $100,000.

“If you have a family member that owns real property then coming up with a $100,000 is still a task but not impossible, and knowing that it’s not impossible is a real critical issue because we already know that Mr. Gaspar is a flight risk,” Toosby said.

“If bail had to be set, why not make it a huge amount make a statement? Make it $5 million, $10 million. Something that’s not feasible,” Rosenberg said.

Another who said she was a victim said she’s disappointed and thought there was no possibility of bail, now she feels unsafe.

Rosenberg agrees.

“What if he feels he has nothing left to lose and comes looking for us victims?”

One woman who went public with her story last week told CBS2 News she now wishes she didn’t for safety concerns.

CBS2 News reached out to the District Attorney’s Office but has not heard back.

  1. That’s what soft-on-crime liberalism does (all the while screeching for more “gun control.”)

    Wonder what Moonbeam and Gavin Nuisance think.

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