LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A nursing assistant on the run for more than a decade is now locked up.

Eduardo Gaspar is accused of sexually molesting patients he was supposed to be helping.

It’s a story KCAL9 has been following for several years. One that’s haunted a victim and a determined detective both out for justice.

In 2012, Courtney Rosenberg sat down with KCAL9 and described what she says former nursing assistant Eduardo Gaspar did to her in 2006 while she was a patient at Tarzana Hospital.

“He had exposed me and left me undressed on the bed while he was getting my things and then he came back over and said he was going to check for bleeding and I felt this pain down there and I looked down and his hand was down there and his finger inside me and no gloves on,” Rosenberg said.

It’s been 11 years since the LAPD says Gaspar skipped bail, accused of sexually assaulting several patients after surgery, some still under anesthesia.

Skirting justice, was something Detective Ninette Toosbuy told us back then she wasn’t OK with.

KCAL9: Are you ever going to stop looking for him?

Toosbuy: “Nope.”

KCAL9: “Are you gonna get him?”

Toosbuy: “I believe I will.”

Detective Toosbuy finally got her guy.

The LAPD confirmed Gaspar was captured in his birth country of Guatemala last month and extradited back to Los Angeles.

Rosenberg told us over the phone she thought Gaspar had gotten away but Detective Toosbuy didn’t let her down.

Rosenberg says she’s gone through a roller coaster of emotions and Thursday she plans on sharing her story alongside the determined detective at a press conference.


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