GRANADA HILLS ( — Typically during this time of year Camp Granada’s pool is filled with kids, but not now. Some parents want refunds while others just want the pool fixed.

Ten-year old Gus Castillo brings his swimming gear to camp in hopes the pool will reopen. For the past few years, he’s been attending Camp Granada, and the pool was the main attraction.

“It was one of my favorite parts of the day,” Castillo said.

But now, Gus says he and his little brother are inside doing arts and crafts because they were told the pool is closed due to a broken pipe.

“I thought I was paying for one thing, and with the pool being closed, it’s frustrating for me because it’s disappointing for my children and a lot of the other children here as well,” one parent said.

Parents pay about $180 a week for their kids to attend Camp Granada. One parent says she received an email saying a pipe burst in September and that the pool poses a threat to the public.

“The pool closed early last year to make necessary repairs, and apparently they weren’t done,” the parent said. She says the pool is the reason she signed her kids up for this program. “If parents decide to put their kids in another program, that’s where the difficulty lies because all of the other programs are full in the area,” the parent said.

  1. If this broke last September, they’ve had all sorts of time to fix the issue. Must not be a very high priority.

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