LANCASTER (AP) — The mayor of Lancaster says a Chinese company wants to build a 10-story-tall statue of the Buddha in the Los Angeles County desert community.

gettyimages 71913590 Company Seeks To Build 10 Story, $31M Buddha In Lancaster

A cable car passes by the giant Buddha in Hong Kong on Sept. 18, 2006. (Getty Images)

Mayor R. Rex Parris told the Antelope Valley Press that the company — which he won’t name — is willing to spend $31 million to build the statue and a cultural center. He says the company contacted city officials about two months ago.

Parris says a Buddha would bring thousands of visitors a year to Lancaster, especially since it’s on a route
to Las Vegas, which draws Asian tourists.

A 112-foot-tall Buddha completed in 1993 in Hong Kong has become one of that city’s biggest tourist attractions.

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Comments (5)
  1. As has been pointed out, this would enable Chinese monitoring of secret American defense operations at the Skunk Works / Plant 42. The mayor of Lancaster appears to be working with foreign intelligence agencies; seriously doubt there are ~that~ many Buddhist tourists in CA.

  2. Tom Barch says:

    There are seriously ~that~ many Buddhist in CA. This center would be great for praying,reflecting, and meditation on the way back from losing money in Vegas.

  3. Are you kidding me? What a stupid idea. If they gotta build it, then put it in Las Vegas. Aaargh

  4. Build it and they will come. That was what some of thought back when they built the prison and come they did, the gangs and their families, so it makes me wonder what this will bring. I hope only positive but I am thinking vandalism and lots of money to keep repairing the statue. I want to think we are a positive and open minded community but there are things that happen that tell me otherwise.

  5. Seriously….. Could you not do something better with the money like oh i don’t know youth or Sr programs , road improvement …No Lets build a 10 story Statue instead , SMH

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