First Look: CW’s ‘Dynasty’ Reboot Varies In Significant Ways From Campy Original

LOS ANGELES  (  —  The CW on Thursday released a trailer for its new “Dynasty” to premiere in the fall.

Fans of the original campy, soapy, sexy ’80s ABC nighttime drama will not be disappointed.

But rather than focus on the angel-vs-bitch, first wife vs the new wife set-up pitting Krystle against Alexis (AKA Linda Evans and Joan Collins), this reboot will showcase daughter Fallon pitted against her father’s new love, this time a Latina named Cristal. Holy diversity!

Daddy is about to name Fallon the company’s new chief operating officer, but he is sidetracked by his new love. Uh-oh. Drama ensues. And in “Dynasty” parlance, that means lots of hair-pulling, roll-around cat fights! Can’t wait.

That is not the only way the new series differs from the original.

The new “Dynasty” is set in steamy Atlanta as opposed to snowy Denver.

Who knows if the family business is still oil (they are now a “global energy empire”), but the Carringtons (headed by former “Melrose Place” stud Grant Show) are still a sexy, usually unclothed lot.

The trailer also showed a lot of what we loved about the original — the huge mansion that seemed to go on for days, lots of sex, drinking, adultery, opulence, private planes, designer clothes (when clothes are actually worn), cat-fighting, bitchy dialog, threats, blackmail and … did we mention sex? And if this trailer is any indication, there are writers who grew up loving the original who will force the censors hands with as many double entendres as they can cram into an hour of television.

Brother Steven is still gay and apparently horny. This time, randy Sammy Jo is a boy! (Sorry Heather Locklear!) Another difference in this series — Steven is decidedly gay and not ambiguous and he kisses men. A lot.

In addition to Show as the patriarch (are we that old?) Elizabeth Gillies, James Mackay, Nathalie Kelley, Alan Dale, Robert Christopher Riley, Sam Adegoke and Rafael de la Fuente round out the cast.

Executive producers named:  Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, Sallie Patrick, Esther and Richard Shapiro (the creators of the original “Dynasty”) and Brad Silberling.

“Dynasty” will air on Wednesday nights after “Riverdale,” the CW’s darker take on the Archie comics series.


One Comment

  1. Whoopie! More degradation and psychosis from Hollywood.

  2. the lbqg (in cahoots with nambla) agenda will be the downfall of america–and this is becoz the churches have gotten more liberal in their teachings–what a mess–our children are being indoctrinated into perversity –but as long as we have our ‘bread and circuses’ everything is okay–rome did and it fell from with in

  3. As Blake would say… … …

    “For the love of God!”

  4. rodsalter says:

    These are truly sick and deranged people! Hollywood over the edge for the love of money. They all belong in a mental institution… oh wait, Democrats closed them all down.

  5. A new all-time low for Hollywood!! Still trying to normalize the abnormal. Conduct some research on just how long people involved in careless, perverted behaviors live. No knee jerk, political correct, thought-police responses, drenched in the Saul Olinski methodology. Look at the facts…. average age of death, when beginning this type of risky, desperate, and behavior in your 20’s is about 53. Ask yourself why? Many reasons. It’s not rocket science, but you check it out if you doubt me and have the courage. “Facts are stubborn things”

  6. Warren Rose says:

    Thanks for the warning. I won’t be watching any of this. Hey hollyweird… the tv viewing public is sick of this perverted Bull Sh**

  7. The hollywood/entertainment media industries are at it once again with their sick, twisted ideological/PC sleaze machines!
    This why a Conservative network is needed so show’s like Tim Allen’s the “Last man standing” can survive and prosper without fear of the lefties cancelling them because they don’t like show’s that go against their political views and decency is being shown to the American people.

  8. Sewage on toast. Can’t wait.

  9. Another of many reasons that TV has not been in my home for years…

  10. The original Dynasty was trash. This new one is what you find under the trash after it’s been sitting for 30 years.

  11. Randall Mead says:

    Won’t be watching this porn.

  12. the ultimate truth of these people in Hollywood, is the fact that they basically have a strong hate towards God and are completely rebellious to Him. As our society speeds towards this hatred, you can be sure that the Lords blessings will stop and then judgement will fall. We are close, very close.

  13. Phil Neale says:

    My tv doesn’t watch programs normalizing perversion.

  14. Ra LaMothe says:

    The original Dynasty was trashy but it DID have some class. This “Dynasty” just looks like trash. Pure and simple. I like Grant Show as an actor – but Blake Carrington? He’ll never be able to carry John Forsythe’s panache. No, thank you.

  15. Classless soft porn for your kids and your living room. Well, this is sure to be popular with…NOBODY. Can’t wait to watch it drop out of the sky like the bird turd it is.

  16. Pete Parks says:

    Because degeneracy must be promoted as normal.

  17. Kevin Pyle says:

    This has failure written all over it. Shock value is all they are going for but they don’t achieve it. They only have trash.

  18. I can’t wait not to watch this.

  19. typical of todays degenerate Hollywood, white women having inter-racial sex, but never black women with white men. lot’s of gay sex scenes just for the sake of it. oh and did I mention lot’s of degenerate pc bull…..

  20. Middle America and reasonable conservative religious voters put Trump into the Presidency! The leftist liberal Dems who get support from this Hollywood gutter crowd are screaming as many false accusations as they can to gain back their foothold in the power struggle!
    Do not support this garbage on TV and cable and do not believe the cr_p that they throw with support of their endorsing media!

  21. Hiram Floss says:

    I think the “reboot” should have a new name reflecting it’s “updated/diverse/fill-in-the-loony-platitude” feel. instead of Dynasty it should be Travesty….

  22. Wow. More “gay love scenes”. That just really blows my skirt up. I am so so happy and proud to say that I have hardly seen a television screen in over 27 years. Hollywood destroys morality and is leading the world straight to hell.

  23. Mike Burns says:

    Sounds like an abomination. Everything here except normal family values. My family will not be watching

  24. Attention writers and producers. The Era of Obama Degeneracy is over.
    America is tired of the sickos. Not just the religious and conservatives, ALL sane Americans are tired of the sickos.

  25. Jack Georgia says:

    It’s unfortunate that they ruined a show my wife would otherwise probably watch. Hollywood wonders why normal America (the other 98% that aren’t gay) aren’t watching this.. An occasional scene wouldn’t be too bad but they have to go over the top.

  26. Mike Tor says:

    Push that SJW Footage – 24/7 – I want the DNC to get creamed in the mid-terms, and take all of it’s funding sources with them.

  27. It’s going to be a 110% flop. Give it 2 seasons at best. You read it here first.

  28. No thanks, I will not be watching. The show never reflected my values and never will. I like, the left only want to see the things I value and do not want any part of the permissive, pornographic, trying to become European garbage.

  29. James Cygnus says:

    Sounds like a lot of white and latinos for being set in Atlanta. Maybe Trump can set the DoJ loose on the producers like Obama would have?

  30. If you change the characters sex and race is it really a reboot or just a ripoff?

  31. By all means, forward with the gay agenda, right…?

  32. Hum…..let me make a prediction. This will fail miserably. Why? Same reason the people voted Trump in office. The liberals and Hollywood have lost touch with reality ( yes that’s defined as a mental illness) and can’t seem to comprehend why we won’t and don’t watch their garbage and never will. Why the push to shove degradation, sodomy, the love of money, drugs and extravagent lifestyles on us normal people? We will never accept or support it.

  33. I cancelled cable TV completely about three years ago.

    This is not making me regret that decision in the least.

    1. Me, too, Bill. It’s been a 100% winner decision for us, as well.

  34. Paul Roberts says:

    Dyansty should be a rectum breaking event. I can just imagine the sex toys and strap on’s we will be seeing. The moaning, and grinding. The LGBT get their glorious moment and they are the only ones watching.

  35. Porn is free and unlimited to anyone with a computer or smart phone. Do TV networks think that this will help the ratings? Almost no one in the world wants to see two men kissing. You have just turned off about 98% of your potential audience. If you like that there are plenty of places to see it. Interracial sex; ooh so edgy and completely unnecessary. I do not see this show having a very long shelf life.

  36. Lu Jr Rivera says:

    “A no-brainer.” Yup – no brains required to watch this garbage.

  37. Benny June says:

    Sometimes I feel like dropping cable and throwing my TV out the door. If it wasn’t for decent networks like The Western Channel and Antennae TV, I’d do just that!

  38. Elizabeth Gillies will win an Emmy for her role in this reboot!!! She’s gorgeous and she can act. This show will be a smash hit!!!

  39. Steve Hollar says:

    Thanks for the write-up. Now I know not to waste any of my time with this tripe.

  40. Why does there always have to be gay sex galore? One would get the impression that 50% of the population is gay versus the actual 2-4%. No agenda here – move along please.

  41. Keith Diggs says:

    Yeah, we really need to see some phaggot phagging around on national tv. Fok you liberals.

  42. chrismireya says:

    This looks terrible.

  43. Of course there are gay love scenes. We have to have those 1 to 3% represented as if found on every corner, right Hollyweird? Next up, Blake Carrington gets a sex change and is now named Blair. After all, Bruce Jenner and all the whacked out 12 years old with their phoney gender confusion, must be represented!!

  44. Guaranteed I will not be watching this trash…

  45. Damn. First Sherman and now this POS. Atlanta can’t catch a break….

  46. No Problem with those “gay love scenes.” I’ll never see them.

  47. theotherhanddude says:

    Sounds like utter drivel. Must be CBS.

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