LONG BEACH (CBSLA.com) — Despite numerous reports of shark sightings off the coast of Southern California, officials in Long Beach said Friday shark activity is consistent with data from last year.

Anywhere from 10 to 20 juvenile sharks are known to swim in the waters off Peninsula Beach ever day, according to a post on the Long Beach Fire Department’s Instagram page.

“To date, Marine Safety personnel have not observed any aggressive behavior by sharks in Long Beach. From our observations, the sharks’ interest in Long Beach is tied to a thriving aquatic ecosystem in the Long Beach Harbor”, according to the post. “The level of confirmed shark activity this spring is consistent with that which was observed by Marine Safety in the spring of 2016.”

Officials say Marine Safety will continue to take reports and work to confirm sightings, and they could post warning signs along beaches if deemed necessary.

Following a wave of shark sightings across Orange County – including one that left a 35-year-old woman bitten by a shark north of San Onofre State Beach – fire officials say increased media coverage has resulted in more boaters attempting to catch sharks on camera.

“For the safety of our recreational beach users, and the sharks, Marine Safety personnel will continue to enforce against any attempt to disturb the sharks in their natural habitat,” according to the fire department.


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