Funkytown! Residents Of Studio City Are Tired Of The ‘Stink Hole’ On Their Hands

STUDIO CITY (  —   If you’ve driven by that sinkhole in Studio City — the one that swallowed two vehicles — you’ve probably noticed something doesn’t quite smell right.

It’s offensive and putrid — no surprise, given the sinkhole opened up over a broken sewer line.

Residents are fed up with the smell and many of them spoke to KCAL9’s Laurie Perez Saturday night about the sinkhole some are now referring to as “the stink hole.”

It’s been two weeks since the massive rains opened up the hole at Woodbridge Street off busy Laurel Canyon Boulevard.

It’s still a construction zone. They’ve had to close parts of the neighborhood, and traffic is a headache, but that’s not the big issue.

Neighbors say they are noticing a funk.

(credit: CBS)

“Sewer,” said mom Amy Schulenberg.

“Sewer,” said one of her kids.

“Sewer,” said another.

“Sewer,” said another.

Would dad make it unanimous?

“Roses,” he quipped.

Jokes aside, there is no missing, or mistaking, the smell.

“It just smelled like sewage,” a local woman said.

The chasm in the street off Laurel Canyon Boulevard would have caused enough of an inconvenience, but the smell seems to be overkill.

“In my words, it stinks,” said a man named Paul.

Several neighbors saw the sinkhole swallow the cars live, many others saw it on TV. KCAL9 was over the scene when the second vehicle plunged into the hole. They couldn’t believe their eyes — and now many can’t believe their noses.

“Open the doors up, I’m going ‘Oh my God’, the whole house,” said one resident.

“At night we have to keep the windows shut, the doors shut, or else our whole house smells,” another said.

A City Department of Public Works spokeswomen says they haven’t had any official complaints about the stench, but acknowledged that since a sewer line opened up, there might be a smell.

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Perez reports most neighbors are being patient, but said they can’t hold their breath forever.

“It’s a big job…but yeah, it’s getting a little smelly in the neighborhood,” said a neighbor.

Officials say it will likely take two to three more weeks of work to fix the mess.

Perez heard from a spokesperson Saturday night who said now they know there’s concern from neighbors about the smell, they might have to do some odor control at the site.


One Comment

  1. Max Conrad says:

    It won’t get fixed until they raise your taxes, again. After all, with California almost half a trillion dollars in debt the money has to come from somewhere and it won’t be by laying off government workers or shrinking the size of the government, no way.

  2. Jack Pod says:

    Keep flushing those toilets.

  3. A great metaphor for what happens to cities run by liberal Democrats

  4. To the rest of the country, SoCal is a stinkhole!

  5. Doug Day says:

    SoCal is actually Mexico, so…

  6. Elisi Newell says:

    I had to drop off a book donation to the Library on Moorpark and Whittsett on Saturday afternoon. What was interesting was that in the mornings it isn’t near as bad as when the sun comes out and man I thought I was going to throw up before getting through the area.

    The residents have a right to complain. We see the prices go up continuously for our utilities and yet we have to deal with pipes that the DWP hasn’t bothered putting the money into infrastructure, it has gone to corporate CEOS salaries, now they are wanting a sales tax on us to help fix pipes that we have paid for time after time. Why should the public always be the one that has to pay for our government and corporate corruption? None of them bail us out when we overextend ourselves and waste money.

    1. Your pretty stupid. Govt tax money doesn’t go to private corporation officers salaries. Your elected officials waste it and overpay themselves and you dumb azzes keep re-electing them over and over because you think “corporate” officers are the blame because you keep drinking the leftist cool aid. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  7. We have the same problem in New York…Its Called New Jersey

  8. I don’t see a real problem here.
    Just declare the city a “sewage sanctuary city”.
    Put a happy label on it and it’s not a problem any more, right? Rainbows and Unicorns and Free Everything for all! (‘All’, of course, excludes Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, and Libertarians, ’cause, you know, tolerance and diversity!)
    That’s how it’s done in California. Surf’s up, dude!

  9. Dan Meyers says:

    No need for alarm. It’s just the stink of Hollywood liberals wafting across.

  10. California stinks! Especially Sacramento.

  11. It stinks in Chapaqua too….. every time Huma changes Hillary’s diaper

  12. You idiots in the land of the fruits and nuts spend all your money of social programs and cant keep your dams and sewers in repair. Oh but wait now lets give everybody “free” tuition but they cant drive there cause the roads and bridges are washed out from the damns giving way. LOL

  13. Con Nod says:

    The maze of insanity under the veneer of southern California topography would make your skin crawl. Sewer lines, gasoline lines, water mains, fiber optics, natural gas, abandoned crude oil pipes, water delivery systems, storm drains, and anything else buried under the asphalt are all aged, decrepit and shifting constantly with the non stop seismic activity. Good luck with all that, you imbecilic democratic voters.

  14. Guy Gadbous says:

    That’s the normal smell of California.

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