Parents Speak Out After Wild Fight At Grover Cleveland High In Reseda

RESEDA (  —   Parents of students at Grover Cleveland High School in Reseda spoke out Thursday about the way the school handled a full-out brawl.

The fight was caught on tape.

A security guard was reportedly beaten during the Wednesday fight that occurred around 11 a.m. on the campus at Tampa and Saticoy.

KCAL9’s Erica Mandy said while some parents were decidedly upset, others were not concerned.

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“I got pushed around, and I got kicked,” said one student.

Dozens of students watched the brawl.  Some took videos and shared them on Instagram.

“You just see like  cops walking down the hallway fast,” said one student.

“I felt like a lot of people were getting hurt,” another student added.

One video of the incident — 45 seconds in length — shows no adults trying to step in to intercede.

School police and the LAPD ultimately intervened. The school police reported that no one was seriously hurt.

After the brawl, the school was placed on lockdown and parents received a recorded phone call from the principal. “Our campus was briefly in lockdown,” the call said.

A day later, parents have differing opinions.

“If it wasn’t for our children telling us what went on, we wouldn’t have known how serious it was,” said parent Niki Wysong.

“I’m just trusting the administration, I honestly think they took the right measures, and I feel okay about it,” said Soo Ahn.

“It was a small group of students,” said one parent, “it happens at every single school no matter where you’re at.”

“Overall we are pleased they did alert us, it would have been good to get a little more information quicker,” said another parent.

An LAUSD spokesperson sent Mandy an email.

“All student matters are confidential, but we can assure you that school personnel were present and acted quickly to restore order,” the email stated.

School police said the incident may have been an ongoing dispute between rival gangs.

But the district said gangs were not involved.

There is also no consensus on what caused the fight in the first place. And, perhaps more importantly, can it happen again?



One Comment

  1. Pete Dosado says:

    Bush derangement synrorme?

    1. Ken Valley says:

      How Obama Marxist and Communist syndrome?

    2. Coolest part? That sort of stuff didn’t go on before the huge demographic change in that part of The Valley. Welcome to Pacoima South!

  2. rgcheek says:

    of course it can and it will happen again.

    kids have been fighting at school since FOR EVER

    1. bvikay says:

      1956, North Hollywood HS, Alum. This is nothing new. Once or twice a year we had fights in the Quad. Almost always it was the Gangs. No security guards back then.

  3. Tastes great! Less filling! I’ll kill you!

  4. Sanctuary cities are evolving into third world ghettos!

    1. John Steele says:

      The schools in LA are now nothing but gang ridden messes and with a grad rate of 52%, Not one of these creeps are getting an education. This is the result of Open Borden, and NOT enforcing immigration laws, Liberalism IS a mental disease and the Chief of police in LA protecting illegal aliens and criminals alike… The movie ” escape from LA” is now a reality.

      1. Ed Christie says:

        Actually, Escape From New York is an excellent model in today’s crime ridden America. Consider all those on death Row and those with mandatory life sentences being gathered up and placed in an escape proof environment such as an island. Food and clothing would be air dropped. Within 90 days they would have established a hierarchy and governing authority albeit a gangster type. They would actually live on the island in a manner they refused to live in America. No guards, minimal costs, alone with their peers. No problem.

  5. Where you find Mexicans you find Mexico

  6. Edward Fitch says:

    Mexicans versus blacks, at the gang level. It’s been going on for a long time.

    1. Tim Holt says:

      Just stand back and let the illegals and blacks kill each other off and call it a good day of ridding the school of its trash.

  7. I worked at LAUSD for 3 years and I lived in Reseda for 10 years. This is a cover up. The school’s are full of illegals and LAUSD schools are unsafe for the students. Reseda use to be a lovely city. Now, not so much.

  8. It’s Kalifornia, nobody in the sane states gives a rhymes with spit what happens in that asylum anymore.

  9. Paul Little says:

    They do not know what caused the fight but know it was not gang related. Yeah right !!
    Just more Obama 3rd world dreamers

  10. Tommy Lewis says:

    Why didn’t anyone step in to intercede? Because they don’t want to lose their jobs or get fired. This is what you get when the liberals are running the asylum. Pathetic.

    1. girlkansas says:

      Or get a beat down.

  11. The only way for parents to fix LA schools is …move…

  12. Bob She says:

    There’s your DACA at work.

    1. DACA or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is an exercise in prosecutorial discretion. DACA recipients do not have legal status nor are they eligible under the program to apply for legal status let alone a path to citizenship, but they are considered to be lawfully present in the United States as long as they maintain their eligibility. Obama enacted the DACA by executive fiat in 2012 therefore it can be undone by the same method.Furthermore, an EO cannot usurp our laws which DACA does, there is no such thing as prosecutorial discretion at least not as a blanket policy. The President cannot legally disobey our laws, although Obama did it for eight years. DACA is unconstitutional and needs to be eliminated immediately!

  13. I been California dreamin’ on such a winter’s day, thinking white students maybe letting off a little steam before grabbing the surf boards. You know a classic California thing, those surfer gangs. Oh I forgot, classic California era is gone, it’s third world now, with third world school performance to go with it. But at least they and their parents vote Democrat, they got the smarts for that.

    1. And yet curiously, everyone seems to be able to find the coin to buy Air Jordans and iPhones.

  14. “It was a small group of students,” said one parent, “it happens at every single school no matter where you’re at.”

    First of all we never had gang fights in my high school, sure there were some one on one fights but never like this, and I grew up in Sacramento. Secondly, murder happens in every city every day does that make it acceptable? This is liberal logic and it is frightening!

  15. Edward Foley says:

    But isn’t this what they voted for in California?

    1. Pete Dosado says:

      “The fight was caught on tape!” Is it possible that the fight was staged for taping? Nobody got hurt! Not even one black eye (No racism meant)? Or bruised knuckles? Staged! We have been punked!

      1. Jerry Walton says:

        Did you miss the part about the beaten security guard sparky?

  16. When the motivation for the fight and the characterization of the participants is left out the remainder is politically correct but fake news that hides real explanation.

  17. Isn’t this a problem for President Brown and the Nation of California??? Put these kids to work fixing that dam.

  18. Jimmy Wong says:

    It might be good for the snowflakes. It’s High School…deal with it.

  19. It doesn’t happen at all schools. It’s never happened in any community I lived in. NEVER!

  20. Chuck Yates says:

    Isn’t the liberal utopia grand? Notice how this happens in every liberal city. You liberals should be so proud. This never happens in my city, a conservative city.

  21. Danny Carter says:

    I’ve lived in California in the 70s, 90s and most recently 2013 and I can tell you that California is NOT the California the old songs praise. It’s becoming an uber-expensive, way overcrowded, liberal suckhold, Third World cesspool.
    California is dying thanks to illegal immigration filling the place with uneducated losers and liberal a**holes.
    I hope California votes to secede from the USA, because it’s becoming a sewar of Mexico Norte.

  22. Jeff Davis says:

    When dealing with these sub-human mongrels we have to expect that they will behave like sub-human mongrels.

  23. Turning America into a Third World garbage heap, one so-called “migrant” at a time.

  24. John Wilson says:


    The animals have taken over.

    California soo deserves it!!

  25. Frank Rusoo says:

    I wish the media/press would stop using the term “caught on tape” its all digital now, or cell phone there is no “tape” especially security cameras.

    1. Larz Larzen says:

      Yep, “Caught on camera” doesn’t sound as dated.

  26. Enuf Alrdy says:

    Anyone even suspected of being involved with gangs shouldn’t even be allowed on campus in the first place. Problem solved.

  27. Paul Roberts says:

    “One video of the incident — 45 seconds in length — shows no adults trying to step in to intercede.” Teachers” are not paid to break up riots and gang fights Police are.

    1. Teachers hehehehehehehahahahahahaha, sadly

    2. Carl Edward says:

      And when school police interceded parents and school administrators, and Democrat politicians will accuse them of excessive force.

  28. Jabber Joe says:

    I think I saw one …. one person in the crowd that had light colored hair.
    It must have been the only kid of the white parents interviewed.

  29. Page Turner says:

    3rd world – what leftists and media want YOUR communities and schools to become.

  30. Mike Arvand says:

    Obama is out, but his kids and legacy remain.

  31. Ruby Jones says:

    It is ridiculous to say that this is simply a normal, everyday happening at all schools. However, let us be thankful there were no weapons.

  32. Remember the days when the worst violence in school was the occasional fist fight? Those days were AWFUL.

    Embrace the vibrancy of the New And Improved multicultural post-America! Right, comrades?

  33. My advice is to keep voting for Democrat politicians and other tools of the teacher’s union so you will have no alternative to dangerous schools for your children like LAUSD’s proud Grover Cleveland school.

  34. Larz Larzen says:

    “The fight was caught on tape.” Tape? Really? LOL.

    1. Bokshil Kim says:

      Miles of footage was sent to the Reseda Police. LOL

  35. California begs for this kind of stuff. They deserve it.

  36. Buy them books, build them a school and they eat the teachers

  37. MH Spivs says:

    Of course, neither the school nor the reporters apparently have the slightest clue about which gangs were involved or even whether anyone was arrested. Like who cares? No one was killed or seriously injured. Yet.

  38. The parents complained? Its their fault!

  39. Jimmy Chonga says:

    Democrats have destroyed the family, now the destroyed family is destroying society. Expect it to get worse especially on the LEFT where the agenda that is set in place is designed to civility to barbarity.

  40. Steve Hollar says:

    When are we going to wise up, declare all these gangs as domestic terror organizations, then round them all up and put them away forever if need be? There is a lot of isolated desert land or remote areas in places like Alaska where they could be sent and never heard from again. What would be the downside to this?

  41. Groids vs. Hispanics. These guys are tired of being called black by blacks because they are tanned. I knew that would backfire.

  42. I’ll take “Name That Race” for $1000, Alex….

  43. Bokshil Kim says:

    Where is BLM. They should protest and burn the school down.

  44. Bokshil Kim says:

    Maybe La Raza can have a counter protest and riot.

  45. Bokshil Kim says:

    Can you imagine your mom with a nose piercing. I can’t.

  46. This is why people who live in minority areas would love to have vouchers so they don’t have to send their kids to their local ghetto schools. When you deny vouchers, you deny low income people a quality education.

  47. Dell Thomas says:

    ‘shows no adults trying to step in to intercede’ Cause no one wants to hear ‘see you in court’…

  48. Another day in the Cereal State. Y’know, if they seceded, I bet they could get more of a handle on this gang problem, y’think?

  49. Alan Whitney says:

    I wonder how many of these clowns even know who Grover Cleveland was…

    1. He be on da Sesame Streets, right?

  50. Dusty Rhodes says:

    More white trash crime? Probably not.

  51. Reed Smith says:

    Just your local “dreamers” dreaming…well done democrats; this is all on you

  52. Booger Jones says:

    Isn’t multiculturalism great?

  53. It’s a public school, this come as no shock.

  54. Were any American citizens involved or harmed?

  55. Sam Colt says:

    Rename Grover Cleveland High to El Salvadorian HeLL High.

  56. I have been a sub there… over five years ago. It was an OK school. It seems to me that LAUSD schools take turns in lawlessness among students. I don’t believe it wasn’t gang related because that’s the norm. They’re either gangsters or wannabe gangsters.

  57. Robert Cat says:

    This is diversity in action, our greatest strengthen.

  58. Precious, manufactured ‘diversity’ on full display…

  59. …And the left wants more of this. Leftists are all victims of the same birth defect. No reasonably minded person would allow the illegal flow to continue. I guess I’d root for the blacks here. At least they are citizens.

  60. Kim A Kirk says:

    This is what Democrats want for the rest of the country….

  61. Ray Dearborn says:

    I have a message for all of you racist people posting on here. I am a DREAMER! I keep Dreaming about the day when all of the illegals will get sent back!

  62. Timmy Sims says:

    WOW, they have turned their schools into Prisons out in La La Looney Land.

  63. Ken Valley says:

    Well done, Liberals! You leftist Communist liberals have yet again, managed to destroy another State and city, just like what you did to Detroit! But, now it’s the blacks who are being robbed by Mexicans and Illegals, taking your jobs and identity! And, who’s the racists here, again? Not Whites!

  64. Imagine that, no adults stepped in to get beaten or sued. I wonder why.

  65. Richard Self says:

    While violence is never welcome, I find it a bit refreshing these kids fought it out instead of shooting it out.

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