Rohrabacher Staffer, 71, Knocked Unconscious By Protesters Delivering Cards

HUNTINGTON BEACH ( — Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher says a 71-year-old staffer at his Huntington Beach office was knocked unconscious during a protest, but the protesters say they were delivering Valentine’s Day cards.

The “assault” on Rohrabacher’s district director, Kathleen Staunton, happened Tuesday afternoon during a protest by a group calling themselves Indivisible OC. Police confirmed they were called to the scene, but made no arrests.

Staunton was trying to exit through the front door of Rohrabacher’s office to visit a restroom when, according to Rohrabacher, a protester yanked the door open, causing her to fall and hit her head. The door also pushed over a 2-year-old child who was apparently brought along with the crowd, but she was not injured, the congressmen said.

Staunton, who has managed Rohrabacher’s office since his first term in 1989, was treated by paramedics and taken to a local hospital, Rohrabacher said in a statement released Wednesday.

“I am outraged beyond words that protesters who mobbed my Huntington Beach office violently knocked down my faithful district director, Kathleen Staunton, causing her to be hospitalized,” Rohrabacher said. “And, yes, deliberate or not, the incident came as part of a mob action that not only intimidates but coerces. Though the protesters think of themselves as idealists, they engaged in political thuggery, pure and simple.”

The protest was part of a nationwide movement calling itself “Indivisible” and pledged to resist President Donald Trump’s agenda. Rohrabacher said the group came to demand a town hall meeting with him even though he was working in Washington D.C. with the House of Representatives in session.

The group’s Twitter page confirmed they were at Rohrabacher’s Huntington Beach office Tuesday – but according to their page, it was to deliver Valentine’s Day cards.

“When Megan Blash and her 2 year-old (sic) daughter, Lola, arrived at Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s office to hand deliver a Valentine’s Day card, they were met with a shut and locked door,” Indivisible said in a lengthy statement accompanied by pictures of the incident. “Rep. Rohrabacher’s disdain for visiting constituents led to Lola sliding her card under his door, which led to a staffer accidentally opening the door on Lola’s head and the following so-called ‘tussle.’”


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  1. Suibne Geilt says:

    are ya ready kids….all you need to be is ready….and don’t worry…the assailants will be handled.

    1. Boo hoo…we endured 8 years of tyranny from Obummer..get over yourselves, get to work, get on the Trump train, and lets TRULY make this country great. Stop the freakin’ hand wringing. Be part of the solution or get out of the way, sit in a corner, and suck your thumb while the adults get the job done!

      Way too long have we suffered under liberal tyranny.

      -The border is dangerous as hell.

      -Our cities are collapsing (Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, St. Louis)

      -Too many Americans are broke as hell.

      -Affordable healthcare is expensive as hell. Mine is $650/month now. My car insurance is still $25 per month (from Insurance Panda), but who knows what Obama’s plans for that are?

      -Hillary, Obama, DWS, Holder, Loretta Lynch, are the whole gang are corrupt as hell.

      I had to endure Obama for eight years. I didn’t riot, I didn’t get depressed. I didn’t look to destroy my neighborhood. Apparently the only thing you Democrats are doing Is proving your whining little children that need to grow up.

      1. Carl Quick says:

        Clueless protesters should be protesting their income taxes instead.
        Computer scientist data mined tax code, found “Exempt income” and government fraud in tax code.
        WHAT IS TAXED d ot c om

      2. You were doing really well until You went into your Insurance Panda Spam Sales Pitch. People if you haven’t seen this before, You will. They make a comment and then the hook, Insurance Panda. I have heard people that have had Insurance Panda that they suck as a insurer.

      3. Floyd Smoot says:

        Just another bot spamming for Insurance Pander! Report the spammer!

  2. gwsjr425 says:

    Anti-Trump = Democrat.

    1. Obama, the grandson of a Muslim Mau Mau terrorist has his own terrorist organization, the DemonicRATS and their useful idiots.

    2. Democrat = Domestic Terrorist.

      Time to get those FEMA Camps operational.

    3. Jerry Walton says:

      Anti Trump protestor= nazis brown shirt

  3. Jimmy Chonga says:

    How is this acceptable in civil society? Apparently, civility is too sophisticated a concept and high a standard for your average brute liberal and dumbed-down democrat.

  4. These are Obama’s brownshirts. We will have to come down hard on them at some point. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to a bag them & tag them event. But let’s be sure to arrest them and charge them. Felons can’t vote, which is good news

  5. Jim Morrison says:

    Had one of Boy Barry’s black staffers been knocked unconscious by unruly conservative protesters there would have not only been an arrest it would have deemed a Hate Crime too.

  6. Really??? You’re beating up 71 year old women now? Bullies always go for the weaker ones. I wonder if these protesters even realize that if one person in their group commits a crime, they can all potentially be arrested under the RICO laws? Keep it up snowflakes and the only safe space you’ll find will be a 5×5 cell with bars.

  7. Dave Spysea says:

    Obama is leaving behind a generation of militant jerks — collectively known as his “family” — to continue to proliferate protests and militate against everything and nothing. These irritating, self-absorbed, belligerent brats will “hands-up, don’t shoot” themselves into every cobwebbed corner of society, and the liberal media will give them the national bullhorn to amplify their hatred every time.

  8. John Vance says:

    My, it didn’t take long for Obozo to create a new terrorist group did it. they must be so proud of themselves, beating up a 71 yr. old woman.

  9. sjand3kids says:

    If these thugs are the “hard working, tax paying citizens” they claim to be, how come so many of them are able to protest at his office day after day in the middle of the work day?!?😡😡😡

  10. Funny how opening the door which led to a fall is now being knocked out. Way to stroke the civil war flames!

    1. It is called liable causation there Einstein. Any action causing harmful consequences for the victim is a crime. Their actions caused her to fall and hit her head on the concrete. They did it, they own it!

  11. President Trump has the answer these criminals.

  12. Linda Ruth says:

    Notice how it’s a;ways the leftist that are the victims? It went from an elderly woman being knocked unconscious to the mean old lady hit this toddler in the head. Not to mention the story as to why because yeah I give valentines cards to my representative every year doesn’t everyone?

  13. These bed wetting, thumb sucking, entitlement seeking snowflakes are a joke…none of them have ever paid a dime in taxes!

  14. Beating up an elderly woman is considered protesting now? These people committing these acts are flat out terrorists!

  15. Cl Miller says:

    This is propaganda from “Putin’s Favorite Congressmen”….someone McCain calls part of the “lunatic fringe.” Dana is just trying to divert attention from his frighteningly close relationship to Putin and his recent outrageous claims about Macedonia. He had a 71 year old staffer pretend to fall to demonize his constituents who were a bunch of women and a baby with Valentines.

    Do not fall for Putin’s Puppet and his nonsense and shame on you for publishing this propaganda.

    1. Sure thing, chief. It was all staged.

    2. sjand3kids says:

      Try to loosen the tinfoil on your head. Where were you and your “peaceful” protesting, valentine welding friends when we were screaming for prezzzy o to send arms reinforcement to help Crimea? But I must say it’s gratifying to see the left so engaged in national security after an 8 year nap. 🙄

  16. pokey5735 says:

    Maybe if these protesters acted in a less hostile aggressive manner, they could have a town hall meeting. Act like thugs, get treated like thugs. Grow up!

  17. Cl Miller says:

    Here is a video of the real incident if anyone cares about “truth” anymore:

  18. stinkin says:

    How can someone like Soros interfere with America’s political process and no one says or does anything? A damn bully. Didn’t know America liked bullies.

  19. Left is finaly lettig us all kow who an what they ae andAmerica is FINALLY waking p to reality.
    It is anyonesguesss when annd if the liberals will ever return to power. They are currently in a death spiral

    1. Floyd Smoot says:

      Awww…that’s so cute! The liberal is using her 2 year old daughter as a political tool! Maybe if they didn’t have her stuffing “valentines” under a solid door, they they wouldn’t have been bumped by the person opening it from the other side.
      In case you missed it, THE DOOR WAS SOLID WOOD. As in, the person on the other side couldn’t see what was going on. There was no f-ing way they could know a child was on the other side, so it’s the parent’s fault for putting them in harm’s way! Perhaps CPS needs to pay a visit to the irresponsible mother for this.
      And, your conveniently edited video also doesn’t show the point where one of the protesting thugs yanks the door open, pulling the 71 year old staffer out to fall on the ground!

  20. As per Berkeley, there’s a great deal of leftist fascism going on these days. Brownshirt groups like BAMN and Antifa are out there on the streets promoting their violent fascist ideology of hate and intolerance. Political violence is the very definition of terrorism. I’m with Dave Rubin and Gad Saad: there is >nothing< left on 'the left' for lovers of freedom & free speech & freedom of religion & freedom from religion (all AKA: Western Enlightenment values).

    Nothing. We've left 'the left.'

  21. Tina Wolfe says:

    They were there to deliver Valentine cards. Right, they were there to cause mischief and mayhem. Those so called cards were veiled threats. The people who ‘organized’ this knew darn well, congress is in session and the congressman was in DC.

  22. Sam Eugene says:

    Most of this criminal activity will stop as soon as SOROS IS ARRESTED FOR HIS HIGH CRIMES AND TREASON pure and simple. He has warrants in several other countries for his crimes. These thugs are being paid to commit crimes against patriotic hard working citizens. It is past time for this treasonous activity to be terminated.

    1. There is a petition at whitehouse dot gov slash petitions to have soros arrested.

  23. Fascism is all on the Left these days. These thugs remind me of the Nazi Brownshirts who infested Berlin in the 1930s. Similar types of thugs. And yet the Left, either out of hypocracy, projection (a psychological mechanism wherein an unstable person sees his own mental flaws in others) or stupidity, the Left calls conservatives “Fascist.” Sad that they cannot get help for their mental problems, especially their intolerance and inclination toward violence.

  24. Mark Em says:

    i guess we are now having to describe the democrats as the “party of peace”.

  25. We have been under Democrat occupation for quite a while. They allied with the Mexican invaders to disenfranchise us. It’s been absolute tyranny. I wonder what the flash point will be. How long will Americans continue to use words instead of actions?

  26. Bob Ho says:

    more violent liberals showing their lack of morals or humanity…

  27. Rohrabacher should hire full-time armed security, and set up elaborate security cameras to help apprehend the anarchists. Then he should charge it all to the taxpayers in his district.

  28. Doug Day says:

    All California cops work for the DNC, witness the road closure on Wilshire Blvd last night.

  29. Just more of the “tolerant, understanding” left turds acting like what they really are, terrorists.

  30. The biggest threat to this country at the moment is democrats and liberal terrorist.

  31. Well no wonder why he doesn’t want to meet with his constituents! Doh, violent acts surely isn’t something anyone welcomes! But let’s see…where is the supposed “Valentine’s Day Card”, and what were the contents? The intolerant “tolerant” left strikes again!

  32. paperpushermj says:

    I say …keep it up oh you on the Left as we in Flyover Country strengthen our resolve to Never Ever give you power over us again…Period

  33. This kind of thing does not happen in CCW states. People in California love to be victims. They are one of the few states that votes for victimization. We should have put a razor wire fence around California years ago. It is an outdoor zoo.

  34. The toxic macro-aggression, vitriol, and violence of the alt-left progressive/liberals is on full display for all to see and, come the midterms, to be peacefully and firmly voted down further.

  35. It’s time to provide support to the government, instead of having the government support and protect us. How many have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution? It’s time to block these protesters, whenever they approach a Congressman. Flood the town halls, so that the protesters have no room to protest. If they want confrontation, let’s give them confrontation. If, on the other hand, they protest peacefully and without assault or mayhem, grant them their right to protest peacefully.

  36. The day will come that the right lashes out in the fashion of the OWS movement, the BLM movement and the anti-Trump movement. We can thank the alt-left and their allies in the media for letting those on the right know what they can get away with. Will the authorities be as forgiving and understanding of the right when they take to the streets? I doubt it and I almost hope not. Perhaps a little head bashing of conservatives exercising their “freedom of speech” will create the flash point for a good street party by conservatives. You folks on the left will regain control someday. Remember today. Paybacks do tend to be hell.

  37. jcx2 says:

    Taking your 2 year old child to a protest is practically child abuse….couple that with the harm done to the 70+ yearl old woman, Indivisible needs to become invisible. They are becoming more violent and arrogant about it, which is more than dangerous.

  38. These paid Nazi Brownshirts should be sent to jail along with their paymaster George Soros.

  39. As an Independent Precinct Director and business owning Latina, I have no love lost for Trump however, this Liberal onslaught has me and my fellow Hispanic Business Round Table cheering for Trump. Get out of the way and see what he can do just like we allowed Obama. If people aren’t happy with Trump’s leadership then they must vote in 2020. Anything short of this is unequivocally unacceptable. The left, with this glaring blind spot, only adds to Trump’s support, by factors.

    1. subtle2 says:

      + + + +

  40. Yet again we see how violent Liberals are. All the more reason to build a few more prisons.

  41. Brian Terry says:

    Socialist Black Shirts, like the Brown Shirts of the National Socialist German Workers Party in the 30’s. The common factor? George Soros was a Hitler Youth then, and now funds his paid Black Shirts.

    The people spoke. Trump is president. Rohrabacher is Congressman. (And has been since 1989.)

    Grow up.

    Get over it.

    Get a job.

  42. Notice it is always the Left doing these things. It is apparent to anyone with a brain that the Left are the problem in our Nation. Notice that the Left doesn’t notice, thus the caveat about “anyone with a brain”.

  43. Angie Smith says:

    Just radicals and communists expressing themselves after hijacking the democrat party.

  44. Interesting that this DemProg “news”paper uses italics when it mentions this woman’s “assault”.
    “That’s what SHE says…”

  45. Lulua Mahalo says:

    These peeps are not protestors…they are ANTI-AMERICAN…leftist, snowflakes, anarchists, illegals, Muslims and Democrats…all of them!

    They do NOT care about America…only their twisted plans to destroy America.

    We’re going to take them down before they do it to our country.


  46. Suddenly the Democrats ARE what they fear most, Fascist, Anarchist and brown shirts !! Stop the Democrat 4th Reich.

  47. Dabigragu says:

    You don’t take your 2yr old to a protest. You don’t knock out the elderly. You don’t lie about your real intentions misrepresenting why you’re there. You don’t chant anti-Trump epitaph’s while handing out Valentines cards.

  48. Rick LaBonte says:

    Liberal fascism. Democrats are violent fascists who cannot tolerate any view that differs from their totalitarian socialist dogma.

  49. Conservatives are overly civilized. How many times do the Liberals have to show violence before conservatives understand that they are the bullies in the school yard and need a pop in the face?

  50. rufusvondufus says:

    I fear the summer is going to be one of mass hysteria, rioting, killing, etc. and it will all be the fault of these spoiled puke liberals. Their time is coming and I don’t think they are going to believe what is happening to them. They will all retreat to their moms’ basements and to their safe spaces to suck their thumbs while coloring. It is coming!

  51. Bob Suyak says:

    Left wing “protesters” are comparable to Hitler’s “brown shirts”. So any liberal trying associate Pres Trump with Hitler, is just a typical, liberal with diarrhea of of the mouth.

  52. Teddy Novak says:

    We’re those worthless protesting turds wearing brown shirts and red armbands?

  53. lazypadawan says:

    Who brings a toddler to a freakin’ protest? Granted the tot may have been the most sensible of the group but these people were clearly meant to cause chaos and disruption if not outright destruction, and why anyone would want a small child around for that is beyond me. Also, normal people wouldn’t casually dismiss injuring a woman over 70. It may not have been intentional but I’ll bet they knocked her over in their zeal to surge into the office. Idiots.

  54. DeCat Mat says:

    Typical Violent Bitter LibTurds

  55. Greg Hawkins says:

    Leftist a holes macing girls and knocking out old ladies. Those violent lying leftist have pay back coming.

  56. This is but one example of why I am ALWAYS armed with a gun loaded with hollow points…

  57. Ken Valley says:

    Well, we all know that this fascist group was funded and organized by Obama and his paid thugs.

  58. Soros Brown Shirts strike again.

  59. Why no arrests? These thugs are running amok with complete impunity.

    1. Jay Barbieri says:

      No arrests says a lot about todays law enforcement.
      They let the Clintons go.
      What is a simple assault and battery to that?
      They prefer to push around the general public for nothing

  60. “No arrests” Why? The only way to stop these brown shirt Soros funded thugs is to arrest and send them to prison. I’m sick and tired of these criminals beating people up, burning and trashing businesses, blocking freeways, etc. and not getting arrested. They will continue to commit crimes until the are arrested and punished.

  61. Hunt these violent thugs down and put your foot on their necks America! No arrest myass.

  62. Keith Diggs says:

    Time to start SHOOTING these pos’s masquerading as “protesters”.

  63. #resistthecommies #resistthebrownshirts #resistsorosfundedleftist #resisttheanarchy

  64. JC Williams says:

    Time to start conceal and carry and let these “peaceful” protesters get a real feel of what violence is…..take a few of these pigs out and they will change their salty little tune

  65. John Larson says:

    Thugs is too nice of a word for these barbarians. If they want to protest peacefully, that is fine, but this is America, we have the right to disagree.

  66. Jose Jimenez says:

    Hugo Chavez democrats.

  67. Death to “Indivisible!”

  68. Your district is blue and a Republican was elected. Thank God some of you out there have some sense. Maybe if more of you could LEGALLY vote….

  69. Bob Peirson says:

    Like Pavlov’s dogs the radical left rings their bells and liberal/democratic jump at the opportunity to disrupt anything they are told is evil. The damage done by the media selling Obama and those that failed to realize his agenda was destruction from the start are going to be put down one way or another or America will not survive.

  70. You filth try to accost me. You don’t have the guts, you cowardly mongrels. You’re tough when you’re around 71 year old women and 2 year olds. How about accosting this Army vet who’ll return the favor in spades? Where are you, snowflakes? Not so tough when someone will go toe to toe with you, are you, you vermin?

  71. Denton Fisk says:

    These agents of anarchy are violent employees of the DNC and Media. The Media pays them to get footage of violent Democrats beating up 71 year old women. Someone needs to follow these people home and create a violent anarchist database for later prosecution.

  72. Casa Luz says:

    Shame on your group for violently attacking an older women and doing it in front of children. This is barbarism. Shame Shame Shame. No one listens when you do these things.

  73. Jack Riley says:

    The liberal temper tàntrums are continuing.

  74. Rod Reed says:

    These are the types of people that supported Hillary Clinton. Imagine people like this in the White House.

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