LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)  —The Grammys weren’t five minutes old when host James Corden told the crowd “Live in on up, because with President Trump we don’t know what comes next.”

That was only the beginning and the barbs didn’t stop there.

Katy Perry wore a ‘Persist’arm band and a pantsuit in homage to Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton.

She also wore a Planned Parenthood logo on her lapel. Perry also danced around a fence, a reference, many believed to Trump’s plan for a border wall.

“Celebrities have been making political statements for a very long time, Orson Welles made political statements in the 1940’s,” said Jack Pitney, Professor of Government, Claremont McKenna College.

Speaking out at awards show is a relatively newer phenomenon.

“Probably doesn’t  doesn’t have a great deal of impact because  they’re singing to the choir,” he believes.

And for Trump, the hits kept coming.

“I’m not feeling the political climate right now.  I just want thank President Agent Orange for perpetrating all the evil,” said a member of A Tribe Called Quest.

“Trump supporters probably aren’t so much watching the Grammys as they would watch the Country Music Awards,” Pitney said.

On the other side of the red carpet, singer Joy Villa expressed her support for Trump when he unveiled a dress with the words :Make America, Great Again. ”

One viewer said he wanted to be entertained not lectured to.

“Celebrities need to stop using the Grammys to talk about politics  even when they think they are being subtle, which they aren’t.”

Our voices are needed more than ever,” said Jennifer Lopez.

Superstar Beyonce also hinted at politics in her acceptance speech.  She quoted George Santayana about those who fail to recognize the part are doomed to repeat it.


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