160 Arrested Across Southern California In Immigration Crackdown

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com/AP) — Federal immigration officials say 160 people were arrested across the Southland over the past week during a crackdown targeting “criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants and immigration fugitives.”

The arrests took place in six counties during what U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials described as a “five-day targeted enforcement operation” that began Monday and wrapped up around noon Friday.

Of the 160 arrested, about 150 had criminal histories, while five more had either been previously deported or had “final orders of removal”. Many of those arrested had prior felony convictions for “serious or violent offenses” including child sex crimes and assault.

The arrestees – which were 95 percent male – included nationals from a dozen countries, according to ICE.

Immigration advocates said they fielded calls Thursday from immigrants and lawyers reporting raids at homes and businesses in the greater Los Angeles area, including Van Nuys, Downey, Oxnard, San Bernardino, and other cities.

Lawyer Karla Navarrete said Friday agents looking for one man arrested another who is in the country illegally but has no criminal record.

Navarrete says she sought to stop the man’s deportation and was told by ICE that things had changed. She says another lawyer filed federal court papers to halt it.

Multiple reports on social media suggested similar raids were conducted in Atlanta, Austin, and other U.S. cities, but there was no immediate confirmation from federal officials.

A report released Thursday showed nearly one in five immigrants in the U.S. illegally live in either the Los Angeles or New York City metropolitan areas.

The report released by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center estimates more than 2 million immigrants in the country illegally lived in the two areas in 2014.

KCAL9’s Tom Wait reported on the immigration crackdown Thursday and Friday evenings.

On Thursday, ICE officials denied to Wait  the operation was underway. They said Friday the operation had been in the planning stages for several weeks.

They also blasted reports that the arrests were random.

“The rash of these recent reports about ICE checkpoints and random sweeps, it’s all false and that’s definitely dangerous and irresponsible,” said ICE spokesperson David Marin.

In one instance, ICE was allegedly looking for a woman’s ex-boyfriend but they ended up arresting the current boyfriend.

California State Senate President Kevin DeLeon says that Manuel Mosqueda’s ‘s arrest is troubling.

“I think it’s incredibly unfortunate that there’s so much panic and that there’s so much panic and that there’s so much fear in communities across Southern California,” he said.

Mosqueda’s daughter says her father was to be married in four days, on Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Port Cullis says:

    Didn’t Hillary say that if you successfully sneaked across the border and didn’t get caught doing it that you were then here legally? Oh, that’s right, she didn’t get in so the law that has always been in place still exists right?

  2. trump is macho no wimp o bama..

  3. ILLEGAL ALIENS! Too much doublespeak.

  4. Dan Cox says:

    If you broke the Law, you will be held accountable, including being Deportable! Next we should Arrest anyone helping the Criminals to avoid Arrest. Including the Politicians that think they can Pass a Law that supersedes the Federal Immigration Law.

    1. Yes! Now let’s start with the half of Senator De Leon’s family that he says is here illegally.

  5. The wrong illegal immigrant gets arrested, he has no criminal record… oxymoron, much?

  6. gmcmi says:

    I know of a few illegals living in Houston. She cleans houses like most of thevwomen and he has a well paying job installing heat and air. They both drive but how? No legal driving in Texas. I think they have false identity. I want them gone! They have snubbed the nose for too long at the law. Why? Because they can. They feel no need to follow a nations rule of law. No they have as far as I know committed any other crime. But they have in my opinion ion committed a grievace crime against real citizens,millions of them.

    1. I suggest, instead, they be issued class B social security cards (a new thing that, I am sure, the left would oppose), which let them work, and pay in, but receive no retirement benefits. Improve the financial condition of social security. After 10 years of paying, and no crimes, we’ll consider citizenship.

  7. 160? That’s not that many. Consider there are, at a conservative estimate, at least 1 million just in LA/Orange county.

  8. If your first act is to enter OUR country ILLEGALLY, why should we even consider you when others have waited in line for years?

    Try this: Invite someone into your house. If the first thing they do is steal from you, do you let them back in?

    Or, tear down your fence on your property line and leave your doors unlocked. Anyone who enters onto your property now has the RIGHT to be there and you have to take care of them. Anyone you find in your house gets to stay in the house. Oh, and you also need to feed them.

    Still want them coming here ILLEGALLY? Nah, didn’t think so.

  9. 150 of the 160 had Child Sex offenses.

  10. My suggestion is that any attorney or politician that wants to assist an illegal immigrant with a criminal history must keep that person in their home for the duration of the proceedings. It should not be necessary for taxpayers to foot the bill for time in jail. I’m sure the lawyers and politicians have large enough homes to accommodate the illegals for the time being.

  11. Gonna be interesting to see the pretzel logic the left twists itself into to condemn the deportation of the sex offenders!

  12. After many years we have a federal government is actually enforcing federal law???? What happened to every other president that took the oath of office to enforce the laws of the United States and uphold the Constitution against all enemies both foriegn and domestic???

  13. Great to see that our president continues to fulfill campaign promises. The cleanup has begun. #MAGA

  14. Nobody is stopping the guy from getting married in mexico

  15. I find the whining about them deporting the guy they found while searching for the other guy hilarious. So they find a guy here illegally but are supposed to let him go because he isn’t the one they are looking for? That would be like ignoring severed heads in a freezer found while searching for drugs because that isn’t what they were looking for.

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