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Having access to capital is important for any growing business. Whether you’re looking to increase inventory, invest in infrastructure or just keep your business afloat, here are a few options to help you determine what type of business loan is best for you and your company.


Long-Term Loans

Long-term loans are one of the most common types of loans distributed by large commercial lenders and are often used for business expansion, refinancing, acquisition, or working capital. Long-term loans are usually repaid monthly and tend to have lower interest rates than short-term loans. Generally, long-term loans are easier to obtain if you have a well-established business or an up-and-coming business with a strong growth plan.


Short-Term Loans

Unlike long-term loans, short-term loans are to be repaid, in full, at the end of the agreed term. Short-terms loans are usually used for shorter term needs such as raising cash for accounts payable, building inventory, or completing small projects that yield quick returns. Short-term loans are particularly useful for seasonal businesses, like retailers, and are issued by banks.


Make A Plan

Once you’ve determined the type of loan that best suits your business’s needs, you should develop a finance plan. Here are a few helpful tips to help you prepare for the process of obtaining a loan.

  • Identify sources of requested and existing funds.
  • Outline how these funds will be used.
  • Provide any business audits you may have, as well as interim financial statements that show positive cash flow.
  • Understand your credit score – if your credit score is low, be prepared to explain how you are going to tackle this problem.
  • Determine the overall value of your business.


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