THOUSAND OAKS ( —    The third time was definitely not the charm for a Thousand Oaks family who have had their backyard slammed into three times by drivers.

“And we just heard this loud crash, crushing metallic sound.” said homeowner David Dumais.

Not once, not twice — but three times cars have crashed into Dumais’ backyard wall. Two of the times cars landed in his pool.”

“If we were out here enjoying our backyard and our spa, anybody who would have been sitting out here would be dead.” said Dumais.

The frustrated homeowner talked to CBS2’s Kristine Lazar.

All of the accidents happened within five months of one another here near Wildwood Park. The most recent crash was in December, when the driver of a Jeep crashed through the wood barrier that had been put up after the previous crash.

The Jeep came to rest in between his spa and pool.

“Who would think that the vehicle would just come straight through the wall and just end up in your property.” said Dumais.

The Dumais only moved in two  years ago, with their two children.

“We were never told that this was a target, or there were any incidents here from anyone we bought the house from or even any neighbors until that first time in July,” Dumais said.

Turns out there were at least two other crashes  before Dumais moved in.

The problem is that the road abruptly ends, across from their home. And instead of turning right, the cars kept on going. In all three crashes last year, the driver was suspected to be under the influence.

After the third accident the city put up K-Rails and extra large reflectors, but the homeowner says the city engineer told him it wouldn’t be enough to keep cars from going into his backyard.

Dumais wants a more permanent solution. And the city agrees. The head of public works says they’re planning on changing the design of the road, by installing a new median that would force cars more to the left — away from the Dumais’ home.

Until then, the Dumais family have drained their pool and don’t go in their backyard.

“Tthe safety of the place that you’re supposed to call home is gone. One of the sheriffs deputies said, I wouldn’t sit back here. There’s no stopping them.”



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