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AmaWaterways will once again offer a full slate of themed wine cruises in 2017 that will allow wine lovers and casual enthusiasts to travel through some of the world’s most famous wine regions. With luxury river cruise liners operating as floating hotels, guests are transported to such renowned wine regions as Bordeaux, the Rhône and the Douro, while enjoying the natural and artistic beauty of each remarkable port of call along the way.
Each of the exclusive wine cruises offered by AmaWaterways will be hosted by one or more American wine experts, who will lead wine tasting, make wine and food pairing recommendations and host presentations about each respective wine region and its legendary wine varietals. In addition to onboard wine tasting and presentations, passengers will also be able to visit prominent wineries and vineyards, enormous private wine cellars and historical sites as they travel along many of Europe’s longest and most important waterways. The following are just a few of the very best exclusive wine cruises offered by the multi-award winning luxury river cruise liner AmaWaterways.
Enchanting Rhine

The Enchanting Rhine wine cruise is a 7-night exploration through several magnificent cities across four countries. The Enchanting Rhine offers departures from either endpoint – at Amsterdam or Basel, respectfully – and pre or post cruise overnight accommodations are also available as an option. Each of the nine scheduled departures for 2017 will be hosted by leading American wine experts. Depending upon the point of embarkation, featured highlights of this fabulous wine cruise include a scenic day tour of Amsterdam; the breathtaking vistas of the Rhine Gorge; a city tour of Strasbourg; and a visit to Breisach, the location for one of the largest wine cellars in Europe.
Prices start at $2,049 with an pre or post cruise option to stay two nights in Lucerne and two nights in Zurich for an additional $1,680. The first of the nine 2017 departures is scheduled for March 25, and the final cruise will be November 18. Six departures are currently advertised for 2018 with prices beginning at $1,849 for the first trip on March 31.
Sample Itinerary – Amsterdam to Basel

  • Day 1 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Embarkation
  • Day 2 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Day 3 – Cologne and Koblenz, Germany
  • Day 4 – Rhine Gorge and Rüdesheim, Germany
  • Day 5 – Speyer and Heidelberg, Germany
  • Day 6 – Strasbourg, France
  • Day 7 – Breisach, Germany
  • Day 8 – Basel, Switzerland – Disembarkation
Enticing Douro

The Enticing Douro is a superb 7-night cruise down the Douro River, whose celebrated wine region is one of the world’s oldest. The cruise begins in the coastal city of Porto, the second largest city in Portugal, whose namesake porto wine is enjoyed worldwide. The trip continues with notable stops at Régua and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Salamanca. Each of the four scheduled trips for 2017 will be hosted by leading American wine experts.
Prices start at $3,099 person, with an option to purchase a pre-cruise 3-night stay in Lisbon for an additional $780 per person. More than 20 cruise trips are currently available, with the maiden voyage set for April 18; the last departure is Nov. 14, 2017. Cruise trips for 2018 are also available, with prices starting at $2,849.
Sample Itinerary – Porto to Porto

  • Day 1 – Porto, Portugal – Embarkation
  • Day 2 – Porto and Entre-os-Rios, Portugal
  • Day 3 – Régua, Portugal
  • Day 4 – Pinhão, Portugal and Vega Terrón, Spain
  • Day 5 – Vega Terrón and Salamanca, Spain
  • Day 6 – Barca d’Alva and Pinhão , Portugal
  • Day 7 – Pinhão and Lixa Pier, Portugal
  • Day 8 – Porto, Portugal – Disembarkation
Paris & Normandy

The Paris and Normandy river cruise is a breathtaking round-trip excursion from the famed City of Light to the legendary beaches of northwestern France. Easily one of the most popular wine cruises offered by AmaWaterways, this 7-night trip will feature award-winning cuisine paired by premium wines that will be carefully selected by a different wine expert on each of the five scheduled departures for both 2017 and 2018. Among the very impressive highlights of the itinerary are a full-day excursion of the Normandy Beaches; the historic city of Rouen, with its stunning cathedral immortalized in impressionistic paintings by Claude Monet; and a full day visit of Paris, one of the most beautiful and most exciting cities in the world.
Prices start at $2,149, with an option to stay two additional nights in Paris post cruise for $760 per person. The first embarkation of 2017 for the Paris and Normandy river cruise is March 23 and the final departure is November 2. For 2018 trips, prices also start at $2,149 with a option to stay two additional nights in Paris for $760.
Sample Itinerary – Paris to Paris

  • Day 1 – Paris, France – Embarkation
  • Day 2 – Vernon and Giverny, France
  • Day 3 – Vernon and Caudebec-en-Caux, France
  • Day 4 – Caudebec-en-Caux, France
  • Day 5 – Rouen, France
  • Day 6 – Les Andelys, France
  • Day 7 – Conflans, France
  • Day 8 – Paris, France – Disembarkation
Provence & Spain

The Provence and Spain wine cruise is an intriguing 7-night journey between Lyon and Arles as it passes through the world-renowned Rhône wine region of Southern France. With available departures from either endpoint, each of the six departures for 2017 will be hosted by established American wine experts. The cruise includes stops at fascinating places like Van Gogh’s setting for his iconic “Irises” and “Starry Night” paintings; the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Avignon; a Wine and Chocolate Pairing at the Tournon Chateau; and a tour of Lyon, the third largest city in France whose city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Prices start at $2,149 with a pre and post cruise option to stay three nights in Paris and Barcelona for an additional $2,430. The first departure for 2017 is March 23 and the final departure is November 9.
Sample Itinerary – Lyon to Arles

  • Day 1 – Lyon, France – Embarkation
  • Day 2 – Lyon, France
  • Day 3 – Belleville and Vienne, France
  • Day 4 – Vienne and Tournon, France
  • Day 5 – Tournon and Viviers, France
  • Day 6 – St. Etienne and Avignon, France
  • Day 7 – Arles, France
  • Day 8 – Arles, France – Disembarkation
Taste Of Bordeaux

The Taste of Bordeaux is a 7-night journey through one of the world’s most prestigious wine regions. Traversing through the calm waters of the Dordogne and Garonne rivers, the AmaDolce boasts a number of impressive highlights, such as wine tasting in the world renowned Médoc appellation; a tour of Libourne the winemaking capital of Northern Gironde; and a comprehensive tour of Bordeaux, a UNESCO World Heritage Site also known as the capital of the wine world. Each of the scheduled trips will be hosted by a leading American wine expert who will present wine tasting featuring premium red and white wines from the Bordeaux region.
Prices for the 2017 trips start at $2,149 per person with an option to purchase a 2-night, pre-cruise stay in Paris and a 2-night stay in the Loire Valley and single night stay at Paris Charles de Gaulle after the cruise for $1,920 per person. The first of eight departures for 2017 is March 30 and the final departure of the year is scheduled for Nov. 16. In 2018, nine departures are scheduled beginning March 29 and prices start at $2,249 per person with the optional upgrade for $1,920 per person.
Sample Itinerary – Bordeaux to Bordeaux

  • Day 1 – Bordeaux, France – Embarkation
  • Day 2 – Cadillac, France
  • Day 3 – Pauillac, France
  • Day 4 – Blaye and Bourg, France
  • Day 5 – Libourne, France
  • Day 6 – Libourne and Bordeaux, France
  • Day 7 – Bordeaux, France
  • Day 8 – Bordeaux, France – Disembarkation
By Randy Yagi

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