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Unless you are in a crisis, it is not always immediately evident that you need to hire a tax attorney. Although IRS tax problems are obvious indicators that this kind of professional would be very helpful – and even crucial – to have in your corner, other situations are not so blatant.
Beyond The IRS
For instance, who would you turn to should you need to learn about how to come up with an estate planning concept? And who would you want on your team if you are starting a small business? Or, what if you suddenly come into an unexpected inheritance? How will you get a grip on what part of that money is taxable when used in a particular way and what is not?
If you are facing any of these scenarios, a tax lawyer is likely to be an asset you can’t do without.
These kinds of lawyers are professionally versed in the ways in which tax laws are structured, and can come in handy in a situation you may need to face now or in the coming years.
Abundant Expertise
Besides offering you their far-reaching expertise, the former IRS tax attorney is also able to give you comfort in knowing you are not alone in facing what can seem to be scary situations that are not within your realm of knowledge.
Certainly, dealing with the IRS fits that description. What if you disagree with this governmental department’s decision and want to file an appeal? Having a tax attorney on your side is imperative.
What if you need to talk to an IRS representative, but you don’t want to say the wrong thing simply because you don’t understand the repercussions? Again, having a tax lawyer speak on your behalf can be invaluable.
Or, what if you are looking for ways in which to take advantage of any tax credits that are available? This time a tax attorney can help you even when you are not involved in a serious, time-related matter.
Sticky Situations
Sometimes, simply having the right tax lawyer in your corner comes in handy when or if you are audited by the IRS. After all, this is a matter of course in the day in the life of a trusty tax professional but for you, it is not. Indeed, even if you have followed all instructions to the best of your ability, something may have slipped through that caused a red flag to be raised, and that something may simply be too difficult for you to discern on your own. Talk about intimidating.
With that in mind, know that a good tax lawyer, who may or may not be a former IRS tax attorney, will almost always be able to help you in sticky situations like those above. Putting out the cash to hire such a professional in order to save money in the long or the short run is always a good idea.
By Ellen Chadwick

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