VALENCIA ( — King Crawford has come a long way from last Tuesday when he was working the graveyard shift at a Valencia convenience store. Sheriff’s investigators say he was confronted by four teens trying to steal cigarettes and beer and was stabbed multiple times.

“I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I worked there for a long time so I never would have thought anything like that would happen,” Crawford said.

Crawford is in the hospital, after undergoing plastic surgery. He suffered several injuries all over his body and face.

Crawford is a Marine (Ret.), stationed at Camp Pendleton. He took the clerk job after he and his wife divorced but he says he still wanted to be close to her and their son in Valencia.

“I purposely did take a graveyard shift because of her work schedule, so he can get to school, pick him up, do whatever he needs to do in the day,” Crawford said.

His ex-wife, Jennifer Crawford, is a nurse and has been helping him on his road to recovery.

“This is a rough time and I’m just thankful he’s alive,” she said.

Crawford says he may go back to the graveyard shift when he’s better, but his 14-year old son hopes otherwise.

“I wouldn’t like it, I’d be worried about him all night, I wouldn’t be able to sleep,” Jordan Crawford said.

The four teens were arrested the next day for robbery and attempted murder.

Crawford says he’s grateful to be alive and hopes the robbers pay for what they did.

“I want justice to be served of course.  For someone to do this to me, they don’t know who I am,” King said. “I’m a nice guy, I don’t mess with people.”

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