Marine Killed While Stopping to Help Crashed Driver

LOMA LINDA ( – A Marine stationed in 29 Palms was struck and killed while stopping to assist a suspected drunken driver following a rollover crash in Loma Linda early Monday morning.

The victim was identified to CBS2/KCAL9 by his parents as 29-year-old Enrico Rojo. He was on his way to Los Angeles International Airport with his fiancée when they came upon a crash at around 1:30 a.m. on Interstate 10, east of Mountain View Avenue.

According to California Highway Patrol, a Toyota Matrix traveling west on I-10 had struck a semi-truck while changing lanes. The Matrix rolled and came to rest in traffic. Rojo stopped to render aid to the driver of the Toyota, 22-year-old Crystal Adrianna Martinez.

Meanwhile, a 2017 Hyundai Sonata approached the crash scene, and, as it veered to avoid the Matrix, hit Rojo, CHP reports.

The driver of the Sonata, Alexander Petricevic, stopped and called 911. Firefighters responded to find Rojo being held by his fiancée. He was pronounced dead at scene, CHP said.

Rojo’s parents told KCAL9’s Crystal Cruz that their son served a tour in Afghanistan, during which he survived an IED explosion. Rojo and his fiancée were flying out to to Texas to visit them for the holidays.

Martinez was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. CHP did not report any other serious injuries.

The investigation into the crash is ongoing.


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  2. Take this drunk driver, beat him senseless, and strap a uniform and a rifle to his back and send him to Afghanistan to atone.

    1. Michael, the drunk driver was a woman. She rolled over. The marine was providing assistance. The drunk driver’s car was in the middle of the road. The other guy went around the car but unfortunately, the side he tried to avoid, the marine was on that side.

      We don’t know the conditions, but we’ve all encountered an accident or some object where we may or may not have enough time to react.

      unfortunate accident and horrible situation.

    2. Is it the reading, or the comprehension that trips you up, you mouth-running, stupid MF’r?

  3. I just hope they prosecute the SUV driver for the Marine’s death.

    1. A Sonata isn’t a SUV. No where was it listed the drunk (in a Matrix) and the other driver (in a Sonata) were in a SUV. Please read all the article.

      1. Please stop being anal. Petty semantics ONLY serve YOUR EGO.

    2. @Abraham Sampson – Petty semantics is not the definition of general incompetence. I’ve read some of your comments, and you make the exact same, mouth-running, imbecilic errors. You’re an incompetent stooge.

  4. Another Marine dies a hero. I can only hope someone helps his family. God bless the good people that brought him up.

  5. Sunny Morgan says:

    God Bless the family & friends of this wonderful young man. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you who raised him to be the kind of man who would stop to help strangers in the middle of the night.

  6. Bill Smith says:

    This happens because a lot of idiots just try to veer around things, rather than slow down to pass safely.

  7. Mark Todd says:

    what a shame. no good deed goes unpunished. he should have never stopped.

  8. this is a non story. What does being a Marine have to do with being careless on the highway? Oh wait. Marine. That explains it. F the Military Industrialized Complex. GET A REAL JOB.

    1. Paul Emmons says:

      You are a sad, sad excuse for a human being. Your parents must be so proud of you.

  9. There is no way the driver of the Sonata couldn’t see the big rig and the Matrix on the road. Rather than slow and carefully navigate the scene, they simply attempted to swerve through because their destination was more important than someone else’s life. This is a fact of life for first responders. 90% of all lives lost of first responders are traffic related.

  10. Rip Torn says:

    What he did was more dangerous than his tours of duty. Shame to lose an indispensable one! RIP

  11. snailmailtrucker says:

    God Bless Enrico Rojo and His Loved ones…Our Prayers go out to you all !
    Truly sad !

    The Good die so young !

  12. Tom Skutca says:

    Semper Fi, my brother. May God welcome you with open arms!

    Take note folks of what a hero really is…..

    1. A person that gets run over? Must be a lot of heroes among the Marines.

  13. Billy Bob says:

    Don’t get involved…just call 911. Sorry for the pessimistic view but too many good people get killed helping out folks who really didn’t deserve it.

  14. Only a Marine can get blown up by an IED and not show any discernible brain damage as compared with his pre-blast cognitive abilities. One need only read these comment forums to realize that Marines are nothing more than louder-mouthed versions of the imbeciles and societal failures that serve on Navy surface ships.

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