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Were you lucky enough to win a giant lottery? Or, perhaps an unknown inheritance from a distant relative came your way? Or, maybe you have suddenly accrued a bounty through hard work and after years of trying that is so large that you no longer can deal with it on your own?
Holding Onto Your Wealth
No matter how you gained wealth, remember that it’s not easy to stay well off unless your collective assets are sheltered in an extensively wise way. This may seem like a simple cross to bear but, in essence, this also takes forethought.
Enter the family office, a tidy way to keep track of all the new found funds. This includes knowing where these funds are at all times as well as learning what it takes to make this money grow.
Staffing The Office
While the core members of this fresh outfit are made up of a single familial unit, a slew of savvy advisors are necessary in order for all financial outcomes to become as successful as originally envisioned.
The reason to include such total outsiders in your clan’s newly formed firm is because these specific parties come on board in order to better the concerns of the family who hired them.
All of the knowledgeable folks are on board to help make your new found money do well while keeping track of the money already in play. In addition, these specially equipped employees are easy to trust given there are no conflicts of interest between them and the family business of which you are part.
In other words, upon acceptance of the job to which they are tasked, these new hires immediately become paid employees of the family owners who are given compensation in exchange for their expertise. As such, none of them possess any reason to put themselves in play as part of the story. They will not be paid any more than their contract states.
Security And Privacy
In general, the experts who are called in to help run this fresh business are there for two purposes: to make sure that finances are kept secure and to uphold the family’s privacy at all times.
The group of seasoned professionals who join the family firm includes one very important, highly trained hired hand: a tax lawyer. He or she will need to spearhead what will become the group’s IRS tax strategy by overseeing a wide range of needs, including everything from tax planning to investment making.
Wealth Transfer
Another job for the tax attorney that has been hired is to look after the ultimate need for the transfer of wealth when or if the time comes. Indeed, with the help of the tax attorney all generations involved in the family business will be able to enjoy the money they have collectively been bestowed.
Because the need for financial security can be translated as meaning one thing to one family member while another thing to still another, remember that ultimately, the objective is the same. The goal is to be able to give all involved the ability to enjoy as much wealth as possible while keeping up a certain lifestyle to which you all will certainly become accustomed.
By Ellen Chadwick

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