Police: Trump Protester Assaulted Officer With Handcuffs

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A Los Angeles police officer was recovering Friday after being assaulted by a Trump protester during a demonstration in downtown Los Angeles.

CBS2’s Kara Finnstrom reported the woman who is suspected of assaulting the officer has been arrested.

Another person was arrested for vandalism during Thursday night’s demonstration, police said.

Officers gave dispersal orders to an aggressive group that refused to leave from Olympic Boulevard and Olive Street around midnight.

Around 185 people were arrested in total.

On Wednesday, 30 protesters were arrested when hundreds shut down portions of the 101 Freeway.

In a statement, Mayor Eric Garcetti said the right to free expression is “one of our greatest privileges as Americans,” but added that unlawful, dangerous behavior won’t be tolerated.

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  1. Steve Knight says:

    Alice, all your claims are unwarranted and show how the media his skewed your opinion. The sheeple need to be fleeced.

  2. To protest is a right. To cause injury, property damage, or impeding the movement of others is not. For those that do not know the difference, a charge of riot should apply.

  3. These are Hillary voters and supporters. Talk about not accepting the results of the election. Then again, violence is always the friend of liberals and leftists in this country.

    1. The BO Plenty Regime has to be financing these riots through EBT Cards and other sources of welfare.

  4. Hillary supporters should burn all of downtown to show they mean business.

  5. That officer should be disciplined with a week off without pay for not at LEAST tasing the wench who assaulted him. A billy club beating would have been a better response.

    1. The officer can’t help it. Our police throughout the nation have been handcuffed and made into UNenforcables for quite a while now!

  6. tngilmer says:

    Unlawful and dangerous behavior is a hallmark of a leftist.

  7. Mike Taylor says:

    “Trump Protester”, excuse me? This has nothing to do with Trump. These are domestic terrorists. The Officer was assaulted by a domestic terrorist

    1. Gary Meyers says:

      It’s a good thing I looked up as was typing; your post was right above the dialog box. I was about to post almost exactly what you posted.

  8. #ignoretheNarrative
    Better choice of words?
    “Clinton Supporter”
    “I did not get my way” protester
    “I bought the main steam media Trump characterization hook line and sinker” protester.

    1. Ja Busse says:

      I call them Clinterns. They are mostly paid by her or the DNC.

  9. Interesting to note where all these “protests” are taking place. Progressive strongholds where they know the wealthy white elitists in charge will allow public property to be destroyed. But, it just isn’t working anymore. The Bankers, Corporations, and rich Hollywood spent all that money and the main stream media worked overtime and Crooked Hillary still lost. I will believe these are real protesters when the go after a gated community. These are Soros paid frauds.

  10. Ja Busse says:

    Now I understand the need for Sarin. so many irrelevant people taking up space, using energy, polluting the atmosphere, and harming others. They would serve society better if they were a nitrogen rich fertilizer.

  11. Carl Edward says:

    More evidence the media is complicit, calling them “Trump protesters” is an underhanded way to get Trump’s name in the article.

    The caniveing MSM has been figured out, everyone knows they are Clinton supporters-so the media just digs their hole deeper.

  12. Love Trumps Hitlery and her Brown Shirt Thugs

  13. mrfubo says:

    I’ll bet if the NRA wanted to hold a rally, they’d need a freakin’ permit.

  14. Randy Falk says:

    I guess this is what those “Love Trumps Hate” signs were all about!

  15. Abdul Keddou says:

    These filthy thugs need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  16. we now are seeing who the true deplorables are: these urban terrorists

  17. Pete Dosado says:

    These protesters are just spoiled self-indulgent and often violence prone! If they harm people or damage property, they should be jailed!

  18. These protest where paid for in advance see http://www.moveon.org Senator Elizabeth Warren paid ahead of time.

  19. They are rioters looking for a place to cause damage and assault people. CBS just lies yet again to it’s audience. 180 people arrested is not a peaceful protest.

  20. L.A.? Who cares? Thought for the day: Burn it down and you clean it up.

  21. a lot of these cities know that the funds will be cut off for sanctuary cities and welfare and SSI will stop going to illegals and refugees and also other countries for we have to realize that we have almost 20 trillion in debt and we can not keep giving free rides so rough days are coming for those who get welfare and take advantage of the system for its been gong on for 20 years since Clinton opened the borders and started NAFTA

  22. Why were they called Trump protesters?

  23. Tom Smith says:

    Typical media–this isn’t a protest, it is a riot. Leave it to the media to lie about it.

  24. Too bad for these losers that the only riot that matters is the Quiet-Riot Trump voters staged at the ballot box this past Tuesday. Let these delicate little snowflake protest and riot all they want. Let them go ahead and burn down their Blue cities.

  25. Doug Day says:

    These are not protests, they’re riots. Democrats can only win by cheating. They’re cheaters.

  26. TK Stoke says:

    Soon the cops will be hitting back…..Law and Order.

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