Man, 73, Arrested In Shooting On Yorba Linda Riverbed Trail

YORBA LINDA ( — A man arrested in the shooting of another man along a riverbed trail in Yorba Linda Monday morning has been identified as 73-year-old Jack Horn.

The victim in his late 60’s was wounded at about 8 a.m. at Lakeview and Mariposa avenues, Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Larry Kurtz said.

He was airlifted to Orange County Global Medical Center in Santa Ana.

David Hernandez, who lives nearby, ran to the hiking trail behind his house where all commotion was happening and saw deputies confronting the suspect.

“I hear all of these cops,” Hernandez said. “They were yelling ‘Put down the gun, put down the gun!’ And the guy complied with them and he just put down the gun.”

Hernandez also heard the suspect’s wife scream to deputies that he’s not going to hurt you. The man, Hernandez says, threw his gun down and was handcuffed.

The victim was shot in the chest and is expected to survive, according to Orange County sheriff’s Lt. Mark Stichter.

A handgun was recovered at the scene, Stichter said.

It’s unclear what relationship, if any, the suspect and the victim had, the lieutenant said. Neither of the men are transients.



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  1. Vivian Barron says:

    What the heck? What two men? The article only talked about one man who was shot, yet the last paragraph mentioned about the relationship, if any, between the two men.

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    1. Vivian Barron says:

      You want to know another thing about Transgender people. Well, you pu$sies think I need so much protection when I already get paid more licking buttlips than what most of you’ll ever see with or without these people. Jail is punishment, but constitutionally it can’t be “cruel or unusual,” so every time you brain dead pu$sies give in and vote for more tough on crime laws check the “ferry dust” coming from my butt. Transgender is not sexual deviance, know your terms, dumba-$ses.

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