BEAUMONT ( — A man was caught on camera burglarizing a Beaumont home while the owner was home.

The security footage camera caught the man hopping the backyard wall and opening the back sliding glass door into Michelle’s Beaumont home.

The break-in triggered the alarm when she was alone upstairs, getting ready for work.

“So I picked up my phone. I started dialing 911. I came and shut the door,” Michelle recalled.

She sent a text to a friend that read: “This is not a joke. I’m on the phone with 911. Someone tried to brake (break) in, they opened the back door and set off the motion sensor. I’m so scared…I’m texting you off my iPad.”

“I was thinking what if he comes upstairs,” Michelle recalled. “I was thinking of hiding and then looked around everywhere to see what I could use as a weapon.”

She said she felt trapped inside her bedroom and thought about using her curling iron as a weapon and jumping out of her second-story bedroom window.

The police came, but the burglar was gone by then. Watching video of the burglar is scary, but knowing that she could have come face to face with him was terrifying.

“If I woke up a little bit earlier, if I didn’t push that snooze, I would’ve been down here when he would have came in,” Michelle said.

Michelle’s warm, safe feeling she once had being at her home is now gone, along with her purse.

The alarm was installed to protect her while her military husband was at work.

Beaumont police said they have not arrested the burglar, and this appeared to be an isolated incident.

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  1. Chesley Kelly says:

    Why was her alarm not set to armed, I have the same system and it would have alarm and notified the alarm company. Something is phony about her story. This is one of the best system you can installed and works well. This system when alarming will generate a call to the house by phone and thru the alarm box by a person asking you if you are OK. There is something not lining up with her story and her alarm was not set to the alarm stay at home mode and it can be set at alarm away from home after you leave. This is a very good system and do she have a monthly contact because she is calling 911 where the alarm company will do that automatically. Give us the true facts to this report.

    1. Chesley Kelly says:

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      1. Chesley Kelly says:

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