Dozens Want To Adopt Dog Caught On Camera Escaping Animal Shelter

APPLE VALLEY ( – At least 40 people have turned in applications to adopt a dog caught on camera making her daring escape from the Apple Valley Animal Shelter earlier this month.

Security video caught Ginger, the German shepherd, climbing to the top of her kennel and breaking free.

“Everybody believes she was trying to make her way back to her old owner because she was found close to where her old home was,” the shelter’s manager Gina Whiteside said.

Ginger busted out only a few hours after her former owner dropped her off at the shelter because he could no longer take care of her.

The 2-year-old dog opened three doors to get out, left teeth marks on a door handle and proof that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

“As she was coming out he door, what we saw is this quick little glance back at the shelter saying: ‘See ya!’ ” Whiteside said.

During Ginger’s great escape, she set off the shelter’s motion sensors, which alerted security.

“The staff came in. There were phones off the counter. Everything was kind of messed up,” Whiteside said.

That was because Ginger jumped onto the counter and stopped to pose for the camera.

“We just want to honor the owner’s wishes. It was difficult for him to turn her in and make that decision. Now, our job is to find her a home that’s going to be permanent,” Whiteside added.


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  1. GROWAPAIR says:

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    I’m GROWAPAIR and I endorse Hillary Clinton

    1. Kelvin Stephens says:

      DICCKLESS MIKE, five years later and you still post as the person who b!tch slaps you for being a PU$SY DUMBFUK, way to fail LOSER.

    2. Charles Volcher says:

      PU$SY MIKE, wassuuuuuuuuup girl

  2. Surcan says:

    I hope the owner ( and every person like him) who abandoned her at the shelter burns in Hell.

    1. Kurt Smith says:

      whoa…back up there.The people you want to see burn in hell are the ones who abandon their pets when they can’t take care of them – dump then off in the woods or in a field or the side of a hiway or in a neighborhood somewhere. This owner was kind enough to give the pet a chance. In fact, our terrier was rescued from a shelter after being brought there by caring owners who could no longer afford it, and we are very glad they did!

  3. Marvin Jones says:

    President Elect Trump will adopt her after November and make her the official White House dog.

  4. Rhonda says:

    I wish someone would help the owner who is now living in a car, help him get on his feet and re-claim Ginger. The dog loves his owner.

  5. Slim Pickens says:

    Thats great people want to adopt this dog, why not all the others also, stop buying purebread dogs and lets rescue every dog

    1. rwgm says:

      Yours is the best comment on this board. Thank you for advocating adopting a shelter pet., it’s a no brainer in my opinion. Bless all those who adopt!

  6. Stike says:

    Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa reporting.

  7. Indy says:

    Some people fail to realize all that a dog has in the whole world is it’s owner.

    1. Allen Maresh says:

      We (people) are not owners of dogs, we are caregivers and friends.

  8. heartpursuer says:

    With love and loyalty like that, I’m wondering if a new owner will simply have temporary custody of a dog always trying to escape.

  9. Alice says:

    I’m happy to know about all the applications to adopt Ginger. I hope all the people who wanted her and don’t get to have her will look at other dogs in the shelter, or at the cats. There are MANY beautiful animals who need loving homes and if this is a typical “kill shelter” these people could be saving so many beautiful little lives by adopting other dogs or cats.

  10. DogNot! says:

    The neighbors will thank you. It should be illegal to bring canines into residential neighborhoods.

  11. Mark Coker says:

    What about some of these adopters try to get together and try to help the owner, living in his car, to reunite him with his loving pet, get him on his feet, and maybe able to live out of his car. Dogs have a better sense than people sometimes. And if she would go to all that effort to get back to her owner, aren’t we looking at this in the wrong way? Where has our compassion for our fellow humans gone?

  12. Ted Matuga says:

    Another touching story about our canine companions! And yes, compassion for our fellow humans! Can someone suggest some avenues of help for this owner? Does someone know how to locate him? If Obama can hand away 1.7 billion taxpayer $ to Iran, surely we can help one of or own!!

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