SOUTH LOS ANGELES ( — Police Thursday searched for a robbery suspect in South Los Angeles.

Four teenagers, who are all under the age of 15 years old, robbed at least two people at gunpoint around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday in the area of 36th Street and Cimarron, according to police.

Upon their arrival, authorities detained two of the suspects at the scene.

One of the teenagers hid from authorities underneath a vehicle. At one point, a K-9 officer located the suspect and dragged him out.

The suspect was treated for bite wounds and was later detained.

Police were searching for a fourth suspect believed to be armed with the gun that was used in the robberies.

The investigation is ongoing.

Comments (7)
  1. ZumaMom says:

    Black boys or Mexicans?
    It’s a toss up.

    1. GROWAPAIR says:

      We see you ignore the O.C. Vandals story, tedious buttlicker

  2. Steve Getz says:

    Hey it’s South Central heart of the Ghetto….sounds like Mom and Dad did a great job of raising the next group of Felons….assuming they even know who Dad is?

    1. GROWAPAIR says:

      Really? Tell us all what you know of this area, asshat

      1. Steve Getz says:

        I know your $lut mom’s there and for a nickel I can get anything I want.

      2. Steve Getz says:

        You want to know another thing about Transgender people. Well, you pu$sies think I need so much protection when I already get paid more licking buttlips than what most of you’ll ever see with or without these people. Jail is punishment, but constitutionally it can’t be “cruel or unusual,” so every time you brain dead pu$sies give in and vote for more tough on crime laws check from where the “ferry dust” is coming. Transgender is not sexual deviance, know your terms, dumba-$ses.

        I’m MIKE, the Original Internet PU$SY BlTCH, I get b1tch slapped by GROWAPAIR so I lick I BUTTH0LES and jack screen names

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