LOS ANGELES (AP) — Officials have unanimously approved a permit to demolish an illegal beach fort erected decades ago by a local group of territorial Los Angeles-area surfers known as the Lunada Bay Boys.

The Palos Verdes Estates Planning Commission cast the vote Tuesday, after both the California Coastal Commission and City Council approved plans for its removal.

City officials estimate that dismantling the shelter, which sits near the water’s edge at Rocky Point on Lunada Bay, will cost about $50,000.

Witnesses and a pending lawsuit accuse the Bay Boys of using the structure as a staging area to intimidate and harass out-of-towners who want to surf the waves.

The lawsuit indicates most members of the group are middle-aged men and longtime residents of the city.

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Comments (5)
  1. Journie says:

    50,000 $$ !? thats ridiculous

    1. Seriously ridiculous. Someone could rent a John Deere 160 for a little over $1,000 and be done with this in a day, break up the rock structures and chew up the flat area so it’s not suitable for rebuilding, plus around $200 for a dump truck to haul off the garbage. Even if you pay your excavator operator a generous $30/hr, and your diesel usage, you’re still at most only around $1800. And why did it take 3 different government entities to approve tearing down an illegal structure people have known about for decades.

  2. No Brainer says:

    It can be blown up with dynamite for a lot less than $50,000. Once it’s blown-up, all you need to do is push the rubble into the ocean where it can eventually become a reef habitat for marine life.

  3. No Brainer says:

    The property owner or owners on the bluffs immediately above the “fort” should bear some of the demolition/removal costs if the fort is located within their property boundaries.

  4. No Brainer says:

    The people of the City of Palos Verdes Estates should hire a professional “hit squad” to permanently get rid of the surf gang members.

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