SAN BERNARDINO ( —  A San Bernadino woman has been glued to her cellphone of late.

Someone being glued to their cell is not unusual. But this woman has been watching other people — namely thieves — using her phone via iCloud technology.

It’s a story that is Only On 2.

CBS2’s Crystal Cruz spoke to the woman and her father-in-law Thursday about the frustration of knowing their stuff is out there. And they can see it being used.

“I’m still in fear they could possibly come back and grab whatever else they forgot,” says Raelene Holguin.

Holding her son tight, Holguin is still uneasy after someone broke in through the window of her San Bernardino apartment and stole her cell phone, expensive basketball shoes and her son’s clothes.

“I don’t understand why anyone would want to take from babies,” she said, “Take our stuff — okay, but don’t do it to my babies.”

After the break in something strange happened, she says.

“Ever since the first night, they’ve been taking pictures and also videos of themselves, of family members,” she said.  She is hoping the hard evidence of the alleged thief in possession of her property will seal his fate.

Raelene noticed these photos pop up on her Google account that’s linked to her stolen phone.

“I knew for sure they weren’t mine. Because I don’t know these people and I know they took my phone because I left it on my dresser,” she says.

CBS2 has blurred the alleged suspects’ faces because no one has been charged with a crime.

The young mother called police and believes these people may know something about the break-in, because there’s a picture of a man wearing a pair of the stolen shoes.

“Every day they’re taking pictures — smiling — continuing their life like nothing’s happened,” she says.

Raelene’s father in law, James Bryan, hopes police get to the bottom of the break in.

“Babies are off limits,” Bryan says, “I don’t care if it’s gang bangers, or whatever it is. You don’t mess with babies.”

Using the photos, the family has been tracking down suspects using their own leads. They say they have found some good information — including some names — that could help police catch a thief.

  1. Jim S Smith says:


    Definitely NOT the brightest, but these folks could also have been sold the phone from the real thief?!?!? Still, they should have at least changed the accounts it may have been associated with. (Sometimes may be a bit involved IF the phone was already reported stolen.)

    BTW: To the would-be thieves who would think they can use my phone after they steal it; My accounts AND my phone can be disabled on-line if I need to! There are a least a few companies out there who are worth doing good business with.

    – Jim

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