COLTON (  —   Earlier this month, he was hurt during a high school football game.

Critically injured, in fact.

Sultana football player Bruce Henderso. 16, as been hospitalized since his accident. But KCAL9s’s Crystal Cruz reports he is rapidly improving.

Henderson suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Word is he is going to go to rehab soon. He’s been at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton and putting new definition to the word “improving.”

Tonight, he gave his mom the green light to talk to Cruz. Above all else, he wants the community to know he’s hanging in there.

Katrina Henderson shared a picture of Bruce in the hospital.Days ago, he was on a feeding tube, didn’t recognize members of his own family. Today he’s walking.

To her, it’s what prayers look like.

“I honestly believe,” she said, “the Lord’s had his hand on Bruce the whole time.”

In the final minute in a game against Norte Vista on September 2, Henderson went to make a tackle.

His mom said he hit the ground twice, sustaining the injury.

“The doctors are very, very optimistic,” she said, “he will make a full recovery. It’s just going to take time. And I fully believe it’s due to the support system we had, and the community. The prayers that we’ve had.”

Cruz asks Bruce’s mom what it was like the first moment she realized he recognized her.

“It was amazing,” she says. “He looked up, he kinda looked at me a little confused, and I said ‘I love you,’ and he said, ‘I love you, too.'”

Last year, a Riverside teen was also critically injured playing football. Cruz reported that teen has made a full recovery and has been by to visit Henderson to encourage him as well.


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