Gov. Brown Vetoes ‘Tampon Tax’ Bill, 6 Others

SACRAMENTO (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown says he’s vetoing seven bills that would have carved out special tax breaks, including legislation that would have made California the latest state to scrap so-called tampon taxes on feminine hygiene products.

The Democratic governor said Tuesday that it’s not right to create new tax breaks or expand existing ones that together add up to $300 million a year in state revenue.

Brown says tax breaks are the same as new spending, because both cost the state money. He says if lawmakers want to add tax breaks, they should consider them during annual budget deliberations.

Other tax breaks that Brown announced vetoing include a proposal to eliminate sales tax on diapers and forgiving personal income taxes on mortgage debt for underwater homes.

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One Comment

  1. MMcK says:

    He needs $$$$$ for the train to no where.

  2. BernardB says:

    People who demand a tax exemption on tampons are being short sighted and greedy.

    If tampons are not taxed the average woman might save enough to buy a happy meal or two.
    Meanwhile the state and local government will loose millions of dollars.

    While you’re enjoying your “free” happy meal, the state is cutting back the services that benefit the people who the tax savings will help the most.

    Other taxes will have to be raised, fewer services, and/or fewer employees. Buy hey you get to save ,50 or $1 every month.

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