Former Worker At El Segundo Chipotle Sues Chain For Racial Discrimination

LOS ANGELES ( — A former Chipotle employee sued the restaurant chain Tuesday, claiming she was fired for complaining that her Latino co-workers got preferential treatment.

Sheqweshu Clark, who worked at a Chipotle in El Segundo, filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court, accusing the restaurant chain of racial discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination, workplace harassment and failure to prevent harassment.

The plaintiff said she began working at the El Segundo eatery in June 2012 as a crew employee and was promoted several times.

Her problems began after she returned from maternity leave last December, according to her lawsuit.

After a Latina was promoted to the new district manager position, she and two other Latino managers began giving Latino employees more favorable day shifts while assigning night duty to Clark and other black workers, the suit alleged.

When the plaintiff complained to a male Latino manager, he brushed her off and said “black girls always have an attitude,” the suit stated.

Clark said when she spoke to the district manager in January about the alleged unfair treatment, the district manager denied there was a problem, but said she would set the employees’ schedules from then on, according to the plaintiff.

But later in January, the district manager fired Clark without an explanation, according to the lawsuit.

The plaintiff claimed she then took her complaints to the company’s human resources department but did not get a response.

But Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold did issue this statement: “We only now received the suit and will evaluate its merits and determine a course of action,” the statement read. “Generally speaking, however, a lawsuit is nothing more that a series of allegations and does not constitute proof of any wrongdoing on our part.”


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  1. Lao Po says:

    This matches my wife’s experiences with a large chain restaurant. Worse for her because they mocked her race to her face and the night manager, fresh out of jail, was stealing her tips. Unless you hand your server their tip in cash, assume management is stealing some or all of it through manipulations of the cash register records. What a crooked business restaurants are!

    1. Alfonso Reyes says:


      1. MMcK says:

        I”M GAY

  2. Alfonso Reyes says:

    Maybe she would be better off working at Roscoe’s House of Chicken & waffles? If she gets fired from there then you know for sure its the “attitude”.

    1. Jay Smith says:

      Alfonso Reyes should be called as a witness for the plaintiff. Case closed, give the lady her money.

      1. You don’t understand sarcasm, do you Jay?

  3. Deep anger and hostility among blacks and Hispanics. Blacks only hope is to convert and throw in with the newly arriving muslims to prevent subjugation.

  4. TroyGale says:

    Yes, it is always someone else’s fault. Never the one filing the law suit, they are pure as the driven snow. How come everyone doesn’t know this? No need for a trial, Black LIves Matter.

  5. Enzo says:

    Hispanics are very racist toward black, and vise verse. The only community that had the lest percentage of racist people is the white community sorry to say.

    1. Sammie says:

      Why are you sorry to say that?

      1. Gamera says:

        He meant in in the regard of “sorry if it hurts anyone’s wittle sensitive feelings.”

      2. Enzo says:


    2. Peter York says:

      Enzo, some vise verse for you:

      ‘I put my head in to a vise
      and gave the handle a turn…

      my verse was worse
      but at least I knew how to write vice versa, cause I learned how to sp–OWWWW’

  6. Vincent Ardizzone says:

    But blacks will vote overwhelming for Hillary who will give their jobs away to latinos. Great, isn’t it?

  7. G says:

    KFC is hiring!

  8. Kitcha says:

    Guess she couldn’t find a white person to blame. But then again it’s California, Hispanics are the largest growing population there.

  9. jfhdsiu says:

    Isn’t THAT one for the history books. A BLACK “racial whining about someone ELSE getting “preferential treatment” instead of the BLACK. Most blacks have NO shame, no dignity, no self respect and no brains. The black’s sole industry, the “racial whine” works in BOTH DIRECTIONS according to THIS black’s standards………… Blacks don’t get along with ANYBODY.

  10. Nigga mc nignigg says:

    no black will suddenly start t say that Hispanics are oppressing them, when they are done attacking white people

  11. No one likes black people, not even black people

  12. James B Kirk says:

    “Sheqweshu Clark, who worked at a Chipotle in El Segundo?” Sounds like a Redd Foxx bit to me! Ha ha ha! Poor snowflake, didn’t fit in w/ the “latinos.” Imagine that.

    1. Gregory Zink says:

      “You got’s to keep your a** clean.” – Redd Foxx

  13. John Xonk says:

    BLM has proven to the world how racist blacks really are. Anyone who supports BLM is a disgusting racist, such as iLLary and Obama.

  14. bob says:

    Sheqweshu….I bet she doesn’t have any chip on her shoulder.

    1. The Latino community is one of the groups that has victim status and therefore can discriminate against others. While this story does not say chances are she is a single parent. The Hispanic community does have a rather traditional view of family. We are not hearing all of this story but I find it hilarious that two groups with a sanctioned ability to discriminate against whites fighting with each other other.

  15. John Xonk says:

    Every convenience store rampage trashing, every bus fight, every disturbance at a party or club, we all know who did it, don’t even need a picture. They do have an attitude, very bad one, everyone knows it and everyone dislikes them and wants to steer clear of them, nothing but a problem, cancer on society.

  16. maxsnafu says:

    I guess Blacks just don’t celebrate diversity.

  17. Darcy Marketfog says:

    The allegation of unfair treatment among blacks and Latinos is easy enough to prove; just review the timecards for the period after when the Latino manager was promoted. Equity is important to good employee relations. A union steward would already have reviewed the time records.

    1. reformedii says:

      Don’t get out much,do you?

  18. This is odd, the goal of Political Correctness has always been to give preferential treatment. So can we know aim for equal treatment and responsibility regardless of identity? I reject special treatment, I am confident I can compete against all people on the merit of my work ethic and talents.

  19. Jhonny Lyon says:

    Sheqweshu!! My spell check is smoking. The name alone is a firing offense.

  20. I’ve known it for a long time of the hatred of blacks by mexicans, to wit, latinos are ethnically cleansing their neighborhoods in Los Angeless of all blacks. The blacks are going to be marginalized in about 20 years. The zenith of their political power is now passing

  21. Warren Rose says:

    Probably because hispanics work their a s s es off and blacks stand around thinking the world owes them something….which does not bring in the almighty dollar for the man. Grow up and quit whinning. I once asked a black coworker in the 70’s why she never worked and she told me she didn’t have to work because they were getting paid to have her there.

  22. Apparently blacks can’t get along with anybody – even other blacks. Besides, she would have been fired just for that ridicuous first name.

  23. Jack Davis says:

    Doesn’t she know in the new liberal economy Muslim (foreigner) > Latino > Black (American) > White (American)

  24. r says:

    My daughter (white) had same experience at this chain. Latino managers came in, hired family and friends and fired my daughter.

  25. RichTheEngineer says:

    Let’s see now…Blacks vote for Democrats….Democrats import millions of Hispanics… Blacks lose jobs…. Please tell me why Blacks vote for Democrats?

  26. Miguel Merindez says:

    There are so many latinos in this country that very soon blacks will no longer be the preferred minority anymore. So thank President Obama for keeping the borders wide open and make sure to keep voting for democrats while you quickly become a 3rd class citizen in your own country.

  27. Matthew G. says:

    I worked at the State of California and a Hispanic Manager placed her buddies on day shift, gave them all the training, and dumped everyone non-Hispanic to the night shift. In another department, it was the Asians who hired and promoted only Asians. They blatantly reduced all other races to minimalist positions. Absolute power corrupts, no matter why or where. I can see this happening easily.

  28. TD Smooth says:

    Too funny! Two entitled races fighting over who should be more entitled. Someone please give each of them a weapon.

  29. Vistula says:

    Why is it people like this black woman assume it is always about race? How about her attitude? Maybe she is not the type to be working in retail. Apparently her job skills if any are lacking. With the way many blacks are acting out today I am pigeon holing her and as such I have zero sympathy.

  30. Falconflight says:

    Lousy reporting. Did this person file the requisite administrative complaint w/ the US EEOC or State/Local equivalent? Did the gov’t agency issue a decision or simply issue a Notice of Right to Sue? Like I said lousy reporting.

  31. Brandon S says:

    Why was she named after the sound of someone sneezing?

    1. Vistula says:

      The name sounds more like something someone was trying to speak but had too much food in their mouth.

  32. Vistula says:

    She is complaining about hispanics that are also a minority being discriminatory. That is great! From what I have seen is that hispanics have a better work ethic, stronger family values, a better belief with getting an education. Perhaps this miss who has a made up name by her mother should have studied more in school. Suing over a minimum wage position is laughable! I hope she loses!

    1. FerryM says:


      The illegitimacy rate among hispanics is 50%. That is not considered “good family values”. Also, as a cohort they are poor performers in academics. Yes, they work very hard at unskilled jobs, but the future is in cognitive jobs, which require serious interest in education. It’s going to be a problem down the road.

  33. Stanley G says:

    Illegals get bigger welfare checks than citizens. True story.

  34. Blacks are always dealing with racism. Just ask them anytime they fail at anything.

    I “Got no time” for lazy stupid people.

  35. Munky says:

    Sheqweshu……can kn11ggers possibly get any dumber?

  36. hugh jorgan says:

    “I’ve been gone on maternity leave from my job making burritos… and now that I’ve been back for just 8 months, I’m angry that I’ve been getting outworked.”

    To everyone reading this who may believe her… there isn’t a fast food business that doesn’t love a hard working, low maintenance employee. Those are “gold” to those companies.

  37. barry says:

    Sheqweshu?? why do the colored have such stupid spelling and sounding names?? I won’t hire someone that ‘sounds’ black or talks black. I find black culture to be a losers cultur

  38. Freeland_Dave says:

    Racism takes on a different color. Of course when you feel that everyone is against you you’ll believe that Latino’s have it better than you do. Poor little black person, the whole world is against you. It’s not exactly correct but that’s what you want to believe. Funny, I know a lot of blacks that have better jobs and higher pay with better working conditions that I do. I suppose I should be racist against them because they did better in their lives than I did. Poor little black person. Come on honey, grow up a bit and start acting like a human being instead of just being black.

  39. bellabella says:

    My husband hires a lot of Hispanics in his company. They work hard. No such luck with blacks. he is lucky is they show up. Sorry, but its true. And the BLM attitude hasn’t helped.

  40. Flashy Dave says:

    You can never ever be treated as a person anywhere you can be replaced for the same price or less. There are very few laws that protect low wage workers. If you can’t afford college please try to get a trade or skill that enables you to work with respect.

  41. onetermandout says:

    It’s almost funny; blacks have long claimed to be the victims of discrimination even though 99% of discrimination by whites ended years ago. (Yes, there are still a few jerks like the KKK.)
    Now, the blacks are the true perpetrators of most discrimination in the US, even turning their hate to Latinos who are also screaming “RAACCIISSM!”
    Sad but true joke.

  42. Tommy Tunez says:

    Sheqweshu Clark, do you finally get it now why Trump holds 4 to 5 rallies a day 6 to seven days a week in large auditoriums holding typically 8,00 to 10,000 people with an additional few thousand outside waiting to get in?

    No? Nothing? Not even a guess? Ok. Let me help you. You, like countless millions of other Americans are no longer the ‘flavor of the month’. Your politicians and businesses sold you out to the lower wage earners that have ALLOWED to come over here like an invading army.

    What’s that? You don’t like it? You don’t think its fair? You want it to end? Ok. Register to vote and vote for the only candidate that in the last 30 years had the balls to even talk about this problem – let alone make a promise to fix it. Vote Trump 2016.

  43. John Beball says:

    The only thing worse than the way whites treat blacks….is the way Hispanics treat blacks. Well that and the deplorable way blacks treat blacks??

  44. iambicpentamaster says:

    White male Christians are legally discriminated against routinely.

    Quitchyer whinin’!

  45. robert says:

    If you want to put a stop on this, vote for Trump.otherwise stfu.

  46. MasterCylander says:

    “Why can’t we all just get along?”

    Oh, yeah, right — humans.

  47. Well, to be honest, the other day my wife and I went into a La Madeleine. Guess what the workers looked like? Their attitudes and professionalism were as to be expected. Before it was our turn, we walked out and went next door to Mi Cocina where we had good food and great service. Sorry, but the truth hurts.

  48. jnsesq says:

    See what happens when the Left finds a new pet?

  49. Bob Johnson says:

    Sheqweshu??? I’d fire you for that stupid ass name

  50. iratenate says:

    Shequeshew? Gersundheit…..

  51. Philip Nolan says:

    All minorities have claimed victim status as against whites for many years now. As whites become the minority both in terms of population, influence and power these minorities will have to fight amongst themselves and it won’t be pretty. Asians are not going accommodate Hispanics, Hispanics will not yield to Blacks, Blacks will not make concessions for Asians. Pretty soon the freebies and the perks will disappear because these groups are not as generous (or suffer from “white guilt”) as whites have been. As far as I am concerned to hell with all of them. You reap what you have sown.

  52. Bill Williams says:

    “Sheqweshu” is Amish, right? I think it’s an Old Testament name.
    It’s always those Amish riff-raff causing trouble.

    Sorry, blacks, democRats don’t need you anymore; you’ve proven you’ll never leave the ‘Rat plantation and stand on your own two feet.

  53. Jack Inmanz says:

    “Sheqweshu”? And she has an attitude? Surely not.

  54. Non-whites get a pass on racism. If someone calls them on it, they call racism on their accusers.

  55. joes9754 says:

    this kind of thing has been going on for a long time but our wonderful “civil rights division” will only go after white people. there are thousands of ethnic businesses where English is not spoken and if an English-speaking person tried to get a job there would be turned out. it is time to start enforcing the laws equally against all.

  56. Nick says:

    Not getting preferential treatment is discriminatory….

  57. George Smith says:

    As the invasion over our southern border continues, Hispanics will be the “big” and / or “important” minority going forward, pushing blacks aside, and this type of thing will get more and more common. It’s very ironic that blacks support democrats and the open borders agenda.

  58. MJR says:

    How does it feel to be the new minority. You can thank Obama for letting in all the Illegals and destroying what was left of the black community…oh and by the way hispanics, you are next. Once they flood the US with Syrians and muslim reprobates Hispanics will just be another notch on the Democrats belt.

  59. jfhdsiu says:

    “Civil Rights” has always been a code name for “Retroactive Preferential Treatment” which is what MLK wanted to call it……. But only for blacks. No one else. They wanted to be INCLUDED back then, Now they want to EXCLUDE all but themselves. NOW …. If any one still believes that those who don’t learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the FAILURES of history, brace yourselves. You’ve all seen what blacks have become. Now another, lower class of reprobates is doing to them what they did to the rest of the world. When they have totally displaced the blacks, you’re going to start hearing the “racial whine” from the Latinos. You just can’t please a black or a lying, cheating, thieving, child abusing, child abandoning, child molesting, child raping, child MURDERING, diseased, VIOLENT illegal alien invader. If you did the black would not BE a black nor an aforementioned illegal alien invader an aforementioned illegal alien invader… Sad isn’t it?/

  60. Niko Bellic says:

    they are working and she isnt

  61. Jay Talber says:

    Latinos are racist and bigoted. Doesn’t la raza mean (the race) and not as in nascar, gringo!

  62. Gotta love it when 2 entitlement minorities that together are a population majority especially is mexifornia start calling each other raysis, just gotta love it.

  63. This story proves the “alt-right” is correct about black intelligence. If they had any brains, blacks would be doing their rioting in “gentrified” liberal neighborhoods.

  64. affirmative action…sometimes your the victim sometimes your the victor….deal with it.

  65. Sheqweshu says:

    Sheqweshu..Datty must have been playing Yahtzee Scrabble whilst drunk.

  66. Sheqweshu says:

    “Hispanic” is a term invented by the Census Bureau in the 1970s… it is NOT a race… they are a mix-mash of Messicans & central American peoples… and they are predominately Caucasian and Native American descent.

  67. Yes, and thank Barack Obama for exploiting man’s covetous nature so that everyone is looking at their neighbor to see if by any chance the neighbor has something the the “victim” wants. Obama, the community organizer really loves to divide people up into races, ethnicities, wealth groups, age groups and who knows what else, so that he can start a fight.

  68. JoeL says:

    Yep, black women are total b*tches.

  69. reformedii says:

    ” her Latino co-workers got preferential treatment. ”

    Born a WASP, 1/2 mile from the Rio Grande, but spending most of my life inSE Tx, I can say that the reason is obvious to anyone who has worked with a great number of both groups.

    Of course individuals and this lady can be different , but the general rule stands.

    Doesn’t mean I’d allow the “foreign military invasion [call it what it is] at our border!!!

    1. mw says:

      A Mexican will out work 2 blacks, and a Mexican woman will out work 2 Mexican men.

  70. Chugo52agf*( says:

    Workplace discrimination takes place all over the country. It is now probably more common for people that are considered non-white to discriminate. Why? Not because whites don’t discriminate- people are bad all over, all races, whites included. It’s just that the way the judicial system is triggered now, whites are more apt to walk on egg shells, whereas many people believe (incorrectly) that there is no racial preference or discrimination amongst non-whites.

    I worked in a warehouse in Irving Texas, for a prominent sports team (think #1 in merchandise revenue). Anyway, I’m not Hispanic. The warehouse was very pro-Hispanic. The people who ran the place were almost exclusively whites, in the front office, and mostly females, too. The head of the warehouse shift was a white woman, too, but the worker positions were a mix of sex and race.

    All the top positions were held by women, almost 100% Hispanic. White guys were the bottom of the totem pole, mostly assigned sweeping and trash work. Then came black guys, then black women, then Hispanic guys, then Hispanic women.

    It was very racially stratified, and no one had anything to say about it. Drugs were talked about, sex was talked about, arrests and time in jail was talked about, but race and the racial preferences that were obvious- that was off the table.

  71. Mike Jefferson says:

    How can it be? According to 0bama and the demoncr@ps it’s only white folks and primarily, straight, white, males who are racist.

  72. Thanks to Barack Obama, Mexicans and other illegals outnumber the black population in America. Black Americans put their eggs in the Democrat basket and the Democrats are feeding the Mexicans and every indigent muslim they can drag into the country. Democrats have even said they will rebuild Detroit by “importing” workers. That means even LESS jobs for blacks.

    Apparently black people will never learn. Now they’re supporting Hillary the Bald Faced Liar Clinton. I guess history is bound to repeat itself.

  73. Peter York says:

    when it’s raining I love the way my shoes go shaquesha shaquesha through the puddles.

  74. Francis Xavier says:

    It will just be a matter of time before illegal Hispanics lose their jobs to the Muslim refugees

  75. Dave says:

    Shequeshu should be sequestered.

  76. El Guapo says:

    Sheqweshu is ebonics for Dorothy…

  77. Tammy Porter says:

    BLACK PEOPLE ! Meet your new bosses and jailers! You are now the fourth largest group in America.

  78. Mark Randall says:

    ALL white people are RACIST’s. What would you expect from a bunch of chuck m***********s.

  79. ElwwodBlues1975 says:

    Don’t worry, pretty soon there won’t be ANY black people working anywhere because we’re importing their competition by the millions.
    I shouldn’t say “We” more like HILLARY AND THE RINOS.

  80. Rayo says:

    Wow, the anger of white people towards blacks these days is staggering. Look at these comments. It wasn’t like this just a few short years ago. Not this bad anyway. Black people have not been doing themselves any favors at all and it’s starting to really show. People seem to be tired of the constant victim mentality, the non stop violence, the race card being used all the time and the general bad attitude on display in the black community as of late.

    Sorry, black people, but you brought this on yourselves. People are over being pollitically correct and are telling it like it is now. Seems like you need to hear it.

  81. Eddie Word says:

    Latinos in the workplace are the most racists. They only hire their kind…Then speak Spanish which makes others uncomfortable as well as discouraging possible applicants who see mostly Hispanics and hear Spanish being spoken freely. Blacks who support Hillary and her open border traitor friends have themselves partly to blame.

  82. Mary Mac says:

    The black chick is 100% spot on. Unless you’ve worked with Mexicans, there is no way you get this. When a Mexican is given a position of authority they automatically give the best shifts/vacations and easiest workload to other Mexicans. Here in AZ its blatant. Special treatment of Mexicans is the norm. They will not mix with white people, will speak a second lanquage during work, group together at meetings, pot lucks, etc. Best example…an older white woman was attending the community college, where most of the staff and students are Mexicans and really don’t care about any one other than themselves, and lodged a complaint that the other students and the teachers spoke Spanish in the classroom and she did not understand what they were saying. She felt marginalized, ignored and disappointed when the Mexican administration blew her off. She was failing as all her project partners ignored her and, again, spoke Spanish. She finally sued. The Mexican judge and the almost all Mexican jury did not only find the community college innocent of any wrong doings, they made the white lady pay all court cost and the community college’s attorney fees.

  83. FUK NIGERS says:


  84. VanPastorMan says:

    I am white. Years ago I was discriminated because I was too young. The manager kept saying how young I was,and he finally let me go for very petty reasons. Then he gave my job to an older man. It turned out the only reason he hired me was because the older man was not ready to work yet. I was a fill in and didn’t know it. This kind of stuff happens all the time with all races,sexes,and age brackets.

  85. Gary Johns says:

    Sounds like presidential material to me…..

  86. The Old Goat says:

    Of course the Latinos will get preferential treatment, it is a Mexican restaurant. If it were a soul food restaurant, I would expect the black employees to get the preferential treatment. What’s fair, is fair.

  87. ScottyGunn says:

    Better get used to it, blacks. The democrats are done with you. The Hispanic voters are their new darlings. They will take away all benefits that you get now, all slights and so on will be ignored. you are dead to the democrats. Hispanics reproduce faster and vote vote vote, and tend to kill each other less.

  88. konc2 says:

    How rich is this, a born and breed entitlement freak and professional affirmative action project claiming someone else got preferential treatment. If you are born black in America, your whole life is a preferential treatment.

    1. TroyGale says:

      Yes, you can’t make this stuff up.
      I’m sure this individual could bump someone from a CA University using race to be put to the head of the line, but that would mean there wouldn’t be anyone else to blame for her failure but her. We all know that unless there is someone else to blame, that failure is normal.

  89. David duke says:

    I hate black coons

    1. They make good tree ornaments!!!

  90. Bwahahaha. I’ve said all along blacks are stupid for going along with the dimocrat party agenda.

  91. Doug FORBES says:

    Yes sue the other minorities.

  92. jamal says:

    Ever since Jesse Jackson bragged about spitting in people’s food when he was a waiter, no one wants black people handling food. Thanks Jesse.

  93. What’s most shocking about this article is that a blackie actually had a job!!!!!

  94. bot1 says:

    It is true many “Black girls” do have an attitude (chip on their shoulder). It wasn’t always that way. Why the change?

    1. GROWAPAIR says:

      “White trash.”

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